Why are fewer people buying smartphones?

Fewer people want to buy a new smartphone

Apple remains number one in the Swiss market. (Image: pixabay)


In Switzerland, the demand for new smartphones has collapsed: compared to 2019, 10 percent fewer want to buy a new mobile phone this year. But anyone who buys a new device is ready to dig deep into their pockets.

With the pandemic, the cell phone has become more important, but almost half of the population will forego buying a new smartphone in the next 12 months. This is shown by the smartphone study 2020 by the online comparison portal comparis.ch. Jean-Claude Frick, Comparis Telecome Expert explains:

“The economic slump caused by the corona pandemic and the widespread short-time work mean that many people have less money. Therefore the acquisition of a new smartphone is being postponed »

In addition, more smartphone users want to use their device longer than in 2019 because of the increased prices: this is almost 10 percent more than last year.

More people interested in buying expensive flagship cell phones

However, those who want to buy a new device are less stingy: More people want to spend more money on a high-priced flagship smartphone than in 2019. Almost a fifth of smartphone users are now ready to spend CHF 800 or more on the next cell phone. That is around 50 percent more than in the previous year.

Apple is stable

Last year it looked like Apple's market dominance in Switzerland was going to shrink. 42.6 percent of smartphone users used an Apple device. This year it is again 44.8 percent. Apple, Samsung and Huawei together have been in stable control of around 88 percent of the market since 2018. The Android camp is still dominated by Samsung. The market share of the South Korean manufacturer continued to shrink, but is still 32 percent. Huawei came in third with a market share of almost 11 percent in Switzerland. (mam)

Date created: November 10, 2020