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Give your skin back its natural beauty with a facial treatment by Maria Galland Paris.

The pampering anti-aging facial modelage with lifting effect including tinting eyelashes and eyebrows, instead of € 107 - now only € 85.

"The fact that beauty is ephemeral is now a thing of the past ...
It is not time that decides how you look, but you! "
(Maria Galland)

We take you on a journey to the land of well-being. Let yourself be intoxicated by the scents, colors and music. The demand for youthful and wrinkle-free skin is constantly increasing and a well-groomed appearance is very important nowadays.

We look forward to introducing you to our extensive range of services, which leaves almost nothing to be desired. A cosmetic treatment tailored to your personal needs leaves your skin looking fresh, healthy and cared for over the long term.

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about us

As a state-approved beautician and owner Christa Kolbenschlag, I dedicate my work to the largest and most complex human organ - the skin.

For more than 30 years I have been in the service of your beauty with the best service, individual treatment concepts and the latest technology, with all my passion and always on the cutting edge of science through constant training.

International experiences from my work on a luxury liner flow into the advice on all aspects of beauty.

With my extensive knowledge and many years of experience, I have been training beauticians in the state-recognized apprenticeship for years.

Primary and Further Education
  • 1981-1983 training as a state-approved beautician including training for lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder
  • Since December 1983 independent in his own institute
  • 1989 training in permanent make-up with Barbara Schneider, ongoing workshops in permanent make-up at PUREBEAU Fine Permanent Make-up in Berlin and with star make-up artist Holger Hoffmann, known from SAT1 and Pro7
  • 1995 apprenticeship as a make-up artist with Horst Kirchberger
  • Microneedling for a younger complexion
Seminars, training courses and workshops
Training abroad with Maria Galland Paris in:
  • Kemer and Belek (Turkey)
  • Luxor (Egypt)
  • Qatar (U.A.E.)
  • New York (USA)
  • Bermuda (island in the Atlantic)
  • Jerez (Andalusia / Spain) and in
  • Bergerac (France)
  • Energy training with the company Piroché Italy in Meran (Italy) and in Medulin (Croatia)
  • Training in herbal deep peeling treatment according to Dr. Schrammek
  • Microdermabrasion with REVIDERM
  • Seminars at the REVIDERM academy in Hamburg:
  • Skin Expert Seminar I, II and III
    Acne seminar: different forms of acne, hormones and drugs
    Tele-Angi: Development and causes of unstable skin

  • REVIDERM VIP Foreign Training: Ingredients in Cosmetics, Product Training in Tuscany, Italy
  • Cellucur pur seminar: Use of cosmeceuticals, indication-oriented treatments
  • Anti-aging with biomolecules according to Dr. Kleanthous
  • Ultrasound lifting with Dr. Kleanthous
  • Ayurvedic gemstone massage with Dr. Kleanthous
  • Cryotherapy training at Carbo-Med® dermal in Munich
  • Workshop in Derma Ruga Jetting, a natural method to reduce wrinkles at CMS Ursula Schneider in Munich
  • Make-up artist workshops with Ulrike Schütze, Carena Zuleger, Malu Wilz and Tanja Dettki
  • Color light therapy training with Q.Light® in Düsseldorf
  • Training in mesotherapy (skin rejuvenation) at Medex Netherlands
  • Further training in anti-aging and preventive medicine as part of the Baltic Prevention Congress in Kiel / Oslo (Norway)
  • Injection seminar (wrinkle injection) with TEOSYAL® products at Laboratories TEOXANE Geneva
  • Advanced training in aesthetic surgery and dermatology: Pre- and post-operative care for aesthetic operations such as liposuction, lifting or wrinkle injections in the Asklepios Clinic Wandsbek in Hamburg
  • Further training in aesthetic surgery: lifting and wrinkle injections at the Eppendorf University Clinic in Hamburg
  • Anti-stress full body massage at Gernétic International
  • Foot reflexology massage in Bremen
  • Balinese aroma oil massage and herbal stamp massage with wellness trainer Stefan Grun
  • Cellulite massage and 4-phase relaxation massage for the face at Hanna Völker Kosmetik in Düsseldorf

I am Flora Vanga, 21 years old

On August 1, 2019, I started my training as a state-approved beautician. I am particularly enthusiastic about working with people and the before-and-after effect of a treatment. I'm looking forward to my apprenticeship at the Institute for Beauty and Wellbeing with Ms. Christa Kolbenschlag.

Beauty is ...
when a smile gets under your skin
when the gaze binds forces,
when a feeling touches the soul.


No two skin is alike. Your skin is just as unique as you are.

A wide variety of treatments for face and body cater precisely to your wishes and the needs of your skin - what remains is a wonderful feeling of total relaxation, perfect care and absolute well-being.

A detailed consultation with a skin diagnosis precedes the treatment. Together we will select the best treatment method for you and the right products for your skin condition.


Basic treatment (classic pampering treatment)

This treatment is important for every skin type to improve the condition of the skin. Your skin is deeply cleansed and provided with optimal care. Wrinkles and lines are smoothed, imperfections fade away.
The following services are included in the basic treatment:

  • Skin diagnosis
  • Cleaning up
  • peeling
  • Herbal steaming with Vapozon
  • Purge
  • Eyebrow correction
  • Mask / care pack
  • Face, back and hand massage
  • Day care and day make-up

Derma Ruga Jetting
Derma Ruga Jetting is a biological method for plumping up wrinkles and fine lines as well as annoying scars, without any chemicals! This method makes use of the fascinating property of our body to regenerate itself. The wrinkles to be treated are pierced with a fine needle by the experienced specialist using the Derma Ruga Jetting technique. The micro-injury in the skin created in this way creates young connective tissue with collagen and elastic fibers, which lifts the wrinkle. The skin may redden a little after the treatment. This method has a long-lasting effect because the body's own tissue is stimulated and the collagen fibers in the skin regulate and regenerate themselves. The success is already visible after the 1st to 2nd treatment.

Gem therapy and massage
The Ayurvedic gemstone massage is used for impure skin, congestion and scars. The healing power of gemstones is used here. The healing stones are moved over the skin in certain paths and thus transmit their energizing vibrations to the body. Disharmonies are balanced and tissue metabolism is stimulated. The treatment has a holistic effect on body, mind and soul.

Wrinkle injection
In close cooperation with doctors, I offer advice on wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid as a special service.

Fruit acid treatment
The treatment with AHA fruit acids is a highly effective peeling that gently removes the cornified top layer of skin without mechanical friction. The effect makes the skin soft to the touch and gives it a fresh and pure radiance. Recommended for tired, dull-looking skin, blemishes, pigmentation disorders, bumps and small wrinkles.

Hydro position
The REVIDERM Hydrolage has several special features: Active absorption of the active ingredients and intensive moisture penetration of the skin. The tightening of the connective tissue is also supported. The hydrolayer consists of collagen fleece and plaster of paris model and is at body temperature. The result: the hydrolayer stimulates the skin's function and replenishes the moisture depots, and wrinkles caused by dryness disappear. The effect is already visible after one treatment - the skin becomes softer, smoother and rosier! Particularly recommended after the summer and as a moisture push after the winter months!

Herbal deep peeling treatment / Green Peel - a new skin in 5 days!
The herbal deep peeling treatment is a medical developed, biological method for peeling the skin on a purely plant basis without side effects. This method has proven itself and is used successfully for:

  • Blemishes
  • Skin with large pores
  • Prematurely aged skin
  • scar
  • Nicotine and sun-damaged skin, as well as in the cleavage area and with stretch marks on the abdomen, upper arms and thighs
  • Cellulite
During the special massage with the herbs, the upper layers of the skin are gently abraded. The blood circulation is increased and thus the oxygen supply to the cells is improved. The contained natural active ingredients support the normalization and renewal processes of the skin. After the treatment, the skin is reddened and you can feel a burning sensation like after a sunburn. Four to five days later, the old skin will peel off and new, fresh skin will appear. Follow-up treatment is included in the price.

Color light therapy
Light waves penetrate deep into the tissue and stimulate the natural cell healing processes and thus the regeneration of the skin. Light therapy can help with all kinds of skin problems and is used to increase well-being and relaxation. The metabolism and energy flow in the body are stimulated and after a short time an improvement in the general condition can be noticed.

Mesoporation / electroporation
Mesoporation is an innovative and gentle method to make your skin appear youthful and firm. In this process, no needles are used, but electrical voltage pulses that open the moisture channels in the skin cells so wide that active ingredients can be introduced deeper into the skin than was previously possible in cosmetics. The procedure is absolutely pleasant and painless. This method is based on the electroporation process, which has been awarded a Nobel Prize. Valuable anti-aging substances such as liposomes, hyaluronic acid, radical scavengers, vitamins and nutrient complexes can be absorbed much better by the skin and cause the skin to build up sustainably. This method is particularly suitable for rejuvenating the face, neck and décolleté. The express effect is amazing. A visible tightening of the skin can already be seen after the first treatment. Wrinkles and lines are reduced, the skin volume is increased and the complexion is smoothed and rejuvenated.

State-of-the-art technology is used in mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation. A cocktail of active ingredients made from hyaluronic acid and vitamins is introduced into the skin evenly and in a controlled manner using a special technique. This ensures two things: on the one hand, a particularly even treatment is possible, on the other hand, the precise distribution is extremely effective at the same time. The active ingredients stimulate the skin, so that the basic tension increases and it becomes firmer again. There is an effective smoothing of smaller wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion / abrasion of the skin
Microdermabrasion is an effective, deeply effective peeling in which dead cells of the epidermis are removed using the latest technology, without chemical agents. The finest aluminum crystals are blasted onto the skin in a controlled manner and immediately removed again using a vacuum.
This method is very well tolerated, long-lasting and has been used successfully by us for years. Even after the first treatment, the skin looks fresher, finer-pored and more even, becomes smooth and supple. It can absorb the active ingredients of the following care products much better. As a result of the application, the skin is rosier and softer overall. Microdermabrasion is also an ideal preparation for any further lifting treatment.
A cure is particularly recommended for: wrinkles, scars, acne, pigment spots on large-pored skin for skin rejuvenation. The application is completely painless.

Oxygen treatment
Oxygen is the most important source of human life. We could go without food for weeks and without water for days, but without oxygen we only survive a few minutes. Oxygen treatment is a special treatment to stimulate cell renewal and skin metabolism. This treatment gives your skin an intense freshness kick and is suitable for every skin condition and every age. At the beginning of the treatment, the skin is freed from old deposits and gently detoxified. Then the skin is treated with 98% pure oxygen. At the same time, active ingredient concentrates are smuggled into the skin. A mask and a massage complete the program. The complexion becomes radiant, fresh and rosy and firm!

Maria Galland special treatments

Modeling SOIN MASQUE MODELANT "Mineral Mask"
SOIN MASQUE MODELANT, the classic treatment by MARIA GALLAND that has proven itself a million times over, is based on a deeply effective, self-warming mineral mask that is available in three variations: SOIN MASQUE MODELANT

  • Modelage for intensive moisture (white)
  • Modelage for effective anti-aging care (pink)
  • Modelage for a regulating treatment for blemished skin (green)
It not only offers a spectacular lifting effect, but also treats a wide variety of problems in each individual skin zone. The cleansed skin is first prepared for the modelage with a concentrate, before "problem solvers" tailored to individual needs are applied in parts. The thermal effect of the following mask optimizes the infiltration of the active ingredients and ensures extraordinary results: The skin feels firm and firm. The complexion shines and looks years younger.

Maria Galland DeLuxe "Art de Peau" treatment - mature skin
This high-quality wellness treatment combats the traces of age and hormonal skin aging

  • High purity gold particles
  • Double caviar extract
  • Bio collagen
  • Patented active ingredient Pro young hormone DHEA

Maria Galland SOIN THERAPY COCON treatment - dry, dehydrated skin
The combination of perfect care, relaxing music and a special massage is the perfect "seduction of the senses". The intensive treatment with active ingredient products and a final foam catalysis (special foam mask) creates a caring and relaxing cocoon effect (gentle warmth).

Maria Galland SOIN THALASSO VISAGE treatment - any skin
The power of water in this facial treatment - including the intensive ampoule with 20 times the power of action detoxifies, soothes and works against the signs of the times.

Maria Galland Soin Profilift treatment - sagging facial contours, wrinkles
The Maria Galland Soin Profilift cosmetic treatment gives you an immediately visible and long-lasting "lifting" effect! Soin Profilift conjures up a rejuvenated and tightened skin profile with newly defined facial contours. Special massage techniques offer draining and toning effects.

Maria Galland SOIN CLARTÉ treatment - oily, oily skin
With SOIN CLARTÉ, MARIA GALLAND presents a clarifying system care product that effectively combats excessive sebum production and impurities and at the same time offers maximum anti-aging care. For optimal care results, three cabin treatments - warming, refreshing or relaxing - have been designed to meet the different needs of oily skin.
After thorough cleansing, a lymph-stimulating massage ensures relaxation. The skin is then supplied with special preparations and a mask specially tailored to your needs is applied. The soothing final care rounds off the treatment: Your skin is in balance - you are wonderfully relaxed.

Maria Galland special treatment SOIN PURETÉ - blemished skin, combination skin
Pore-deep purity and pure wellbeing: SOIN PURETÉ frees the skin of impurities, cleanses and clarifies them thoroughly. A pleasant facial massage with a fragrant gel cream pampers you and your skin. It is supported by a balancing pressure point massage, soothing effleurages and shiatsu-borne hand movements - pure relaxation! The complexion immediately appears clearer, the pores are refined - unwanted greasy shine disappears.

Maria Galland SOIN TENDRESSE treatment - sensitive skin
SOIN TENDRESSE brings sensitive skin back into balance. Soothing and regenerating active ingredients make sensitive skin strong against irritations caused e.g.due to hormonal fluctuations, aggressive environmental conditions or everyday stresses. After a gentle cleansing, irritated and reddened skin areas are treated. Care specially tailored to the needs of sensitive skin with mild products such as serum and mask brings the complexion into balance, gives it a sense of well-being and increases its resistance. SOIN TENDRESSE is available in three treatment variations - warming, refreshing or relaxing. This is how sensitive skin finds a new harmony.

Maria Galland SOIN LIFT CONFORT treatment - tired, sallow skin
Refuel with an extra portion of energy! Experience pure vitality! And let yourself be pampered. The three new treatments for SOIN LIFT CONFORT - invigorating, warming or calming - bring a tired, pale complexion to glow again and give your skin new vitality. After the skin has been thoroughly cleansed, an effective concentrate is applied that is tailored to the specific needs of the skin. The following mask intensifies the care effect - the skin is optimally cared for. A pleasant final care treatment also increases the skin's energy level: Tired skin is awakened to new life and is perfectly protected against stress or harmful environmental influences.

Maria Galland SYSTÈME DERMATOLOGIQUE treatment (without coloring, fragrance or preservatives) - all skin types
The SYSTÈME DERMATOLOGIQUE treatment fulfills the most diverse cosmetic goals. Whether anti-aging, normalization of impure skin or protection and regeneration of stressed skin - SYSTÈME DERMATOLOGIQUE is the dermo-cosmetic facial for every skin condition. After the thorough but gentle cleansing, the enzyme and / or fruit acid-based peeling, which is individually tailored to your skin condition, is the first building block in the skin renewal process. Intensive hydration soothes the skin after the peeling and a balancing bentonite mask gently envelops it like a mini-model. Individually tailored serums are used for targeted problem treatment. The pleasantly cooling collagen mask that follows is another essential component of the treatment in the institute. Pure relaxation while your skin continues to work, because the mask supports its cell renewal and has an anti-aging and moisturizing effect. Light and modern textures for the face and the eye area pamper the skin and round off the treatment.

Maria Galland treatment for men - SOIN HOMME GALLAND
The SOIN HOMME GALLAND facial treatment invigorates men's skin and gives it an absolute kick of freshness. HOMME GALLAND power agent R.T. Arctic protects the skin from stress and negative environmental influences, while providing it with intensive moisture and reducing wrinkles. The skin feels like it has been reborn - smooth, attractive and well-groomed. A soothing massage is a perfect way to switch off from everyday stress.

For the eyes

Tint eyebrows and eyelashes
Add more expression to your eyes with eyebrow and eyelash color. After an exposure time of approx. 10 minutes, a well-covering, light- and waterproof permanent color that can be kept for several weeks is achieved.

Maria Galland eye treatment Masque Modelant Yeux
Invigorating and cooling algae mask especially for the delicate skin area around the eyes. A retinol ampoule is used under the mask as an optimal anti-wrinkle treatment. Feel how traces of stress and tiredness disappear, puffiness and dark circles are significantly reduced. Can be easily integrated into any treatment.

Hair removal

Permanent hair removal with IPL light technology
Many hair removal methods only make hair go away for a short time and can be very painful. The IPL technique works with light pulses and obliterates the hair follicles so that they can no longer grow back - for permanent hair removal for HIM and HER.

Permanent hair removal through electro-epilation
Depilation of all hair and skin types with electricity, for face and body! With this method, the hair color and thickness does not matter. A fine needle connected to the electrical device is inserted into the hair canal. The hair root is boiled with the addition of electricity, so that the root dies and can no longer form new hair.

Depilation with warm wax
Short-term removal of unwanted hair on the face and body. After cleansing the skin, the hair on the desired parts of the body is removed with warm wax. We use extremely skin-friendly products, after depilation the skin is cared for and soothed.

Sugaring (depilation with sugar paste)
A gentle, sweet way to get rid of annoying hair on your body. The hairs and their roots are removed, and the result lasts for up to 4 weeks. With constant repetition of the treatment, the hairs grow finer and finer until it leads to permanent success.

Body treatments

Ionozone bath
The therapeutic effect of the Ionozon mist bath is based on the enrichment of the tissue with molecular oxygen. There is a deacidification of the blood and the normalization of the pH value and also serves for purification. The ionozon bath produces mist-shaped water vapor with ozonated oxygen. The ozone emits a finely dosed ultraviolet radiation that penetrates deep into the tissue and has a disinfecting effect. The intense accumulation of heat causes an increase in the body's core temperature and triggers the associated metabolic processes and healing factors.

Maria Galland body model layers for breasts, legs, stomach and hands
These MARIA GALLAND body model layers give you beautifully cared-for skin and provide targeted help in problem areas. The self-heating MASQUE MODELANT ensures that the firming preparations are intensified in their effect: a sea salt peeling, a full-body massage with aromatic massage oil and a highly effective ampoule with a firming and anti-cellulite effect. The result: the skin is smoothed and visibly firmer.
A beautiful breast needs a firm, taut tissue structure. With the bust treatment from MARIA GALLAND you bring your cleavage in top form. A smooth peeling, a massage with highly concentrated active ingredient ampoules and firming care products take care of and "shape" the bust. Thanks to the MASQUE MODELANT deep heat, the absorption of active ingredients is stimulated and the result is optimized. A firming bust treatment completes the treatment.

Herbal stamp massage
The herbal stamp massage has numerous positive effects on the body. It is used to:

  • Purification, detoxification and care of the skin and relaxation of body and mind
  • Stimulation of the self-healing powers
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Dynamization of skin and tissue
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Stimulation of the metabolism
  • Relaxation of the muscles and the nervous system
  • Fight against cellulite
Silk and linen towels filled with special herbs are formed into stamps, soaked in warm water and oil and "stamped" over the tense areas of the body. The mix of herbs, aromas and warmth relieves tension and you can feel a deep sense of wellbeing.

Cryotherapy / cold therapy
Cryotherapy is used to remove age and pigment spots as well as hyperpigmentation on the body. In cryotherapy, the icing device is held on the skin with a local cold temperature of -78 ° C with a short contact of 2 seconds. This leads to a short-term freezing of the skin. After 2-5 days there is a brownish discoloration of the treated skin area, which peels off in approx. 7-14 days and reveals the pink skin underneath. The entire procedure is painless and the treated skin area regenerates quickly. After the old skin has been removed, sun protection with a high sun protection factor is recommended.

Lomi Lomi Nui
The Hawaiian body massage Lomi Lomi stands for connecting body and mind and stimulating the flow of energy in the body. It is much more than a harmonizing ritual that supports the body in freeing itself from stressful energies. The deep relaxation during the special massage releases tension and blockages, and positive energies flow through body and mind. One perceives oneself consciously, feels a pleasant feeling of inner balance and security. Soft Hawaiian sounds and pleasantly smelling oil mixtures accompany you on the way to a dreamy feel-good experience that is filled with harmony, love and peace.

Deep heat for the body
Effect of deep heat:

  • Targeted weight loss in individual problem areas
  • Skin tightening
  • Cellulite regression
  • Increase in well-being with an invigorating effect
  • Relaxation for muscle cramps
  • Increase in metabolic function
  • Detoxification
Deep heat melts pounds, purifies the body and helps against cellulite. Special heating bandages are wrapped around problem areas such as thighs, buttocks and stomach, which are then heated to around 40 degrees. The penetrating heat accelerates the metabolism and increases the blood circulation. This stimulates the breakdown of fatty tissue. During the treatment, a lot of fluid is excreted through the pores and the skin is detoxified.
For the gentleman

Men have long since discovered beauty care for themselves. That a real guy only lets soap and water on his skin - that used to be. Man's skin also needs individual care. Escape the stressful everyday life and let go of your tension with a soothing treatment. The SOIN HOMME GALLAND facial treatment invigorates men's skin and gives it an absolute kick of freshness. HOMME GALLAND power agent R.T. Arctic protects the skin from stress and negative environmental influences, while providing it with intensive moisture and reducing wrinkles. The skin feels like it has been reborn - smooth, attractive and well-groomed. A soothing massage is a perfect way to switch off from everyday stress.

Eyelash extensions

1: 1 technique

New edition 80 euros

Fill up:
after 2 weeks for 40 euros
after 3 weeks for 50 euros
after 4 weeks for 60 euros
after 5 weeks at the reprint price
3D volume lashes

New edition 90 euros

Fill up:
after 2 weeks for 50 euros
after 3 weeks for 60 euros
after 4 weeks for 70 euros
after 5 weeks at the reprint price

Russian volume lashes

New edition 110 euros

Fill up:
after 2 weeks for 70 euros
after 3 weeks for 80 euros
after 4 weeks for 90 euros
after 5 weeks at the reprint price

The treatment takes about 1.5 hours
The eyelash treatment takes about 1.5 hours

Lash lifting
Lash lifting is a method of shaping your own eyelashes. The curl will last until your own lashes are renewed. (approx. 6-8 weeks) Regardless of whether you have short or long eyelashes, the right curl results in large, bright eyes.

Teeth whitening

Get rid of annoying tooth discoloration and conjure up a radiant smile on your face with Smileffect - the cosmetic tooth whitening!

Are you unhappy with your tooth color?

My goal is your most beautiful smile! Make your appearance radiant and unforgettable. Look forward to positive feedback, because the first impression counts!
With me, your teeth will be cosmetically whitened gently and painlessly using the latest technology.

  • Absolutely painless ✔
  • No tooth enamel damage ✔
  • Without side effects ✔
  • Up to 9 tones brighter ✔
  • Result immediately visible after 30 minutes ✔
  • Quality and harmless products ✔
  • Made in Germany ✔

Teeth whitening is not suitable for:

  • with tooth decay or paradantosis
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • during chemotherapy

  • 45 mins of lightening — € 150

  • Wrinkle injection with hyaluron
  • And professional lip augmentation with hyarluronic acid under medical supervision


What is microneedling?
Microneedling is a special dermatological treatment. It stimulates the production of collagen and elastin as well as the release of hyaluronic acid. After this treatment, the skin is particularly receptive to the corresponding active ingredient cosmetics.

Younger looking and plump skin

Treatment areas: The target group are people with wrinkled skin, large-pored skin, to lighten pigment spots, sagging skin or pitted skin.

The following areas can be treated with great effect: frown lines, forehead lines, eye area, lip area, cheek area, nasolabial folds, neck, décolleté, back of the hand, large pores, scars, spots, acne scars, stretch marks and stretch marks.

The concept recommends 6-12 treatments every 2 weeks.

What happens during the treatment?
During the microneedling treatment, the microneedling pen perforates the epidermis with a multitude of the finest channels and thereby stimulates the natural revitalization and regeneration process. Smallest injuries occur in the top layer of the skin and active ingredients such as peptides, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, plant phytoestrogens and vitamins C and E are smuggled into the skin.


What is microblading?
Microblading is an alternative method to permanent make-up. It is mainly used for drawing hairs on the eyebrows, with color pigments being worked into the skin.

With drawing technology, an individual look is created for each eyebrow.

This method is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the look of their eyebrows. The results look very natural, regardless of the amount of your own hair. People who suffer from alopecia or who have lost all eyebrow hairs after having had chemotherapy benefit particularly from this method. Of course, it is also of use to those who are just not happy with the appearance of their eyebrows.


The care lines we use offer individual and comprehensive solutions for every requirement. Our beauty treatments are based on high-quality cosmetic products from the following well-known manufacturers:

Maria Galland - the complete system for the highest demands

CNC Skincare - medicine meets cosmetics

Reviderm skintelligence - The power of beauty

Medex Bio Science Cosmetics - if royal class is your style!

We carry an extensive range of professional institute cosmetics. We would be happy to advise you and select the right home care products for your needs.

You can of course also order your care products by phone or email. You will find the telephone number and e-mail address in the "Contact" section on the left.

Vouchers - give away a short vacation!

If you want to please a loved one, you are spot on with a voucher for a cosmetic treatment.

Vouchers for a pampering treatment are the ideal gift for any occasion, whether for him or her, young or old. Contact us!