How often do women orgasm in porn

Why does nobody want real orgasms from women? see in porn?

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
In the past few weeks we have not just heard about the so-called Orgasm Gap talked about - in other words, that women have an orgasm far less often than men. New studies have now also shown that this same difference is also serious in the field of pornography. However, it appears that porn actresses climax even less than any other woman. So it seems reasonable to think that the female lack of orgasm in porn could also affect the quantity of orgasms we all have.
According to a study by Journal of Sex Research In porn movies, women experience far fewer orgasms than men. In fact, researchers have found that only 18.3% of women, compared to a whopping 78% of men, actually climax in the films.
For the study, scientists put the 50 most viewed videos on Pornhub looked at and examined both male and female orgasms in more detail. Among other things, signs such as breathing or moaning were examined in detail. They also examined which sexual acts led to orgasm. In each of the videos, both a woman and a man were shown. Of a total of 60 female protagonists, only 18% had an orgasm, while around 78% of the total of 50 men had an orgasm in front of the camera.
Although the researchers also found that 13% of women had "ambiguous" orgasms, i.e. it was not clearly clear that or how they climaxed, a massive orgasm imbalance was found between men and women.
45% of women peaked with vaginal stimulation, 35% with anal intercourse. According to science, these findings could also explain why the male orgasm is often still a priority. "The representation of orgasm in mainstream pornography conveys unrealistic ideas and expectations of female climax as well as male sexual performance," say the researchers.
The fact that women are often more likely to orgasm through vaginal penetration or anal stimulation supports the thesis that women can “come” more diverse than men. Even if 50 porn videos are not necessarily representative of a study, it is Pornhub still one of the largest online porn sites in the world. The clips there are at least relatively indicative of what many of us see and consume. But surely the findings therefore do not apply in principle to all porn.
Nevertheless, the study makes it clear again that the Orgasm Gap is real. We should think about how this imbalance can be changed in the long term and what we can contribute to it.
However, assuming that mainly men watch porn, the legitimate question arises as to why producers and viewers no longer want to watch women. Even if it cannot be said with absolute certainty that porn films are the reason for the Orgasm Gap are, in a way, they represent our sexual practices.