How do I record extremely quiet sounds

Laptop: volume too low - you can do that

If the volume on your laptop is too low, this can have various causes. We'll show you what you can do.

Volume too low - what to check

  1. Check that your volume control is set to maximum volume. You can find this at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. If the maximum settings are reached there, check whether the volume of the source (e.g. media player or YouTube) has reached the maximum. To do this, click on "Mixer" under the volume control.
  3. On some laptops, the volume can also be turned up using attached buttons. If your laptop has such keys, set the volume to the maximum there.

Volume still too low - what you can do

  1. If your laptop is suddenly unnaturally quiet, then it is quite possible that there is a technical defect. In this case, contact the manufacturer.
  2. If you often use your laptop for movies, music, or video streaming, consider purchasing external speakers. This not only improves the volume, but also the quality of the sound.
  3. You can also use programs to increase the volume. VLC media player is a free program that allows you to turn up the volume of movies and music even further.

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We'll show you in the next article whether you can deactivate the volume keys on Android.