What is meant by finally

Come to Potte at last!

"Human child, come over but finally to Potte! ”Anyone who says or hears this knows: now something must finally be done. The formulation expresses impatience as well as anger. But what exactly is behind it - although "underneath" would be better? Because the "pot" is nothing more than the chamber pot that stood under every bed before the toilet was flushed: for all cases of urgency, if you wanted to "relieve" yourself, on the pot had to.

Come into the pots!

With the morning toilet, women need their time!

In modern times, the husband of the gods likes to call in the direction of the bathroom when the lady of the house blocks the bathroom for too long in the morning: "Now come to Potte!" that the wife has been around for hours on the pot, so the toilet, sits. But she denies access to this because unfortunately there is only one in the house.

Incidentally, it can also be used in the plural: “Come on at last in the pots! ”This does not mean the housekeeper's shoes. Because shoes from about size 50 are often called Pots designated. What is meant is that the best of all wives should finally decide on one or the other party wardrobe. Meanwhile in the kitchen he looks at the clock at ever shorter intervals, drums his fingers on the table and has to discover that the Coffee pot is now as empty as his bladder is full. Finally she slips out of the bathroom, he goes in and you can already hear her voice with a certain triumphant undertone: “I'm done! Can we finally ?! "

From the Ruhrpott, Pottsäuen and the Pott

Putt workers who worked underground in the coal pot

Men like to report about such experiences at the regulars' table, where they sometimes have one potty, so drink a few beers. "Pötten" is popular in the Ruhrpott, the area in North Rhine-Westphalia where a lot of coal used to be mined. Namely from Putt workersthat are in Coal pot Working underground and looking like one after the shift Pottsau, so they were carbon black. By the way, “Du Pottsau” is still a slang term for someone who is dirty and unkempt.

The Ruhrpott is also the area in which many football fans dream of the title of their football club every year - but it doesn't always work out Pot to to fetchto win the cup! But anyone who has the pot, like the German soccer world championship team in 2014, is bursting with pride: "The pot hamma!"

Don't throw everyone and everything into one pot

Not together throw in a pot However, you are allowed to use any “pot” word. Such a word is Potash. It's a chemical term, meaning potassium carbonate, and has as much to do with a pot of money as an iPod has to do with a pot in which eggs are boiled. Or as much as a sperm whale with a whale fillet cooked in a pot.

Has nothing to do with a pot: the sperm whale

But there are on the world's oceans Pots, that is, ships on the move that are so big that you can comfortably process a whole whale on them. The Japanese whaling fleet has plenty of them. You shouldn't throw people into one pot either: rich and poor, big and small, pretty and Pot ugly, very ugly.

A lid fits on every pot

Because people are like a kind potpourri, a mixture, a pot of delicious surprises, a kettle of colorful things. But no matter how different they are, no matter whether rich, poor, big, small, pretty, ugly, ugly: for everyone Pot there is - mostly - that matching lid!

Work order
Check out this cartoon: http://bit.ly/1HrjW60. Which word should be used here? Form groups of two. Create a cartoon on the subject of "Pott" using newspaper clippings, your own drawings or the like. Swap your cartoon with that of another group of two. Now put a text in the word bubbles.