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SCP Sandbox DE

Experimental protocol for SCP-423

Approved by O5-█ Monitored by O5-█, O5-██, O5-█ Project leader: Dr. E. man

All researchers working with SCP-423 are recommended to add their research results to this experimental protocol in the following format:

Date: ██/██/████
Test material:



Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain

Results: A character named Fred is mentioned in several places in the story, mainly as an onlooker. No changes to the story were noted.

Remarks: "This will serve as the basis for future knowledge regarding SCP-423." - Dr. E. man

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien

Results: A 14th dwarf named Feredor is a member of the group. The story is largely the same except that there are no references to a "lucky number". It is mentioned that Feredor survived the Battle of the Five Armies, instead Olin is killed.

Remarks: "The role of SCP-423 is larger in this work, which allows a better study of how it works. The dialogue written for this character is similar to that written for the other dwarves. Other text differences correspond to Tolkien's writing style as in the rest of the Book is used. " - Dr. E. man

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A simple diary

Results: For a while, nothing happened until one of the researchers wrote his name on the envelope. The word "Hello" appeared underneath. A conversation was held which revealed that SCP-423 possessed both the ability and the desire to communicate.

Remarks: "This proves that SCP-423 is sentient. If it can be controlled, it could prove useful in dealing with certain text-based SCPs. This will require further investigation." - Dr. E. man

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "The Search of Dragons - Dragonquest" by Anne McCaffrey

Results: A minor blue rider named F'Red makes an appearance in the story. No further changes are found.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling

Results: There is a wizard named Fred. The changes noted are minor, with the exception of one scene in which SCP-423 is mistaken for a figure present in the works.

Remarks: "SCP-423 exhibited paranormal abilities throughout the story, which are not uncommon for that fictional universe. However, after SCP-423 returned to the journal, it said that it could not copy those abilities outside of that particular narrative universe." - Dr. E. man

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Ulysses" by James Joyce

Results: SCP-423 immediately returned to the journal, where it wrote, "Ouch, ouch, bad idea."

Remarks: "Consider this a potential punishment for SCP-423 should it misbehave." - Dr. E. man

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "The Draco Tavern" by Larry Niven

Results: A new permanent employee at the Draco Tavern named Fred appeared. He was only mentioned in passing, except in the story Cruel and Unusual, in which he offered his condolences to the "Chirpsithra view".

Remarks: "Either his outward appearance doesn't quite match that of a human, or he only pretends to do so when it comes to stories about aliens. Perhaps we should investigate this further." - Dr. D. Vettir

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" by Julia Ward Howe

Results: In verse 2, lines 1 and 3 have been changed. Instead of "I have seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps" and "I can read His righteous sentence by the dim and flaring lamps" it now reads "Fred has seen Him in the watch-fires of a hundred circling camps "and" Fred can read His right sentence by the dim and flaring lamps ". After returning to its journal, SCP-423 wrote, "That was ... interesting, but I don't think I want to try this again."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Mary Had A Little Lamb" (only verses 1 and 2) by Sarah Josepha Hale

Results: Instead of "Mary", verse 1 now speaks of "Freddy"; instead of "her", verse 2 now speaks of "him".

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Mary Had A Little Lamb" (full version) by Sarah Josepha Hale

Results: Verses 1 and 2 are now unchanged; instead of "the eager children", verse 4 now says "Fred and the children".

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:The House. House of Leaves (Color version) by Mark Z. Danielewski

Results: A postman named Fred brings Will Navidson a letter on page ███. Fred also appears as the barman visiting Johnny and one of the orderlies who take care of Pelafina. SCP-423 became profoundly confused after exiting this facility. It is noteworthy that all instances of "Fred" in the text are written in green.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:Gadsby by Ernest Vincent Wright. Gadsby is known to be an extended lipogram: a 50,110 word story that did not include the letter 'e'.

Results: A minor character named Ford appears in the novel.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A (non-pornographic) limerick about a man from Nantucket.

Results: No changes. SCP-423 then stated that the given limerick was "too narrow and too tight" with insufficient "flexibility".

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A book with 365 haikus.

Results: The third line of thirteen different haikus has been replaced by a five-syllable phrase in which Fred is mentioned ("Fred watched in silence", "And Fred is there too", "Only Fred will stay" etc.).

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:The inflated frog by Aesop, written using plastic letters with magnetic backs on a metallic surface.

Results: The penultimate sentence became, "A big stork who soon got to work and devoured them all except one named Fred, who was hiding." The "new" letters appeared to be of the same material and design as the original, and the weight of the entire structure remained the same.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "The Evening Redness in the West" by Cormac McCarthy.

Results: In the opening scene, in which Holden incites a crowd to kill the pastor through false accusations of rape and sodomy, there is a spectator named Frederick in this crowd; but instead of taking part, the viewer walks away in disgust. The narrator comments: "The weak coward Frederick was never seen again."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:████████ Phonebook (2003).

Results: No changes.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:The twelve jurors by Reginald Rose.

Results: In the list of characters it is stated that the guard in the courthouse is named Fred; he is described as "disappointed to be excluded from the deliberations of the jury".

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler (German original version)

Results: No changes in the first few minutes, followed by the insertion of several short references to a distant, skeptical comrade named Friedrich in autobiographical fragments of chapters 2 through 8 of the book. The insertions were made in German and were roughly consistent with the original style, but they contained a number of grammatical and stylistic errors. Upon returning to the diary, SCP-423 remarked, "Uff, that was bad!"

Remarks: I'm not sure which is more remarkable here: that 423 seems to have a native language, or that it is apparently capable of obtaining reasonably acceptable knowledge of German from the contents of a single book, even one of this size. We should look more closely at its possible use for translating previously undecipherable scripts. - Dr. Despair

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Odyssey" by Homer (English edition in Braille)

Results: No changes. SCP-423 left the book after 5 minutes with the words, "Interesting, but I think I'll save this in case I'm really bored."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A hard copy of this test report

Results: Identical, except for the addition of the words "warmly attractive" in several sections of the minutes.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:Intermezzo with spherical dimensions by Woody Allen, a story about a man who can travel in fictional stories.

Results: Investigations were banned by O5-█.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:SCP-826, using SCP-423's communications diary as a "book".

Results: Investigations were banned by O5-█.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:SCP-701

Results: Investigations were banned by O5-█.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A Canadian five dollar bill (2008 edition); the back of the note contains a two-sentence passage from Roch Carrier's "The Hockey Sweater", one in French and the other in English.

Results: The first sentence remained. The second sentence, which describes how important ice rinks were in Carrier's childhood, now mentions life "on the ice rink with Fred" (and "sur la patinoire, avec Fred").

Remarks: The note was previously tested in a money changer and accepted as legitimate. After SCP-423 left the bill, it was tested in the same money changer and rejected as a forgery.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Green egg with bacon: the very best" by Dr. Seuss

Results: In the middle of the book Now-Coming Jack asks the main character, "Would you have her here with Fred? Would you have her here with some bread?" The protagonist refuses. No edited or additional artwork was added.

Remarks: Upon returning to his journal, SCP-423 remarked, "That was fun."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:The fellows by J. R. R. Tolkien.

Results: A hobbit named Fredegar Burrowes, who is referred to as a friend of Samweis Gamgee, accompanies Frodo Baggins and his group throughout the book.

Remarks: Of particular note is that Olin, who was killed in 423's version of "The Hobbit," survived according to mentions in this book.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:SCP-140

Results:Investigations were banned by O5-█.

Note: Without permission, researcher D██████, who was working with SCP-140 at the time, brought the two books together despite training in resisting mimetic effects. Words quickly appeared on the pages of SCP-140 at the rate of about a full page every 12 seconds. This continued until SCP-423 returned to its journal and the words on SCP-140's pages disappeared. SCP-423 later stated that it was "extremely painful" and that it felt like it was being "torn apart".

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:SCP-1425

Results: Investigations were banned by O5-█.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:SCP-1230

Results: Pending O5 approval.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:SCP-1195

Results:Pending O5 approval. Investigations were banned by O5-█.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A list of Class D employees who should be terminated on the first of the month, including names.

Results: The sentence "Class D personnel must be decommissioned from / /" has been changed to “Class D personnel will be released from ██ / .████”. All names remain as originally written. SCP-423 writes in its diary: "This is just heartless."

Remarks: It is clear that SCP-423 not only has the ability to sense emotions, but also believes in the meaning of life.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A twenty-minute ballet for eight dancers (four men and four women), described in Rudolf Laban's "Labanotation", a system for recording human movements.

Results: The notation indicates that halfway through the ballet, a fifth male dancer goes on stage, looks at the other dancers, shrugs his shoulders, and walks away.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A logic puzzle (as published in the [REDACTED] logic puzzle magazine). It describes how five different people completed their driving tests in five different vehicles and made five different mistakes on five different days; As is usual with such logic puzzles, it must be determined which student drove which vehicle and on which day made which mistakes.

Results: It is mentioned that a driving examiner named Fred was present during all of the tests. In the subsequent questioning, SCP-423 was able to correctly indicate which driver had made which mistake in which vehicle on which day. When asked how it knew this, SCP-423 did not explain its logical conclusions, deductions, and inferences the way such puzzles are normally solved, but merely stated that it was "there all along".

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "The Gardens of the Moon" by Steven Erikson

Results: In the Dramatis Personae at the beginning of the book, Reader, a soldier from the bridge burners' unit, and Fred, a Daru regular at the "Phoenix" inn, are also listed. In the second chapter, after the fall of the city of Pale, the bridge burners arriving at Hairlock include a fifth person who has no name and does not speak but can later be identified as a reader. The Soldier Reader is also present in many of the subsequent encounters with the bridge burners. This character does not speak and usually has a book in his hand.

In chapter 5, during Kruppe's dream, he sees a figure within the barracks town of Gadrobi, which reminds him strongly of his friend Fred, whom he recently saw in the "Phoenix" inn. From chapter 6 onwards, Fred is in the "Phoenix" inn.

Interestingly, both Fred and Reader are present as guests at the garden party at Lady Simtal's estate. Figures from the bridge burners as well as from the Daru, from whose perspective the story is told, equally emphasize that the two vaguely resemble each other outwardly. However, apart from these minor changes, the book has the same ending as before.

Upon returning to the diary, SCP-423 merely wrote, "..." when asked about it. After a few minutes it finally wrote, "I'm sorry, that was interesting but exhausting." SCP-423 showed interest in the remaining books in the series. This has been noted and will be considered as a reward for good behavior.

Remarks: "This has proven that 423 can be in multiple locations within the same story, although it seems to tire." - Dr. R. Karma "

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:Candidate multilinear maps by Sanjam Garg, published in 2013 as his PhD thesis.

Results: About 10 seconds after entering, SCP-423 returned to its journal and wrote, "Sorry, there is not enough room for me."

Notes: "It seems 423 needs a story to work with. This has been noted for the future." - Dr. R. Karma

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: The printout of the source code for a simple "Hello World" program in C #

Results: The source code now contains a number of additional comments that lead to confusion about certain aspects of the programming. Upon returning to his diary, SCP-423 said, "This must have been a first."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Head to Toe C # 3rd Edition (First Edition)" by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene

Results: In some examples with named male characters, those characters have been renamed Fred. The puzzles are also all filled out. From about page 100 notes appear here and there. No significant changes are noted until page 698, on which a typographical error was corrected in the Corrections Index for the book. On the following pages, some typing errors and language problems in code fragments and descriptions have been fixed, which, with the exception of the screenshots, corresponded to the errors reported in the correction directory. Upon returning to the diary, SCP-423 reported that this was "fun but unusual".When asked about understanding the language, SCP-423 stated that it could write and understand C # and stated its preference for using Visual Studio.

Remarks: "423 appears to be both capable and interested in learning, provided there is a narrative reason for learning. A possible future experiment could involve trying to transfer it to a computer with no internet connection." - Dr. R. Karma

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Secret of the Ninja (Choose Your Own Adventure # 16)" by Jay Leibold

Results: The character, from whose point of view the story is told, is initially accompanied by a character named Fred, who is another student of the dojo. Some of the selection descriptions that lead to a negative ending for the protagonist and his companions have been modified to include a sentence stating that Fred is not accompanying the protagonist.

Remarks: "423 does not seem to be significantly hampered either by the branched narrative style of the book or the presence of multiple endings." - Researcher ████

Date: ██.██.2015
Test material: A printed copy of an ASCII art reproduction of the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

Results: Any punctuation marks used to simulate the shading of the original work are replaced with the letters "F", "r", "e", and "d" (in upper and lower case).

Remarks: When asked about the extent of its ability to completely modify textual representations on images (as opposed to simply replacing characters), SCP-423 recognized the possibility and replied, "I think so, but I am not a great artist." Further research is recommended.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:SCP-085

Results: Pending O5 approval.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: The frequently asked questions document for the Usenet newsgroup "alt.adjective.noun.verb.verb.verb"

Results: A sentence describing the creation of the newsgroup is added to the section of the document. There it says "alt.anomalous.Fred.perplexed.baffled.moderately-amused".

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: 施 氏 食 狮 史 ("Lion-eating poet in the stone cave") by Yuen Ren Chao. "Lion-Eating Poet" is a 92-character poem in Classical Chinese in which each syllable "shi" is pronounced (albeit with a different sound).

Results: SCP-423 disappeared from the journal but did not manifest within the test document. After 10 minutes, researchers were on the verge of reporting a containment breach when SCP-423 reappeared within its journal and stated that it had "got lost trying to find its way in."

Test material: "World War Z" by Max Brooks. The book consists of several short interview-like stories, which are told from the perspective of the survivors of a zombie apocalypse.

Results: SCP-423 disappeared from the journal, adding the account of a character named Fred who survived in a bookstore on [DATA EXPUNGED] Road in New York. A team was dispatched to investigate the said location.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: Marvel Masterworks: The X-Men Vol. 1 by Stan Lee (author) and Jack Kirby (draftsman). The comic is a standard paperback collection of the first 10 tasks of the comic series "The X-Men".

Results: The collection now contains numerous allusions to Fred Wordsworth, one of the students at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters. This figure is described as a mutant who has the ability to physically enter and change any text, but this power has "made him invisible and untouchable". In Volume 5, the character becomes a secondary member of the X-Men under the alias "Bookworm". The character participates indirectly in several plot points through the use of his abilities. In one case, for example, he distracts a villain by changing nearby characters.

Remarks: It was found that SCP-423 changed certain instances of text in the imagery, but was unable to fully influence other instances upon request. Research has shown that all text that SCP-423 can influence was added by the letterer of the comic (who is solely responsible for adding all of the text in a comic) and not by the Inker (who is solely responsible for completing the illustrations) . Further research is recommended.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: The poem experience by Countee Cullen, describing Cullen's experience of racism against blacks as a child in Baltimore.

Results: The ninth line of the poem is changed from "I saw all of Baltimore" to "Fred showed me all of Baltimore".

Remarks: SCP-423 appears reluctant to portray itself as a perpetrator or victim of racism.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Schlachthof 5" by Kurt Vonnegut. The novel is a semi-autobiographical account of Vonnegut's experiences as an American prisoner of war during the bombing raid on Dresden during the Second World War in 1945.

Results: All mentions of Kurt Vonnegut in the novel, with the exception of the foreword, have been changed to describe SCP-423 (i.e., "That was me. I am responsible. That was the author of the book." This was changed to "That was Fred. I'm not responsible. That was the author of the book. ").

Remarks: Since Kurt Vonnegut himself is not mentioned for large parts of the novel, one could technically call him a "minor character".

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton.

Results: A new member of the "Socs" accompanies Robert during the scene in which Robert is murdered. When Ponnyboy wakes up after trying to drown him, Johnny mentions that an "indescribably handsome" person introduced himself as Fred before slapping Johnny in the face and then "running out like lightning." Upon returning to the journal, SCP-423 remarked, "I know you are recording this and I did not want to ruin the ending for anyone who did not read the book." It must be noted that at the end of the book [REDACTED].

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Fred's Story" by Researcher Torrez, a short narrative specifically written to test the capabilities of SCP-423. The story takes place in a fictional kingdom whose inhabitants are all beautiful women - when the kingdom is attacked by a demonic force, the queen of the kingdom creates a ritual to summon a hero from another dimension to save her. The hero is never given a name, but it is mentioned that he is male and can transfer his consciousness to various made-up stories.

Results: The hero remains nameless and the narrative is not changed, apart from an additional scene in Chapter 2 in which it is said that the name of one of Queen's aides is Frederica. After leaving the narrative, SCP-423 wrote, "I appreciate the offer, but I just can't. I don't deserve to be in the limelight."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "When the Stars Go Out" by Isaac Asimov. This test was not performed with physically printed material, but with a 9.7-inch A█████ K█████ e-reader tablet using electronic paper technology. Electronic paper can maintain a static image indefinitely without electricity and only requires electricity for initial rendering. Once rendered, the image remains as a suspension of pigments in an oily base. The entire story was presented on a single screen in a small font. The wireless function was deactivated prior to the test by physically severing traces on the device's circuit board as a precaution.

Results: Almost instantly, a character named FR-33D is inserted into the third section of the story, responding with a single line of dialogue to another character's comment on the speed with which humans populate the galaxy. SCP-423 later noted, "Great story, but what was it? It felt ... strange. It was very easy to move through - not at all uncomfortable. It felt like something was 'below' this story if that makes sense. Can we do this more often? "

Remarks: "It is unclear whether SCP-423 'moved' through the internal circuitry of the device or simply through the physical pigment-in-oil suspension of the electronic paper material. Changes occurred much more quickly than tests with ink on paper. Others Testing with other substrates and form factors is recommended. Electronic paper appears to resemble printed material closely enough to be compatible with SCP-423. What else could be compatible? Text painted on a wall? Sewn into fabric? Written with icing on a cake ? " - Dr. ██████

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:When a traveler on a winter night by Italo Calvino, a metafictional novel about interrupted and unfinished stories, half of which is a second person narrative describing the reader's increasingly frantic attempts to obtain and read a copy of "When A Traveler Is On A Winter Night" only to find that each copy is flawed in that every other chapter is from a different imaginary novel and the other half of the above chapters are from imaginary novels.

Results: In that section where the main character angrily sends the faulty copy of the novel back to the bookseller, hoping either to get a proper copy or to find the continuation of the chapter of the imaginary novel, another angry customer named Fred tells the bookseller : "If this is supposed to be a joke, then it's not funny."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: An edition of "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust, which is considered to be one of the longest invented stories ever and in which all seven volumes have been combined in one book, with all information relating to different volumes being removed.

Results: After a few minutes, Fred appears only in the first three volumes: On the way to Swann, In the shadow of a young girl's bloom and The world of the Guermantesbefore no more references pertaining to him appear. Upon returning to the diary, SCP-423 showed feelings of surprise and said, “Great story, but I took a quick look at how long it was going and Wow, that's long. I'll have to go back to this. "

Remarks: Coupled with the Erikson test mentioned above, this could be an indicator that SCP-423 has an upper limit on the length of the works in which it can manifest.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:SCP-3450, printed on standard computer paper.

Results: Investigations were banned by O5-█.

Remarks: SCP-423 learned of this test after it was banned because Young Investigator █████████ accidentally left a notepad near SCP-423's diary in which he expressed his disappointment at the rejection of the test . SCP-423 wrote, "I saw the irony in interacting with self-inserting fanfiction."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "Of Mice and Men" by John Steinbeck.

Results: A character named Freddy appears in several places in the book. He works as a farm helper on the ranch. The narrator describes him as a "man whose beauty is all the more evident compared to the other workers on the ranch, since he is not yet so worn out." His biggest appearance is in the passage where George Milton and Lennie Small first come to the ranch. As he walks past the two main characters, he comments on Lennie's height, noting that he "looks like a bull that has learned to walk on his hind legs."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: 300 toy building blocks for children.

Result: No changes.

Remarks: The result of this test is quite ambiguous. Did SCP-423 understand the letters on the building blocks as images rather than text? Could it only affect one building block and did it "not have enough space"? Or can it simply not affect this form of writing? More research like this needs to be done.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:SCP-2236. SCP-2236 was used to examine texts known to have been influenced by SCP-423.

Result: The first texts examined showed no changes. In later examined texts, as soon as they were checked using SCP-2236, references to SCP-423 in the text were interpreted as descriptions of "Fred", who tried to disguise and prevent surveillance. Upon returning to the diary, a comment appeared saying, "That was rude." Once examined using SCP-2236, this comment became a series of curse words.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A diary with "Mary has a little lamb" written in invisible ink.

Result: Just like the last time "Mary has a little lamb" was used. SCP-423 manifested itself in the invisible ink. When asked if SCP-423 had noticed the changed ink, it admitted that the document appeared slightly different to it.

Remarks: It appears that SCP-423 is able to sense specific patterns and differences between texts. This explains his adherence to story-specific restrictions. This is confirmed by this experiment.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A copy of the Voynich manuscript

Result: After five minutes, during which the text did not change, SCP-423 stated that the subject was at such a high level on a technical level that SCP-423 could no longer understand anything. Still, SCP-423 stated that the images in the Voynich manuscript appear to match the captions below.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A printout from a Wikipedia page about the Poincaré conjecture

Result: The only place SCP-423 manifested was in one of the bibliographies. SCP-423 reported that due to a lack of knowledge of the Poincaré Conjecture, it could not find a good place to appear. Nevertheless, it was impressed by Poincaré's mathematical skills.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material:Metaphors by Sylvia Plath, a nine-line poem in which each line is a nine-syllable metaphor on the same subject.

Result: No changes. After SCP-423 returned to its journal, it stated, "Whatever she's doing in here, it's too crowded. There is no room for me. I actually believe I shouldn't be in here. It is in a way Way private. " It then refused to comment on it.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A copy of the screenplay for "Inception" by Christopher Nolan

Result: SCP-423 appeared as a minor character in the film, appearing in a few dreams as well as in the limbo state. It adhered to the upper and lower case of the script ("FRED") and always put its name in the middle of the page as soon as it appeared, with a spoken text following its name each time. SCP-423 stated that it enjoyed the script to the utmost, although it was somewhat puzzled by the terms "FADE OUT" and "CREDITS" as this was the first time it had dealt with a script.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: The lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

Result: In verses 2 and 3 "mama" was replaced by "Frederica". SCP-423 did not seem to know that it was a song and not a poem. It appears that SCP-423 does not have all of the information, but enough not to disrupt the flow of a poem or song and meet the standards set by a story.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: 50 Shades of Gray by E.L. James

Result: A minor character named "Fred" appeared in the background. SCP-423 stated that the adult scenes in the book felt a little uncomfortable and requested that the next time they be sent into stories with more adventure and action.

Remarks: It appears that SCP-423 also has a preference for certain books; this is the first time it has dealt with a sexually adult book, so this situation was overwhelming for it.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "This is the title of this story, which is also found several times in the story itself" by David Moser, a metafictional story about self-referentiality.

Result: Several additional sentences appear throughout the story, including "This is the sentence Fred appears in," "This is not the sentence Fred appears in," and "This sentence indicates Fred's presence, but actually includes Fred Not."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: Written by Doctor X██, a list of 100 fictional people doing things in different places at the same time, along with a final, comprehensive statement of how each one of them contributed to the tragedy.

Result: The purpose of this test was to determine if there is an upper limit to the amount of places SCP-423 can be in a book at one time. Only 83 of the 100 fictional people mentioned "Fred". The tragedy was not prevented in the end. SCP-423 noted that it was too exhausted after going through 83 different points in history.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: The file from SCP-055

Result: Not clear. SCP-423 stated that it was not sure what it was doing. Just be aware of the fact that something is not spherical. The researchers soon forgot what kind of assignment they had given SCP-423.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: The experimental data from SCP-2719 (designation "SCP-2719") with no results listed and with an additional entry about "SCP-423" below, also with no results listed.

Result: The data ended up being identical to the real file from SCP-2719. SCP-423's conclusion was, "Got inside." When asked, SCP-423 replied that it was merely observing what was happening to each entity, even though SCP-2719 is an abstract, metaphysical concept. It also somehow experienced the feeling of getting inside, although it had no knowledge of 2719. With 2719 and 423 further tests need to be done.

Annotation: It appears that abstract entities that do manifest have the same effect on SCP-423 as any normal person, even when SCP-423 has no idea what is happening. It also seems that, based on what has already happened, it can fill in the gaps.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: Test protocol 914 - Part II

Result: A record appeared in the Test Logs, Part 8 of an experiment conducted by "Guest Scientist Fred" with the rest of the data locked for that experiment.


Test material:The history of Homo Sapiens in abbreviated form by history analysis subroutine # 7589372357286473-NFIZ

Results: SCP-423 is described under the heading "Unknown Periods" as a humanoid with no special features who screams into an infinite white void and writhes incoherently. Upon return, SCP-423 showed signs of prolonged exposure to weak time, suggesting that SCP-423 still understands the fabric of time in a manner similar to that of organic beings.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A titleless, 50,000-page "story" written for this test, generated by randomization and bound by the rules of grammar and sentence structure.

Result: The phrase "Joshua went to the diagonal party without his safety ants." was by "Joshua went to the diagonal party without his security Fred." replaced.

Remarks: SCP-423 noted that the feeling of being in this document was similar to experiencing dreams in other stories while sleeping.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A printout of the script of the computer game "The Secret of Monkey Island". The result was scanned by laser and the raw text was compiled into a work program after checking for anomalies.

Results: An NPC named Fred appears near a small building on the pier on Melee Island. If you speak to him, the player is shown a dialog tree. When asked about his backstory, it is revealed that he tried to become a pirate but failed. It is necessary to include him in the ship's crew, since he participates in the mutiny in the second chapter. Subsequent cut scenes show him as part of the crew.

Remarks: Returning to the journal, SCP-423 noted, "It was like a book where you can choose your own path through history. Let me know when you find more of these."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A Million Random Digits with 100,000 Normal Deviates (published by Rand Corporation, 1955)

Result: The addition of a foreword by Dr. Frederick McCarthy explaining the statistical methodology used to generate the numbers in the book.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: The story arc "Location, Location, Location" from the first print collection by "Precocious". Precocious is a webcomic in which all characters are anthropomorphic animals. None of the dialogues in that particular story say anything about what species it is. The aim of the test is to see if 423 illustrations can "feel".

Results: Mr. Crupp states that the father of an offscreen family is Fred. Upon returning to the diary, SCP-423 was asked if the cast of this story was human. SCP-423 replied that they were animals and that he had manifested himself as an arctic fox. When asked why it took this form, SCP-423 replied, "That was the most inconspicuous species available."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: The entire script of William Shakespeare's "Hamlet".

Results: In Act 1, Scene 2, a figure named "Frederick" sneezes during King Claudius' speech. Hamlet laughs. No further changes could be found.

Notes: When asked about this, SCP-423 replied, "I was a little bored while making the speech."

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: Field Agent Scott Pinkerton's personnel file.

Results: The text about the agent's recruitment into the SCP Foundation was named by a person Security Guard Fred added, who is said to have kept watch during the preliminary interview with Pinkerton. No other changes were found.

Remarks: During Agent Scott's interview with the Foundation, none of the security personnel who would match the named name were on the job.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "The Essential Calvin and Hobbes: A Calvin and Hobbes Treasury" by Bill Watterson

Results: In those picture panels of the picture story in which Calvin and Hobbes talk about the 'pasta incident', a child named Fred is mentioned incidentally, who witnessed this incident. In a panel after Calvin's mother attended a parent-teacher conference, Calvin fears that Fred 'told her everything'.

Remarks: When asked about the noodle incident, SCP-423 said, "Okay, my memory of it is hazy, but I definitely remember noodles being a part of it, as did Calvin."

Attachment:In other words, we still [REDACTED] all about the noodle incident. It would be wrong to say that I am a little disappointed ... I am // deeply disappointed. - Doctor Margin //

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A short story written by Dr. R███, about a fictional man who asks some other characters to write a computer program in C # and then in Java during an interview.

Results: A character named Fred takes part and does both tasks without any problems.

Remarks: When SCP-423 was asked about its proficiency in writing a program in Java, although there was no prior indication that it could do it, SCP-423 said that it "kind of just knew how to do it." When asked if it could write another program in Java, SCP-423 said no. The ability to perform a task that it doesn't know how to do it is believed to be similar to the temporary ability to cast spells in the Harry Potter book series, but not outside of it.

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: The lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen

Results: The words "Mama, just killed a man, Put a gun against his head, Pulled my trigger, now he's dead" are replaced by "Mama, almost killed a man, Put a gun against poor Fred, but I failed since he's not dead . "

Remarks: Haven't we tried this already? -Dr. █████

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: "1984" by George Orwell, known alias of Eric A. Blair

Results: The man, previously referred to as "bug-like" in the canteen, is instead called Fred by Winston, who "works somewhere in the narrow aisles of the Department of Surplus". Later in the novel, Winston reflects on the fact that he "hasn't seen Fred in the canteen in a few months". No other changes were found.

Remarks: SCP-423 apparently returned to the journal almost instantly, writing that it would "take a minute" before any questions could be asked. After about 3.5 hours it explained its answer with another, see transcript below:

I apologize for taking so long. It ... I could see the stifling logic in Orwell's system, and how monumental was the oppression it created. The book was watching me ... Please, I never want to do that again. At least had Animal farm more places to hide.

Attachment:This adds // 1984 to the list of novels that we may use for punitive purposes. We also now know that SCP-423 came into contact with other novels prior to containment. It would be worthwhile to conduct a full list of these novels through questioning or other means. After all, he made it easy for us because his novel begins with the letter A. // - Dr. Szczepański

Date: ██.██.████
Test material: A printout of the game script for "Persona 5". The result was scanned with a laser scanner and the raw text was exported to a work file after checking for anomalies.

Results: After the main character wakes up in the Velvet Room for the first time, a character named Fred appears in Cafe Leblanc. Additional sprites and models for him give him the look of a blond young man in a blue uniform. When spoken to, he introduces himself as the Velvet Room record holder and explains that he will be following your trip with great interest. Fred appears in several places in the game. Talking to him will start a brief conversation about his thoughts on your journey so far, especially the recent happenings in the game. He is not noticed by any characters until the last palace, where he appears in the Velvet Room after Igor's release. A short scene is added where he explains that he could not return to the Velvet Room until Igor was freed.

Remarks: The same experiment with Persona 5 Royal (an expanded and improved version of the game) produced almost identical results. The only difference is that Fred talks about new events and characters in the game and appears in the plot of the 3rd semester.