How to Replace a Lost Passport

You have yours Lost passport and in the worst case, your flight home or on vacation tomorrow? Have you misplaced your passport or was it even stolen? Do you have to report your passport now as lost? When you lose your passport, many questions arise. What you have to do in such a case, I'll explain step by step in this article.

Lost passport - what now?

IMPORTANT: Note the obligation to notify

Lost passport abroad

Lost passport at the airport

Lost passport at home

Very important: observe the obligation to notify

In the following I introduce you three different scenarios from which you can choose your personal situation in the event of a loss. But before that, I would like to give you a very important note on the way, which you have to pay attention to in the case of lost ID (passport, identity card, child passport).

Obligation to report in the event of loss of passport

As soon as you have lost your ID, you are obliged to report the loss. If you lose your passport abroad, for example, please contact the local police immediately. If you lose it in Germany, it is enough to go to the passport authority. Are you sure that your ID stolen you have to file a complaint.

There is a risk of expensive penalties

If your passport appears again, you are also obliged to report this to the police / authorities. If you do not comply with this reporting obligation immediately, you face fines of up to € 300,000 for (children's) passports.

What to do if you lose your passport abroad?

The holiday mood can evaporate very quickly - namely when you discover that you have lost your passport. Or was your passport stolen? Before you panic now, first sort your thoughts and think carefully about when and where you last carried the pass with you. Look again in all backpacks, jacket pockets and Co.

Step 1: Report your passport as lost

If your ID still does not appear, you have to immediately to the local policewalk and submit a loss report. This step is extremely important, because only in this way can the data be transmitted to Interpol and the Schengen Information System to help you Prevent abuse. Note: If your passport is reported as stolen, an investigation will be initiated. This in turn has the consequence that the rapid issue of the new travel document is considerably delayed, since the investigations have to be concluded first. The police will document your report of loss and provide you with one of them Copy with which you then go to the German embassy or consulate in the next step.

Step 2: Apply for a new passport

Both the embassy and the consulate - depending on which institution is near your holiday destination - are entitled to give you a so-called Emergency travel documentto exhibit. This serves as a passport substitute and enables you to fly back to Germany. If you only have to return home, this is the fastest option.

Savior in an emergency: travel document
  • Fees: around € 15-20
  • Validity: for the duration of the trip

Provided that you have all the necessary documents with you: In addition to a copy of the Report of loss or theft Of course, you also need two current biometric passport photos and proof of your identity, for example in the form of an identity card or a previously made copy of your passport.

My tip: Just in case, it is always advisable to Replacement documents to take with you on vacation. This sounds exaggerated and overly cautious at first, but it saves you a lot of time and trouble if your passport is lost. If you want to save some time, that applies for the passport online on the website of the Federal Police.

If you have planned further flights to other countries, you have to get one temporary passport getting exhibited. However, there is always the risk that a destination country will not recognize a replacement document upon entry. It is best to inquire before your trip on the website of the Federal Foreign Office whether a provisional passport is sufficient for entry into the destination country.

Lose your passport at the airport

Failure in the last few meters - that could happen if you realize at the airport that you have lost your passport.

Go to the federal police

Regardless of whether you are abroad or in Germany - if you find out at the airport that you have lost your passport, they will help you Federal police at the airport straight on. The procedure is the same as in the previous case: you report your passport as lost or stolen and you will receive one within a very short time Emergency travel documentissued, with which you can then travel on. Important: Here, too, you are again dependent on documents that confirm your identity.

The passport was misplaced in Germany

The suitcases are packed, the vacation can come and you realize too late that you have lost your passport? That too can happen - in this case the order of the steps you have to take is slightly different.

Go to the passport authority (Bürgeramt)

If you find out in Germany that you have lost your passport, dealing with the authorities is a bit easier. your namely, save yourself a way, because you can report the loss directly when applying for a new passport or a temporary passport. The passport authority forwards your report to the police, which in turn transmits the data to Interpol and the Schengen information system.

Depending on how much time you have left before your departure, you can choose between an (express) passport and a temporary passport when applying. Important: Here, too, the rule is that replacement documents are not recognized in all countries, unfortunately there is always a risk.

Lost your passport? No panic!

You see - even if you lose your passport shortly before your trip, that is in most cases no end of the world. If you are in any doubt abroad, always contact the responsible diplomatic mission of the government or - if available - your tour guide. Have you ever lost your passport while traveling or were you even unable to take a vacation because of a missing passport? I am looking forward to your comments!

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