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The great variety: Live and enjoy the summer

Published by Redaktion on July 4th, 2020

Summer, sun, beer garden in Bad Aibling. What could be better than eating in the shade under chestnuts on a hot summer lunchtime or enjoying the evening on a restaurant terrace. Life feels so much freer, serene and easy. Fortunately, Bad Aibling has an impressive variety of outdoor seating: here a pretty café with a terrace on Glonn or Mühlbach, there a tempting ice cream parlor, on the next corner a cozy outdoor dining area and a little further a restaurant with a lovingly furnished terrace . Because we cook with lots of fresh and mostly regional ingredients, enjoyment is also healthy. Life can be so beautiful.

We have made beautiful restaurant gardens and terraces for today and a small cross-section of the variety of kitchens in Bad Aibling. It's exciting to see what there is to discover and what we learn on the side.

Gasthof Kriechbaumer: So beautifully Bavarian

Our first stop today is Bavarian, really Bavarian. In the Mietraching district of Aiblingen lies the beautiful Gasthof Kriechbaumer with its wonderful garden. "The old chestnuts here are already over 100 years old, and my great-grandfather Franz planted them," says landlord Franz Kriechbaumer and goes on to say:

“Our inn was and is a family business for over 160 years. My ancestor Balthasar Niedermeier built the inn with agriculture. Only since the great-grandfather Kriechbaumer from Ellmosen got married to Mietraching, our economy is also called Kriechbaumer. "

You can see from the lovingly renovated house that tradition is lived here. Bavarian dishes are also on the menu in the kitchen - from melted bread soup to roast beef with roasted potatoes. But also vegetarian, fish and snacks can be found. Franz Kriechbaumer prepared stuffed veal breast for us. Quite elaborate, but above all delicious and steeped in tradition.

Wonderful, such a beer garden in Bad Aibling

And because we ask so curiously, he also tells us how to cook something like this: “For the filling we take yellow beets, celery, leeks and onions, cut them into strips and sauté them. This is mixed with roast veal and eggs, salt and pepper. Naming the exact amounts is not at all easy for us, because we use the ingredients by feeling. We cut a pocket into the veal breast for the filling, which can also be done by the butcher. Then the roast is placed in the oven at 160 degrees for about two to two and a half hours. Every now and then we delete the roast with stock or wine. "

With potatoes, vegetables and plenty of sauce, the plates are now in front of us and we are very happy in our Bavarian garden after the first try. And we are very reassured that the future of the inn and the garden also seems to be secure: “My two boys Franz and Seppi definitely want to be cooks. They are still small, but let's see how that develops, ”says father Franz.

Kriechbaumer learned to cook in Bad Aibling and loves his homeland. Not only because she cultivates such beautiful traditions and knows wonderful dishes, but also because the landscape is perfect for him: “When I have time, I am a keen racing cyclist. That works particularly well here with us, ”says Franz Kriechbaumer. If you want to try it out, you can make the inn the starting point for your tours, because the “Kriechbaumer” also has comfortably furnished rooms.

Beer garden in Bad Aibling: Spanish continues for us. But only according to the language:

The bat - real grill masters

We'll change the continent for a moment and get to know an Argentine Asado. Sabine Schmidt de Ducasse and her son Pablo Ducasse took care of us in the spacious garden of the "bat“Fired up their typical Argentine grill and prepared an impressive grill plate for us. Sabine Schmidt de Ducasse has German parents, but was born and raised in Argentina. She has been in Germany for almost 20 years now, but she prefers to cook Argentinian: “I wanted to bring our Argentinian homeland with me to Bad Aibling and make it better known here. In addition, many South Americans live in the area, so that we now have a regulars' table with Spanish-speaking guests every last Wednesday of the month. "

From Argentina to Bad Aibling, the next way doesn't seem to us, but Sabine Schmidt de Ducasse has a plausible explanation: “I was in the region to study in my youth and I thought it was so nice that I was drawn here again.” they already in Argentina. And now she has been cooking Argentinian since 2017 - in the Bad Aiblinger “Fledermaus”. Sounds a bit surprising, but it's still very simple, thinks Sabine Schmidt de Ducasse:

“The bat has been around for around 80 years. Since then she has been called that and everyone in Bad Aibling knows her. So we left the name, just changed the logo - and what goes on the tables. The large grill has also been around for a long time. But it was not used. We rebuilt it. Now it has a height-adjustable grillage with extra profiles so that the fat from the meat does not run into the embers - this is not only typically Argentine, but also much healthier. "

Sooooo delicious in the Bad Aibling beer garden

The menu includes Argentinean steaks, chorizo, an Argentinean grilled sausage and morcilla, a type of blood sausage with special spices, nuts and raisins. For grilled food there is chimichurri, a vinaigrette with herbs and garlic, and salsa criolla, which means local sauce made from tomatoes, peppers and onions, among other things.

Their empanadas, a pastry made from a special dough that can be filled in very different ways - with corn, with ground beef, eggs and cumin or with ham, cheese and olives, taste wonderful too. “We bake the empanadas in the oven. You can also deep-fry them, but that becomes quite powerful, ”says Sabine Schmidt de Ducasse. Pablo, who studies economics in Innsbruck and supports his mother in service, lets us try a small selection. And we can't even decide which filling tastes best for us.
When she has time, says Sabine Schmidt de Ducasse, she prefers to eat ice cream in the church row.

Fresh on the table in the Johannisbad beer garden

Bavarian home-style cooking tastes so good because, at best, it is made from regional ingredients: that's what the chef Maximilian Linder of the Bad Aiblinger Hotel Johannisbad thinks too. He is a passionate barbecue fan and personally stands at the grill on Friday evenings in summer and takes the orders of his guests. His char fillet on colorful vegetables and crispy roasted potatoes is recommended. The fish come from sustainable farms just around the corner - freshly caught, a real treat. The garden restaurant of the Hotel Johannisbad is the ideal place where cyclists like to stop after a trip along the Glonn.

Culinary delicacies Zum Heiss

Wild culinary delight: The family-run restaurant "zum Heiss" is not only known for its cozy beer garden with a wonderful Alpine panorama, but also for the seasonal game dishes. The restaurateur Hubert Lang is a hunter himself and knows exactly how good game is prepared and has to taste, namely aromatic, clear and fresh with a nutty-spicy note. When Lang does not go stalking himself to serve his guests the best game meat, the hunter only uses game from other local hunters to entertain his guests. His personal favorite on the menu is the Zeller Wild Burger: Fine spices emphasize the exotic aromas of the venison, crispy fried bacon and spicy mountain cheese round off the taste experience. With a view of the Wendelstein Mountains and the charming Upper Bavarian landscape, the Bavarian patties taste twice as good.

Royal beer enjoyment in the Bräustüberl of the Maxlrain Castle Brewery

The Renaissance Maxlrain Castle with its Maxlrain Castle Brewery is a popular meeting place for young and old, not least because of the home-brewed beer. For the tenth time in a row, the German Agricultural Association (DLG) has awarded the castle brewery's fifteen different types of beer for their long-term product quality. Golfers, cyclists and beer lovers can enjoy the tasty, home-brewed drinks in the castle garden, on the grounds of the former apple winery and the horse stable.

“Keeping it classy” in Anton's modern ambience beer garden

Bavarian cuisine meets modern zeitgeist in Anton's beer garden in Bad Aibling's Kurhaus. In addition to fresh home-style cooking with delicious vegetables, the menu also includes Bavarian originals such as sausage salad and obazda with pretzels. The beer garden is Bavarian cozy, but still trend-conscious and modern. A live band plays every week. The highlight of the week is the joint Sunday “morning shopping” with oven-fresh “Kesselweißwürst”, crispy pretzels and tasty wheat beer from the local Maxlbräu brewery.

If you need a digestive walk afterwards, you will find it in the adjacent Bad Aibling spa gardens a multitude of ways to do the laps between flowers and trees in the green.

Conclusion on the subject: beer garden in Bad Aibling

Of course, Bad Aibling has its charm in every season. But it's especially nice here in summer when life and enjoyment take place outside. We look forward to you! Bad Aibling - you have to go there when real enjoyment and relaxation are important to you.


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