Why shouldn't I buy an IKEA desk?

Ikea desks in comparison: Galant vs. Thyge

Perhaps you noticed on your last visit to the Ikea store that there is a desk for sale that looks like the previous one Ikea Galant. The Similarities anddifferences between Ikea Galant and Ikea Thyge we explain here.

Ikea Galant becomes Ikea Thyge

About 2 years ago the Ikea desk Galant completely through his successor Ikea Bekant replaced - or so it seemed. Most Ikea furniture stores offered both versions for at least a year, although the Galant desk was often only offered in two sizes with a rectangular table top (180 x 80 and 120 x 60 cm). Now there is Ikea Thyge desk - he looks like that Ikea Galant and it is ... almost.

Our office is complete with Ikea Galant fitted. To equip more workstations, we recently wanted to reorder a few new Galant desks online from Ikea. In the Ikea online shop, the search term “Galant” only showed chests of drawers or roll containers. When we entered the search term “desk” we came across the “new” Thyge desk.

Both Ikea desks in comparison

So there it is, our new one Ikea desk. In summary, corresponds to Ikea Thyge desk the forerunner gallant. As you can see from the previous pictures, both Ikea desks look the same from eye level and the tabletop is also mit 160 x 80 cm the same size.

On closer inspection, however, you can see that the square tubes open to the side of the Galant, which made it possible to add extension elements, are completely missing on the Thyge desk. It can therefore only be used as a single desk without any add-on options.

But at the latest when assembling, you will notice the difference, because the substructure of the desk has been changed. The Galant welding frame previously used by Ikea and consisting of one part has now been replaced by 4 individual parts (see following picture).

That is why there are now a total of 28 screws and small parts in the hardware bag of the Thyge desk, previously there were only 10.

Ikea Thyge: Our conclusion

Ikea Thyge is actually the Ikea Galant. The reason why the substructure was changed is probably, as with many Ikea reconstructions, to be found in the area of ​​manufacturing and / or logistics costs. If you want a Galant desk, you can now buy an Ikea Thyge. Except for the frame, which is attached to the legs and table top, both desks are almost identical.

There is also no difference in price between the two desks. The only disadvantage we see of the Thyge compared to the Galant is the longer installation time. If you are assembling an Ikea Thyge desk for the first time, you should take between 20 and 30 minutes (including unpacking, sorting individual parts, understanding assembly steps, etc.). plan on.

We just think it's a shame that the Ikea Thyge desk is only available in one version in the size 160 x 80 cm and color white. Ikea will certainly no longer develop this desk or expand the Thyge program, because there are no expansion options besides the one product.

What do you think of that Ikea desk?

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