How do I become happier

be happy

  • 1

    Feel comfortable in your skin. You are your own special person, with your own individual traits and strengths. Be proud of these skills and be happy about who you are. Understand that even if you are not perfect, you can still work towards your full potential.

  • 2

    Help someone in need. Not everyone is as happy as you are, nor do some have as much love as you. Try to help them by giving donations to charities, holding a grocery collection, complimenting someone, or even offering a smile. Your devotion will shine - and you will make someone happy along the way.

  • 3

    Look on the positive side, but be honest. When you are having a bad day, realize it! You shouldn't just ignore this fact. Then, after you analyze that you are having a bad day, come up with a way to make it better. For example, if you are stuck in a bad rainfall and need to get home. You can surely see what a problem this is. However, you can remind yourself how happy you are that your home is only 5 minutes away. There is always something positive.

  • 4

    Listen. Make others feel safe and listen to their thoughts. You might find some insight, or even something fun!

  • 5

    Stay open. Drop the chips wherever they go. Something could look worse than it really is.

  • 6

    Try to stay healthy. Sleep a lot and eat well. You need your energy and strength to give your best every day and to feel good!

  • 7

    Don't drop people. Instead, encourage them to stand up and achieve their goals. Show optimism and encourage them every single step of the way. Your optimism will be contagious.

  • 8

    Never judge too harshly. Never judge a person by physical appearance. The silent girl in the back of the room may look creepy, but maybe inside her, she likes soccer as much as you! You never know if you won't even be in the situation and need a friend. Be a friend

  • 9

    Do something! Move around, clean the house, do the dishes, fold the laundry, or start exercising. You will feel like you have achieved something and that might inspire you to do more!