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With "My Way", Frank Sinatra recorded one of the greatest American hits of all time in 1968.

The story of the song begins in France in the mid-1960s: the composer Claude François has just been dumped by his girlfriend, the singer France Gall. Out of sheer grief, he writes a song called "For You", but nobody wants to sing it. It only becomes a hit when he and a few friends make a chanson out of it and call it "Comme d’habitude". The Canadian singer Paul Anka happens to be in France and hears this chanson on the radio. He immediately buys the rights to the song, although he doesn't really know what to do with it.

Paul Anka writes the text for François' melody

But then there is a fateful encounter: Paul Anka meets Frank Sinatra in a hotel in Beverly Hills. He invites him to dinner. And while the 27-year-old Paul is frozen in awe, the old master pours out his heart to him. Sinatra explains that he is tired of show business and that he is tired: "I'll make one last album, then it's over." He asks Anka if he doesn't want to contribute a song to it. Of course Paul wants Anka. And at home in his apartment in New York, in the middle of the night, he had the idea for "My Way". He takes the tune from "Comme d’habitude" and writes a text about a man who looks back on his life. He's ready at five in the morning and he knows: This is a song that does justice to the great Frank Sinatra.

Sinatra herself thinks Song is terrible

From now on Frank Sinatra always has to sing "My Way" at his concerts - although he actually doesn't like the song, as he says himself.

A few weeks later, Paul Anka's phone rings. At the other end of the line is Frank Sinatra: "Hey boy, listen to what I just recorded in the recording studio!" It took Frank Sinatra just 30 minutes to put the song on record. Paul Anka can hardly believe it. He has tears in his eyes - not knowing that "My Way" will be one of the greatest evergreens of all time. And Frank Sinatra? Of course, he doesn't withdraw, but continues to give concerts and has to sing "My Way" from now on - although he actually thinks the song is terrible.

The story was a hit

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