Why did yog become yoga?

What is yoga

Yoga and Discipline

Yoga is an ancient art that teaches how to lead a balanced, healthy and self-disciplined life. It is based on the simple foundation: "simple living and lofty thinking". Let's go back a hundred years and feel the real yog (the word yoga came from yog).

The roots of yoga

Yoga comes from India and is called the Gurukula system ('Guru' means teacher, 'Kula means home'). This system was based on the tradition that a student could live, learn and work with his or her guru (teacher). Parents took their children to the asrama (place of spiritual learning) when they were eight years old and they stayed there for twelve years, during which they learned the yogic discipline: yoga asanas, karma yoga, meditation techniques and pranayama. The children were treated like family members and so it was normal for them to help in the asrama. Some students chopped the wood for the fire, another helped the Guru mi household. In principle, the students were expected to do whatever is necessary for the Asrama and the family. This is how yoga was taught in India many years ago.

The goal of yoga

When the water in the lake is calm, you can see down to the bottom. This is not possible if the surface is moved by waves. We practice yoga to keep our mind still without thoughts or desires. Then you can see the "self". That is the goal of yoga.

The message of yoga

The message of yoga is to know our true nature: joy. It is eternal (permanent, endless, infinite).

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