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Trello Alternative: The best Kanban tools at a glance

Trellois one of the best known and most popular web-based project management tools and is based on the proven Kanban method. According to the company, use worldwide around 25 million users the software, which also has its pitfalls. Numerous useful functions are already integrated in the minimalist layout, but additional features such as Gantt charts are only available in the form of chargeable power-ups. Fortunately, there are now some good alternatives. In this post, we've rounded up the 5 best Trello alternatives and show for whom these are suitable.

What is kanban

Kanban (Japanese for "shield") is an agile project management method, with the help of which complex processes are divided into several work steps and controlled by a clear set of rules. In traditional Kanban systems, cards are arranged on boards.

What does a good Kanban tool cost?

The costs for commercial programs start at around 2.50 euros per user per month. In this article, however, we will also introduce you to several free tools that are hardly inferior to the paid competition in terms of functionality.

Which software is suitable for IT teams?

IT teams usually use programs that are based on agile methods and include functions such as status tracking, bug and issue tracking, tests and problem management.


1. The best Trello alternatives at a glance

1.1. Wekan: The self-hosted Trello clone

Wekan is an open source software with which projects can be managed according to the Kanban principle. In addition to the actual source code, the GitHub repository also contains packages for various Linux distributions and Docker images.

Looks like Trello and works like this: Wekan is an open source alternative that not only looks like the original.

There are hardly any visual differences compared to Trello. The interface is deliberately kept simple and the layout of the lists and cards should look more than familiar to long-time users of the model. Simply drag and drop the individual cards from left to right and add pictures to them if necessary. Attachments, subtasks and comments are just as possible as WIP limits (“Work in Progress”).

You can create private or public boards, make them available to individual employees or entire teams, or then archive them at the push of a button. Wekan also has a “follow function” for subscribing to individual projects, as well as various shortcuts that simplify navigation for you.

Wekan is now in different languages available, explicit apps for smartphones or tabletsbut unfortunately there is no. In addition the tool lacks external extensionssuch as Trello or the following program Kanboard Offer.

Good to know: If you don't want to host Wekan yourself, you can also use the tool as SaaS (“Software as a Service”).

1.2. Kanboard: the minimalist

Kanboard is a very minimalist open source tool based on PHP. The installation and setup is comparatively simple: all you have to do is copy the program files into the root directory of your web server. Kanboard can then be opened directly in the browser (via "localhost / kanboard"Or"") Call.

Despite the rather reduced appearance, the range of functions of Kanboard is higher than that of Trello.

You can record content with any number of columns on the colored cards, and they also offer sufficient space for time quotas, comments, tags or priorities. Attachments can also be easily added with a click of the mouse. The actual map contents are created with the help of a rudimentary WYSIWYG editor (i.e. in real time) created and edited. This is a bit more cumbersome than with Trello, especially when creating many elements. However, it is possible to create several cards at once (as a copy).

Despite its simple look, Kanboard can even do more than Trello and offers a number of other practical additional features. This includes, for example, one Analysis function that provides data on the status of the project or in relation to the lead times. With the help of plugins, you can "drill up" the software even further. To do this, they just have to be copied into the folder of the same name in the Kanboard directory. Extensions for Jabber, Wunderlist or the ever-popular Gantt charts are available, among other things.

However, there is one catch: just like with Wekan, you have to at Kanboarddo without mobile apps. Kanboard is ideal for private purposes, but can also be used for organization in software development.

1.3. Zenkit: The German Trello alternative

If you are looking for a GDPR-compliant alternative for Trello, you will come with it Zenkitfind it. The software is a so-called "Progressive Web App" (PWA), which means that it has numerous features that are otherwise reserved for native apps.

German server and sophisticated design: The task management in Zenkit can be used either as a Kanban board, mind map or table.

With the Zenkit mobile apps for iOS and Android, you can continue working on your tasks while you are on the move.

In addition to the server locations in Germany, Zenkit is characterized above all by its user-friendly yet attractive design. Here, too, the focus is on the mandatory task management using a dashboard. This can either be saved as a Kanban board, mind map or table be used.

Pleasing: all views are already included in the free version. Other features include, among others an activity tracker that shows the history of your activities in real time, a delegation and an @mention function, optional notifications, a global search function as well as checklists and a calendar. Attachments will be (as opposed to Trello) not attached to individual comments, but displayed at the top level of the respective card.

Zenkit is next German and English also still in five other languages available and can integrate with numerous other apps with the help of Zapier (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, HipChat or Asana).

Small teams with up to 5 members can use the tool free of charge with an unlimited number of collections, 5000 items and a data storage of 3 GB. For larger projects, there is also a plus version that costs 7.50 euros per month. In addition to more users, it offers an unlimited number of collections, 50,000 items and 6 GB of data storage.

1.4. Asana: the all-rounder

Asanawas originally developed to increase productivity on Facebook, but has now become a very popular project management solution. At first glance, the tool does not differ significantly from others of its kind, but it dispenses with extended features (e.g. integrated editorial planning) and focuses exclusively on task planning.

Asana does without advanced features and focuses exclusively on task planning.

That with the Collaboration first you can already tell from the Registration: Ideally there should be a Business email used become. In this way, colleagues who join later can be automatically assigned to the same company.

The focus is on Tasks, of which each one Names, one editor and a Due Date gets assigned. You can also add a detailed description give or one attachment Add. In addition, recurring tasks are also possible in Asana, a function that is not yet implemented in Trello.

Asana also offers numerous project templates with a large selection of preconfigured boards in the free version.

As an alternative to the classic list view, Asana also has a practical one calendar, by doing all open and completed tasks are displayed on your due dates. In this overview you can set a task to "done" with just one click.

Asana mobile apps contain all the functions of the desktop version, but require a permanent internet connection.

Asana also offers in the free version by default numerous project templates, in which a large selection of preconfigured boards is available. If you have created a project yourself, you can also reuse it after completion. The email integration also enables Email-To-Task. This means that messages that you send to the system are converted directly into executable tasks.

Stay up to date with the mobile apps even on the go

With the help of the Asana apps for Android and iOS, you can continue working on your tasks while on the move and stay in touch with teammates. All functions of the desktop version are also available in the mobile apps. However, these require a permanent internet connection, which means that working offline is not possible.

The free basic version is aimed primarily at small teams with a maximum of 15 users. The manufacturer offers various tariff models for larger projects. Due to the lean range of functions, Asana is only suitable to a limited extent for very complex tasks with special requirement profiles. In addition, unlike Trello, you can also use it do not completely replace internal communication.

Tip: With the integrated Microsoft Planner, users of an Office 365 business subscription have a free project management tool available that only has rudimentary functionality, but is completely sufficient for managing smaller projects.

Here are a few more project management tools:

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