Pirates had tattoos

71 pirate and sailor tattoos: picture gallery

Tattoos inspired by pirates are a type of tattoo that has many devotees around the world. This style immediately evokes images of unruliness, freedom and adventure in the majority of people. Make yourself comfortable in the sea with our picture gallery of pirates. There are no sharks here!

Pirates are the group of sailors who were engaged in piracy with the maritime practice of looting and raiding. In traditional piracy, one vessel attacks another in the international zone of the seas to rob property and determine the fate of the crew.

But in the accounts of cruel realities there has always been something romantic about the concept of pirates, something that has fed our imaginations for centuries. The pirate tattoos are good evidence of this.

"Pirate" is a Latin word that means "sea and adventure", but not the only word that refers to the wild sailors. Other terms that have become very popular over the years are for example "corsairs" or "pirates". No matter what term we use here, images of adventure and sea voyages will arise in people's minds.

Pirate tattoos are often combined with designs such as ships, sparrows, seagulls, and anchors. Although the most common element to be found is the dreaded pirate flag, generally depicted as a black flag with a white skull and crossed bones or sabers. This is often the favorite of the sympathizers, as it probably captures and symbolizes the essence of the style.

These tattoos are worn by both sexes, although more men than women generally flaunt them. Usually they can be found in the arm, back and chest area, where they can be realized with black ink as well as any other color.

If you want to get a tattoo, always go to a professional tattoo artist as it is far too good to put your own skin and health at risk. It is better to invest a little time in the search in order to get the best result.

In this picture you can see a typical pirate scene: a sailing boat on the sea. The sky was also tattooed.

Ships and pirates are one of the most popular motifs. In this picture you don't see a pirate because they are inside the ship. The image is medium in size and has been tattooed on the side, a place that is particularly popular with men.



Which parts of the body are tattooed?

Often times these designs are engraved on any part of the body, but the arms and forearms, back and chest are probably the most popular areas.

More men or more women?Men make up 80% of the people who get such a tattoo.
What size?There are usually no small ones because they are medium in size. However, some motifs can also cover the entire back.
What is the symbolism or meaning of these tattoos?The symbolism of these tattoos can be very different. For one thing, they mean looting, injury and murder. On the other hand, they can also stand for freedom, adventure and dreams.

What does a girl think of these designs?

In this section, we are not the majority of girls when it comes to deciding on a tattoo of this style. The designs of the pirates and privateers are more associated with the male sex. I would, however, like to see a girl interpret a tattoo with these personalities as protagonists.