What is your preferred non-profit radio station


What is the difference between you and "ordinary" radio stations?

Actually a matter of course, but let's say it again: Ernst.FM is not a normal radio station. We do some things differently than you might be used to. That's because we can't really make up our minds: We like investigative reports as much as we like pippi-poop jokes. We want to pair sophisticated entertainment and information with embarrassing foolishness. We are a bunch of editors whose interests sometimes reach into the most remote and absurd niches. And because we're so damn subversive and different and revolutionary and independent and fuck-the-establishment, we made up our minds not to go without all of that.

But okay, take one more step back: Despite all the rebellion, we naturally want to create an appealing program with which we can reach you, our listeners. And that is naturally difficult if you design your program too chaotically and without a profile. Imagine you're standing in the shower and accompanying your favorite song with a blaring falsetto voice like an aria (if you don't recognize yourself in this scene, throw the first bar of soap!). And then suddenly our favorite editor Martin comes on your radio and throws a 50-minute interview about the exposure of porpoises to underwater noise between your feet. Sure, that is quite the mood. And that's why we thought about the following for you: We have divided our program into a stream and an on-demand offer.

The Stream is as you know it from other radios. Mainly indie and electro music is played here, occasionally we throw in moderations, from time to time musical themed programs (hip-hop, jazz, hard rock, ...) and on good days we treat ourselves and you to three to five-minute contributions to the current events in Hanover, the latest and hippest local band in town, the upcoming events at the weekend, and so on. This makes the stream your medium of choice if you just want to have something running on the side. In the shower, for example, you remember. To start the stream, you can simply click on the beautiful loudspeaker button labeled “Start livestream” in the top right corner of the website. This also works in the browser on your smartphone or with the free apps from radio.de or TuneIn.

Our On demand-Offer on the other hand is the place for all those long verbal contributions that don't fit into the stream. Here we can take our time to go into depth with topics. Here we can target individual interest groups without getting on the nerves of the majority of radio listeners. Poetry slams, reports, series of interviews, audio books and talk shows are just some of the ideas we are currently working on. The good thing about it: All of these programs are completely independent of time. So you can hear them whenever and wherever you want. In principle, almost like on YouTube, Soundcloud or the media library of your choice.

We have no idea whether this concept will work in the long run. But for us as a young broadcaster with no historical background, it is completely logical and there is no alternative to do it exactly this way. You are the ones who decide if we are right about this.