What is the cheapest home to buy

Where can you buy cheap houses?

At a glance: the federal states where you can buy cheap houses


Saxony-Anhalt: The state not only has the cheapest real estate on, but is also characterized by its diverse cultural landscapes and a large rural area.

Saarland:The second smallest federal state in Germany impresses with its beautiful nature, its close proximity to France and Luxembourg and with low real estate prices - and in percentage terms it is the state with the most homeowners.

Thuringia: The comparison of federal states shows that this federal state with culturally interesting cities such as Jena, Weimar and Erfurt is also relatively cheap real estate offers.

Brandenburg: A large, untouched natural landscape, but also a multitude of sights characterize this state, where one and two-family houses are available at moderate prices.

Saxony:The mountains of "Saxon Switzerland" and the culturally interesting cities of Dresden and Leipzig make the Free State a very popular tourist destination in Germany - but moving there is also worthwhile due to the comparatively cheap real estate.

Lower Saxony:The northern state with many small towns is also attractive cheap Offered and the geographical proximity to the greater Hamburg area.

Bremen: Despite its big city status, this city-state is a comparatively good place to live Cheap.

North Rhine-Westphalia: Despite the many large cities in this metropolitan area, real estate prices have hardly risen in recent years.

Bavaria: It doesn't necessarily have to be Munich, Regensburg or Rosenheim - there are especially in the north and east of the state cheaper Real estate prices.

Hesse: Far away from the Main metropolis of Frankfurt, which is considered to be the most expensive city in Germany, you can find much cheaper real estate in the more rural regions in the north-west of the state.

federal state Median price for condominiums EUR / m² Median price for one- and two-family houses EUR / m²
Baden-Wuerttemberg 2.704 2.565
Bavaria 3.953 2.539
Berlin 3.477 2.889
Brandenburg 2.428 1.677
Bremen 1.732 1.966
Hamburg 4.097 3.447
Hesse 2.940 2.230
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 2.645 2.115
Lower Saxony 2.018 1.905
North Rhine-Westphalia 1.927 2.157
Rhineland-Palatinate 2.062 1.889
Saarland 1.371 1.372
Saxony 2.044 1.857
Saxony-Anhalt 1.237 1.427
Schleswig-Holstein 2.696 2.094
Thuringia 1.529 1.507

The overview shows the averaged property prices for houses and apartments in Germany in the 2nd half of 2017.
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Investment in German metropolitan regions

Whether in the north, south, west or east, a lot of Germans are drawn in spite of the cheaper houses in the rural regions in the big cities and in the metropolitan areas. There are more jobs and universities, a good infrastructure and a wide range of leisure activities - but as a result there is also less and less living space. The demand for real estate in metropolises such as Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt is increasing - and with it, logically, the price.

The desire to have your own four walls in a big city can still be fulfilled, because buying a property is usually still profitable - presumably even here - anyway. Because real estate is so popular in metropolitan areas, investing in your own home is often a safe and sound decision - and a sensible investment in the future. Because in the long term, based on current forecasts, a significant increase in value can be expected. Low interest rates and attractive conditions for mortgage lending also make it possible to buy real estate in the big city.

The advantages of buying real estate in a metropolis

  • High standard of living
  • Good infrastructure
  • Attractive capital investment
  • Expected increase in the value of the property
  • Construction financing at low interest rates and top conditions

With the right construction financing for the right property in your region

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