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Chemical reactions in water analysis

This book is an aid to the practitioner in water analysis. It explains the chemical reactions and relationships, e.g. B. Why a solution changes color when a specific reagent is added, but also the reactions for eliminating malfunctions are shown. Several disturbances can also occur in the analysis.

The water analyst thus has a supplement to his analytical book of rules. Overall, a considerable amount of theoretical equipment can be developed, which is not only important for water analysis. 40 parameters are shown in alphabetical order, in which up to 10 methods of the parameter are listed as chemical reactions and with their organic structures. In addition, the occurrence, origin and significance of the pollution parameters are described. The book thus contributes significantly to the understanding of water analysis and should not be missing in any laboratory in which water analyzes are carried out.


Analytical chemistry Inorganic chemistry Chemical reactions Instrumental chemical analysis Organic chemistry Water analysis

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Rolf Pohling is a graduate chemical engineer and worked in the field of environmental protection for around 40 years, including around 30 years in water analysis. He was involved in setting up and managing water laboratories, most recently in Brazil.

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