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Meghan Markle: Royal Expert: "We lost her within a week"

Has Meghan Markle been misunderstood by the public? Yes, says Sean Smith, who is presenting a new book called "Meghan Misunderstood".

© Splashnews.com Meghan Markle doesn't have it easy as a woman at Prince Harry's side.

Duchess Meghan, 39, was "a very serious person" before she met Prince Harry, 36, says Sean Smith on the UK talk show "Lorraine". By this he means Markle's career as an actress and her commitment to the common good. But these positive aspects of her person quickly faded into the background, notes Smith.

Meghan Markle's image changes suddenly after the wedding with Prince Harry

"When I wrote the book, I felt like we actually lost her within a week. It was extraordinary. Here was a woman who went from being a human rights activist to Prince Harry's hot wife in a week," says Smith in the Tv show. He does not specifically name who is responsible for this change. But that is also so obvious: the public, and especially the media. In the end, coverage was one of the main reasons Meghan and Harry pulled out of England and royalty.

What does the future hold for Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan?

"I think they'd be a great addition [to the royal family] if they ever come back. I think everyone would love to see them. They're tremendous," says Smith. But a lot has happened since Harry and Meghan announced their resignation as senior royals. The fronts between them and the palace - and especially with Prince William, 38, and Duchess Catherine, 38 - seem hardened. The couple is also losing sympathy among the people, as surveys from recent months show. "I don't think there's a chance they'll work full-time as royals in the future," says Smith. A compromise would be possible, he says, adding that it takes two sides.

As part of the Megxit deal, Harry, William, Prince Charles, 71, and Queen Elizabeth, 94, will get back together in the spring of 2021. Then it will be discussed how the time has passed for all parties since the exit of the Sussexes. Fans and the media will be watching with excitement whether they get the royals closer or further apart.

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