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Sicily: In the village of Sambuca you can currently buy houses for 1 euro

Sambuca is a picturesque village right out of a picture book in the middle of the hills of Sicily. The island's capital, Palermo, is only 80 kilometers away, and it is also not far to the nearest beach.

Buy a holiday home in Italy at a bargain price

And yet the village has a problem: The locals prefer to move to the cities than to stay in the countryside. Luck for you - because in Sambuca you can buy houses that are between 40 and 150 square meters in size for just one euro.

Here is a small aperitif from Sambuca:

However, there is a small catch: as a new owner, you have to commit to renovating your house within three years - and investing at least 15,000 euros for it. In order to adhere to it, you have to pay a deposit of 5,000 euros, which you will get back after the renovation.

Sambuca di Sicilia: Idyllic village in the country

Nevertheless, the mayor does a lot of advertising for his village: Surrounded by beaches, forests and mountains, Sambuca is an idyllic retreat, he enthused to “CNN Travel”.

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And because the houses belong to the city and do not have to be brokered between new and old owners, the sale can take place extremely quickly.

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Sambuca is located in the west of Sicily

The village has a millennia-old history that could slowly crumble with the emigration of the inhabitants. That's why Sambuca relies on newcomers to keep the city alive.

Susanna from Germany is someone who has already bought a house in Sicily. She spoke to “CNN” about her love for Sambuca - even when she was renovating her house. “Sambuca is a wonderful, special place. The people are very open and friendly. ”And: There are also good restaurants and wineries.

So Sambuca actually has everything you need for your new holiday home in Sicily! Interest? Then you can write an email to [email protected]

Incidentally, the village has nothing to do with the liquor of the same name: The name of the liqueur probably comes from the ships called Sambuco, which brought oriental spices to Italy in the Middle Ages.