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Black was only available in pink

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"When dawn woke with rose fingers [...]." - Homer, The Odyssey

Rouge Hermès was the first gesture of Hermès Beauté, the new profession of the house, which is entirely dedicated to beauty. Now the curtain is opening for Rose Hermès: a collection consisting of Rose Hermès Silky Blush in eight color nuances, two brushes, a leather pouch for pommette for powder blush and three naturally accentuating Rosy Lip Perfectors. The refillable and long-lasting beauty objects open a new chapter for Hermès Beauté.While blush adds color to Hermès with a single stroke, rose is Hermèsthe color of a sensitive and radiant presence. It is the nuanced continuation of a story that has told of open, delicate and sensual as well as fresh, intense and electric shades of pink since the establishment of the house.

Photo credits: © Studio des Fleurs

Hermès, an abundance of pink

In addition to the creations of the house, the objects in the Musée Émile Hermès also tell of the color pink: Azalée, Ancien, Baiser, Bleu, Blush, Bougainvillée, Bubinga, Buvard, Cendré, Corail, Cassata, Confetti, Craie, Cyclamen, Delirium, Extrême, d'Été, Feu, Flamand, Fuchsia, India, Jaïpur, Magnolia, Ombré, Plume, Poivré, Pommette, Mexique, Opale, Peau d'ange, Pétale, Persan, Poudré, Pourpre, Sable, Sakura, Shéhérazade, Shocking, Tan or Thé ... Intense pink whips up. Rose caresse adorns the interior of the model of a romantic carriage that bears the lovely name “Dormeuse”: here the pink silk is an invitation to dream, to the gentle rhythm of the galloping horses.

Rose Abricot: Pink orange, like the velvety fruit under the sun, light to bite into.

Rose Blush: Pink mixed with coral. The freshness of a hawthorn bush on a new morning.

The color literally glows when it meets yellow, blue and red tones. As in a Degas painting, the jockey blouses made by Hermès between 1902 and 1985 reflect the innumerable nuances of horse races. Let's open the order books, let's revive the jockeys and amazons. They distinguish their blousons and matching riding helmets from one another: wisteria-colored silk for Miss P., pink and white for Lady M. At Hermès, pink is the emotion of the dawning day, a signature that combines gentleness, liveliness and courage. It can be found in Eugénie, the Empress of France, both on the curious parasol riding crop and on the inside of her hunting cartridge belt made of Russian leather. In the 1930s, it gave the coat Douceur his special aura and the blouse Riviera a colorful presumption. Pink is suitable for all types of role-playing games. From the pale “Cuisse de nymphe” (nymph legs) to the expressive “Cherry”, pink gives the objects a supernatural presence. This applies to the Art Deco table with stingray leather marquetry as well as to the chamois-tanned children's saddle that was shipped from 24, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré to Pennsylvania and later back again: after she used the saddle at the age of nine Miss W. wanted this gift to return to the magical world of the Musée Émile Hermès. Rosa found its way into Hermès in the spring of 1961 as the wool blazer Azalea Color familiar: on display in shop windows, the color became famous thanks to the garment's instant success.

Rose Feu: purple hibiscus, extravagant, intense, warmed up with a hint of carmine red.

Rose Nuit: The sensuality of a night under bougainvilleas. A deep pink, with a slight bluish tinge that shimmers under the moonlight.

In the 1980s, pink was presented in intense shades and just as silky as the Hermès-Carrés - vonLa Fabrique des rubans up toThéâtre d’ombres - to which it gave color. The pink was now increasingly nomadic and shaped by wanderlust: Magenta tones from the Mexican lagoon of Las Coloradas join the fiery pink from Bengal. In 2021, pink will return in a natural way: charming, playful, with a feminine and masculine character. It is a chameleon that evolves and renews itself through history. Pink is the essence of Hermès, the inspiring elixir that breathes life into Hermès Beauté.

Rose Ombré: Heavenly peony, a delicate pink with light and dark contrasts between color and shade.

Rose Plume: Soft rosé, a misty pastel shade with a slight blue cast.

Rose Hermès Silky Blush

While red draws a clear line, pink is more diffuse and almost imperceptible. Red is a signature, pink, on the other hand, stands for the fleeting, the just blossomed sensation. It is more of a chromatic dream than a clear or predetermined color. A palette of shades that suggest contours without allowing them to freeze. Pink enlivens the face and gives it movement. Ephemeral, changeable and almost blurred: Rose Hermès fits all metamorphoses. It can be mixed, shaded, intensified. It is life itself because it reveals the emotions. "

- Jérôme Touron, Creative Director for Hermès Beauté

Pink is joy turned into color. The color that gives substance to emotions and creates a connection between the visible and the invisible. It's the aura of the complexion. By emphasizing the facial features, Rose Hermès Silky Blush directly underlines the personality. It makes the inner light shine like a silky touch. A powder blush of emotion that makes the complexion glow.

Rose Pommette: Bright pink, the color of emotion on the cheeks.

Rose Tan: Tropical bouquet, a slightly tanned golden pink, like sun-kissed skin.

The object

Design is the meeting of necessity and imagination. Objects need to be part of a project that goes beyond them and outweighs their usefulness. The lipstick has turned into a palette. The golden ex-libris indicates a reading direction, an orientation for the eye before the finger grasps it. The white powder compact and the black frame highlight the powder blush. The slight shift in the mirror conveys femininity and playful dynamism. When the object is closed, the sound of a secret can be heard. It's quieter than Rouge Hermès and represents the transition from the abstract to the sensual. This is not simply a matter of 'packaging'. Rather, it is an object that is both desirable and discreet: an announcement, a promise, an accommodation. "

Pierre Hardy, Creative Director for Shoes, Jewelry and High Jewelery at Hermès

Rose Hermès Silky Blush breaks with convention with the round case with an eccentrically offset mirror. With the concave ex-libris created by Émile Hermès in 1923, it looks like a flat pebble of white-gold light and permabrass. Pierre Hardy designed this special everyday object, which is characterized by its lightness and is therefore ideal for on the go - whether in the morning or in the evening.

The orange box and packaging made of recycled paper contain the epitome of a Hermès object: its use is a gesture of beauty. The powder jar is sustainable and can be refilled by simply replacing the powder jar.

Material freedom

There is a material similarity between powder and silk: they have the same delicacy, the same softness and the same shine. The surface of the powder blush, which is finely striped like silk twill, is reminiscent of this connection. "

- Jérôme Touron

With its shape, the powder jar is reminiscent of round apple cheeks. The silk twill structure was adopted from the Hermès-Carré: It gives the 75,000 colors of Hermès silk their freshness, their intensity and their glow. Airy and compact at the same time, the texture of Rose Hermès Silky Blush unfolds like a band of light. From dawn to warm sand nuances, it lets the cheeks shine with a rediscovered gesture and dresses the face with the rose-colored glow of a carefree feeling. Whether fading or as a clear contour: the delicately melting powder blush remains free and weightless.

The complexion is tinted transparently. The heart of the formula is a mineral powder that eliminates all gravity and materiality. Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect and combines the perfect finish with an individually adjustable coverage, from natural to sophisticated. Rose Hermès Silky Blush is a long-lasting powder blush that sticks to the skin from the first touch. A pink accomplice whose presence can be reinforced or reduced with just one gesture. Rose Hermès Silky Blush is declined in different notes along a chromatic and olfactory score: A new fragrance created by Christine Nagel for Rouge Hermès reveals notes of arnica and sandalwood, to which green tea aromas give a special touch.

A touch of color

Hermès silk and pink tones have the same sensuality and delicacy because of their nuances. Thanks to the sophistication of its hues and texture, pink creates a lively and radiant beauty, a deliberately underlined naturalness. Because what couldbe more feminine and beautiful than pink cheeks? In the world of Hermès colors, pink can express optimism, femininity, gentleness or absolute intensity, depending on the tonality. It has a calming or stimulating effect, delicate or fiery: our extensive color library includes oneinfinite variety of pink tones. From pale red to incarnate - every season, new nuances enrich the wide range of colors. "

- Bali Barret

In an effort to express beauty with one gesture every day, Rose Hermès Silky Blush weaves its colors in silk. Tender, special and diverse. Eight shades of pink that seem to spring from a watercolor palette. They are the light that illuminates every moment, they remind us of spring-like gardens and endless summer days of our childhood.

The gesture of light

Applied freely, Rose Hermès Silky Blush underlines the mood and the contours of the face. Thanks to its ultra-light texture, the silky powder blush can be dosed well - just as you like.

Magic apple cheeks: Apply to the cheekbones in circular motions. Use in daylight for a naturally fresh result.

Model the contours: For a sophisticated effect, apply from the cheekbones to the temples.

Refresh the complexion: Apply light brushstrokes on the bridge of the nose and below the cheekbones to revitalize the complexion.

© Jean-Marie Binet

Accessories as accomplices

Blush brush

The lacquered wooden handle and the clamp made of brushed metal make it an extraordinary object. The goat hair was brought together by hand by a French brush maker. An object that gives everyday life a noble touch and enables particularly gentle application on the skin.

Travel blush brush

The object, with a handle made of white lacquer and brushed gold, allows the right amount of powder blush to be applied to the skin: the color blends into transparency. Thanks to its generous, beveled shape, the travel blush brush gently adapts to the contours of the

Face. Its small size and the resilient, easy-to-clean synthetic fibers make it the ideal travel companion.

Pommette leather pouch for powder blush

Rose Hermès Silky Blush and the travel blush brush can be easily stowed away in the circular case, specially designed for the world of Hermès Beauté. The adjustable strap allows it to be carried over the shoulder. With its inside and outside made of Madame calfskin in Rose Extrême, the accessory presents itself in a tailor-made look.

Rose Hermès Rosy Lip Perfector

This Rosy Lip Perfector is gentle, subtle, gradually diffuse and translucent. He embodies the feeling of pink. ”- Jérôme Touron

A touch of pink roams the sky. The childhood of the world lies between the sketch and the beginning. A new morning begins with the first pink. A deep and billowing rose shine that shines from within. The smile turns into laughter, shines. In the freshness of a dateless present, pink embraces all times. It immediately beautifies and moisturizes: The

Rosy Lip Perfector underlines the natural lip color and embodies the spirit of Hermès Beauté. A natural gesture is enough to make your lips shine.

An object of beauty

The colored ribbon, the signature of Rouge Hermès, is presented in a new color: in matt lacquered pink, it extends the golden cylinder and is a color echo of the pink of the Rosy Lip Perfector, which shimmers in the light. The Rosy Lip Perfector is presented in an orange box with packaging made of untreated recycled paper and a bag made of natural linen. The Rosy Lip Perfector is refillable and therefore a sustainable object.

A texture as delicate as candle wax

The transparent, nourishing Rosy Lip Perfector combines with the color of the lips and gives them a matt shine. It reveals the emotions of its wearer: delicate, unique, universal. It contains an exclusive extract from the white mulberry tree (Morus alba L.) and underlines the natural beauty of the lips. The effect is that of a soft, delicately melting wax that lays almost imperceptibly on the lips. This texture is inspired by the surface of the butler calfskin developed by Hermès in 2012, the name of which sounds a bit like “butter” - but the suppleness, its soft and rich feel and the full handle also harmonize with this image. Butler calfskin is often used for bags in natural leather colors - as well as for the timelessly elegant Constance. Its waxy texture was the inspiration for the Rosy Lip Perfector. The pink balm is reminiscent of another tradition that is still alive: In the Hermès leather workshops, the bag makers coat the linen thread with warm kneaded beeswax so that it remains well protected when the saddlery seams are made.

Reflective color

Rose abricoté

The lightest shade. Reminds the morning freshness.

Rose d'Été

The most flowery shade, gentle and fresh at the same time.

Rose tan

The warmest shade with amber nuances, for lips that have been kissed by the sun.

The Rosy Lip Perfector collection includes three shades of pink from light to dark, which capture the freshness of the color with a transparent touch and enrich it with a soft, sunny shimmer. Three shades of pink for a radiant smile.

The caring gesture

The bevelled and slightly curved shape enables precise and generous use. The Rosy Lip Perfector envelops the lips with a moisturizing, nourishing and wafer-thin film and is barely noticeable. The contained raspberry seed oil and sesamin have a repairing effect: The lips are fresh, soft and smooth thanks to the addition of mineral powders, which give a matt, light-diffusing finish. The feeling of gentleness is underlined by the olfactory echo signed by Christine Nagel with accords of sandalwood, arnica and angelica.

The Rose Hermès collection will be available from April 15th in Hermès stores and online through the website.


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