Which unlikely person inspires you the most

The genius of those pictures

The SCHIRN has invited international Instagrammers to be inspired by René Magritte and his surreal worlds. The series continues with the American art student Chris Rellas, who lets works of art and motifs from the consumer world collide in the pictures on his Instagram channel @CopyLab.

What do you tell with your pictures?

For this project it was my concern to convey Magritte's timelessness. He created works that still make us pause and stare at them today. I used some themes from his pictures in my pictures and applied them to today's fashion and advertising world.

What inspires you to your pictures?

I love creating improbable or unexpected juxtapositions. For the SCHIRN, I implemented these comparisons in a surreal fashion world.

What is the contemporary aspect of René Magritte's art for you?

Magritte's pictures are so beautiful and minimalistic at first sight that they often give the impression of simplicity; but if you look longer, the meanings go deeper and give food for thought. With the current state of social media (and consumer culture in general) we are used to being continuously flooded with meaningless images; quantity takes precedence over quality. Looking at Magritte in 2017 gives us the opportunity to recognize the genius of those images that still make us “work” to understand them.


What inspires you in Magritte's work? Where do you discover aspects of his art in your everyday life? Share your photos with the hashtag #IMAGINEMAGRITTE on Instagram! At the end of the exhibition we are giving away lots of great prizes among all the pictures.