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Parx feat. Nonô - Feel Right Now

This is what "Axel F" 2020 sounds like!

Written by: Manuel Probst, on June 9th, 2020
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"Feel Right Now" by Parx feat. Nonô.

Who does not know the legendary theme song from the classic film "Beverly Hills Cop"? Harold Faltermeyer even conquered the top 3 of the Billboard charts with “Axel F”. Since then, the unmistakable theme has been taken up anew in numerous cover versions. Now Parx has successfully transported it to the present day, who together with singer Nonô released the single “Feel Right Now” on Parlaphone on May 29th.

Parx feat. Nonô

Behind Parx is the aspiring DJ and music producer Alex Cramp, who comes from London. Since 2016 he has been regularly releasing new tracks on labels such as Perfect Havoc and Minstry Of Sound, which have so far reached more than 10 million Spotify streams. The most successful was the song “Sunrise”, which together with Kattison has over 4.6 million streams on Spotify. With his fashionable and musical weakness for the 80s, which flows into his appearance and his productions, Parx hits the nerve of the times. For his latest prank, he brought the singer Nonô on board, who originally comes from Rio De Janeiro and now lives in London. With their genre mix of modern pop grooves and their Brazilian roots, their fan base is growing steadily.

Feel right now

Parx says he is not only a fan of action films with comedy elements, but also counts the Beverlly Hills Cop trilogy among the best movies in the genre. For him, this also includes the selection of fashion in the film setting and the world-famous theme song. For the artist, “Axel F” was not just a mere soundtrack, it was a global hit that opened countless doors for electro-pop at the time. In “Feel Right Now” he uses the catchy tune as an intro before Nonô starts the stanzas. Their lascivious vocals embed themselves perfectly in the piano-heavy arrangement, which is convincing with its symbiosis of classic and contemporary dance sounds. The Axel F theme is the common thread between the different passages and, after the concise chorus, plays the main role in the drop, which bounces not least due to its fat bassline.

Conclusion: With “Feel Right Now” Parx is reviving one of the most famous film themes, with a finger on the pulse of the times. With massive house tunes, it invites you to dance in the living room. Nonô puts the crown on the high-quality production, which impresses with great attention to detail, with their unique singing. The dance track has now reached over 200,000 Spotify plays, which doesn't surprise us. A hot recommendation for fans of current music and DJs, be sure to listen!


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