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Re: Strandbeest with 16 legs

Contribution from bell ┬╗Mon 19 Oct 2020, 9:02 pm

Good evening,

Thank you very much for the super-positive feedback, which for me also shows the fascination of Theo Jansen's constructions.
I have sent the pictures (+ additional detail shots) and descriptions to the website team for publication.
I think this week I will come to it and record the video and put it on Youtube.
I'll post the link here.
I am honored to be offered the opportunity to publish an article in the ft: pedia on the subject. But I have to say that at the moment I don't see myself in a position to do so. The articles in ft: pedia are of high academic quality. I have not yet familiarized myself with the topic in detail to explain it in a qualified manner, mechanics is not necessarily my research focus and a lot of my construction has not yet been sufficiently optimized (e.g. whether the crank position used before me is really the optimal one). I would say it depends on how much I still deal with the topic. In addition to optimizing the construction in terms of weight and drive, what you should actually try is to construct a true-to-the-original Strandbeest with just one crankshaft. I will definitely try that (who knows how long I'll have to be back home soon ...)

By the way, I only used the mini motors because all the other motors in the 8-legged beast were too heavy. You can also attach them well. For the 16-legged construction I only expanded it according to the same principle. But I will still test the power motor and XM motor. I am curious if one of these motors can replace the 3 mini motors.

Best wishes,


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