Can pregnant women be around cats?

Pregnant and cat: what is the real danger?

How pregnant women have to behave in everyday life

You don't have to panic and our expert gives the all-clear for cats too: "You should approach this with a sense of proportion - the cat does not have to go to the animal shelter straight away. However, you have to adhere to very specific rules at home with your cat and be careful overall." For example, you shouldn't take care of the food or the litter box, others have to take care of that. Caution: The toxoplasmas (the pathogens of the disease) only become active in the cat's feces after two to three days. Therefore, the litter box should be cleaned thoroughly every day during pregnancy. Cat toys and all other utensils are best cleaned with water at 70 degrees Celsius. The cat does not belong in bed and you should wash your hands after each petting. Only work in the garden with gloves on - cats love doing their business in neatly chopped and sun-warmed beds. This also applies to your neighbor's cat. Don't eat fruits or vegetables that grow close to the ground without washing them thoroughly.

What needs to happen urgently after a scratch or bite

"Pregnant women should definitely see a doctor after a bite. Even a scratch should be disinfected and the area observed. In the event of inflammation or even swollen lymph nodes, you should definitely go to a specialist," advises doctor Dr. Goergner. Even if the puss is so dear and the bite may have happened while playing: It is no trivial matter. Contaminated saliva can cause severe infection. So go to the doctor and take your vaccination card with you, your tetanus protection may need to be refreshed.

What problems there can be after giving birth

While cats have a reputation for being loners, they are usually very social creatures and require a lot of attention. Therefore, even a woman's changed hormone levels can make a cat feel that changes are coming. This can cause stress. Cats can also react to newborns with stress. Never, under any circumstances, leave your child unattended with a cat, even if they are usually peaceful and sweet. Make it clear that the cat can no longer claim every space to rest or petting. Cots, changing tables, etc. are taboo for cats.

Why not only pregnant women are at risk

Certain cat diseases can also be problematic for healthy children and adults, warns our expert: "A cat bite can have really serious consequences for everyone. Anatomically, this is because the pointed teeth can really penetrate very deeply into the tissue Cats with their saliva are many pathogens that are dangerous for us. " The aforementioned toxoplasmosis, for example, can occur completely without symptoms, but it can also cause inflamed lymph nodes and other organs, with corresponding protracted problems. A toxoplasmosis infection from person to person is not possible. A child who plays in the sandpit cannot endanger the pregnant mother. It becomes problematic when the mother plays along and perhaps doesn't even know that she is pregnant. "


Pregnant women should be especially careful when handling cats. The cat does not have to be removed from the household - but everyone should pay attention to special hygiene and to keep a distance. And that also applies to after the birth.