Will snowboarding hurt

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So you are now motivated to start snowboarding, be it thanks to the Olympic Games or a Jeep advertisement - you are on your way to the mountains and ready for your first snowboard trip. Excitement, stoke, fear, nerves, .. basically everything at the same time.

Of course we are the first to assure you that this is the beginning of a journey that you will not soon forget. If you do it right (and survive unharmed), you will very likely be on fire for the rest of your life. Congratulations: endless financial destruction, gloomy summers and knees that literally crumble waiting for you, but it will all be worth it a thousand times when you drop into a beautiful pow line again.

But for anyone who catches snowboard fever, there are ten more who try it for a week or less, find it too cold / wet / painful, and hang up on the snowboard. We want less of it! We want more people who are inspired by sliding down the slope on a snowboard.

To avoid that, we've put together a few mistakes that many beginners like to make. Are you an experienced shredder yet? Help your buddy and send it to friends who are just getting started - this could be a shred partner for life!


I can teach myself that

Do you want to save money and learn by yourself? Sure, it also worked for the forefathers of snowboarding, only they didn't have ski lifts and full slopes to deal with.

The very worst idea is to force your significant other or family member to teach you - an emotional breakdown awaits - while you cucumber on the slopes and he / she waits for you to pick yourself up after the 18th tomahawk . Don't make it worse and tell them, 'Go on without me ..'

Instead, it makes a lot more sense to bring someone in to do it professionally. You know, someone who spends every goddamn day teaching beginners.


Save on equipment

"Ah go, it'll be fine! I also walk from the apartment to the bus in winter, I don't mind the cold. ”They say and leave the hut, dressed in jeans and a couple of hoodies.

Just as you shouldn't wear too much on the mountain, it's no better to be wet and freezing while trapped in a blizzard with nothing but a cheap Shell Jacket from Sports Direct. A decent jacket and pants designed for snow is the key to success.

While you don't need the absolute top board to get started, it's not a good idea to ask the rental staff if there's 'something cheaper in the back room', miser.


Don't bend your knees

If you don't bend your knees, the center of the mass will rise and increase the likelihood of falling.

If you don't bend your knees, you won't be able to keep your edge tidy and you will increase the chance of falling.

If you don't bend your knees, you won't be able to cushion hills and mounds and you will increase the likelihood of falling.

Bend your knees.


To fixate on black slopes

"Yeah, I definitely ONLY skied black slopes in Val D’Isare" is not a sentence you hear from someone who actually snowboards well. Just because someone somehow brings their way down a black track (falling more than driving) does not qualify them for the next X Games.

Making the difficulty levels of the slopes an obsession is pointless - you should strive to challenge yourself in terms of steepness, of course, but always stay in control. Instead of avoiding all the red slopes all week, just ask a local in the bar (or your teacher) which ones are easy enough to start with.


Too early, wanting too much ...

Friday afternoon is pretty busy in the snow park - after a week on the mountain, some gradually dare to try the smaller kicker, while others yell: 'Fuck it, I'm going home tomorrow anyway!' And throw themselves uncontrollably over the XL kicker line .

Of course, you have to push yourself, but be reasonable - there's no point in trying 180s when you obviously can't get enough pop to even make it over the knuckle. A nice straight air that you have well under control feels a lot better than blindly plunging yourself into ruin.


... but are afraid of trying something new

Likewise, you shouldn't be afraid to try new things. When someone in the group is more experienced (and by experienced, we mean someone who actually knows what they're doing - not someone who knows how to show off well at the bar during aprés) says that the next bit off the slopes is good is driving, trust him instead of sliding past it and then hitting him below. Snowboarding is an adventure - be adventurous!


To be afraid of bombing the flat base

The Rocker Revolution did a lot of great things for snowboarding, but it left beginners with a never-ending fear of the flat base.

It's okay, trust us. Those who know how to do it right will assure you that one of the greatest fun can be had bombing flat base down a hill. The only obstacle is the fear of it happening, which brings us to the next point in a moment ...


Be afraid of hurting yourself

If you learn to snowboard you will likely to hurt. If you are about to get 'good' at snowboarding, you will definitely hurt.

It's worth it, and if you don't have any pain anywhere after a day on the mountain, you haven't hung yourself into it hard enough.


Don't stretch the muscles

As you learn to snowboard, you will be using muscles that you probably didn't even know existed before.

Your arms will ache from lifting yourself up, your chest will ache from jerking your arms around, and your neck will ache from being twisted. Take a minute when you come down the mountain to properly stretch as many muscles as possible, at least 30 seconds for each.

The good thing is, you can have tea / beer and watch TV meanwhile, really!