Who coined the term smartphone 1?

25 mobile phone milestones: from the "bone" to the iPhone

We can be reached anytime and anywhere, we maintain friendships via SMS and use our mobile phones to remind us of important appointments: Few inventions have changed the world as much in recent years as the mobile phone. Some models have had a lasting impact on the age of mobile communications and are rightly considered mobile phone milestones. We name the most important cell phones of all time.

The Motorola Dynatac 8000X, also known as the "bone", plays a special role in the history of mobile communications. The world's first cell phone received its official approval in September 1983 and went over the counter 300,000 times within a year. That is an astonishing number for the time, because the Motorola Dynatac 8000X cost just under $ 4,000 and weighed an impressive 800 grams - almost unimaginable today. However, the battery ran out of breath after just one hour of talk time.

Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson have their finger on the pulse

In addition to the US company Motorola, Nokia and (Sony) Ericsson in particular achieved mobile phone milestones with their new developments. The Finnish mobile phone giant Nokia was the first to ban the mobile phone antenna inside the case, used the Internet via WAP for the Nokia 7110 and sold the Nokia 7650, the first camera phone in Europe. Meanwhile, Ericsson increased the number of colors in cell phone displays and in 2002 developed the P800, the first cell phone with a color touchscreen.

Siemens shapes the mobile phone world

The German manufacturer Siemens was also one of the most important representatives of the mobile communications industry in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Among other things, Siemens launched the S10, the first cell phone with a color display, and the Siemens SL45 was the first cell phone to play MP3 files. In addition, T-Mobile released the MDA III, the first cell phone with WLAN - at that time it was a minor sensation. Nowadays this is a minimum requirement for smartphones.

First smartphone hardly known

Some milestones in the history of mobile communications never achieved the fame they deserved - or can anyone remember a cell phone from IBM? The computer giant introduced the IBM Simon, the first smartphone in 1993, almost 15 years before the iPhone and Co. The mobile phone had a touchscreen and could receive and send e-mails. Better known, however, was the Nokia Communicator 9000, which was able to display HTML websites without any problems as early as 1996. In contrast, Ericsson coined the term "smartphone" in 2000 with the R380.

The ancestors of iPhone & Co.

The Apple iPhone later earned the fame of its ancestors. In 2007, the cell phone put the entire mobile communications industry into smartphone fever, just when the prevailing opinion was that the end of the flagpole had been reached in design and technology. Even today, every new smartphone has to compete with the current version of the iPhone.

Mini-computers instead of telephones

The competitors implemented a number of innovations well before Apple. With its Neo mobile phone in 1973, the start-up company OpenMoko offered developers the opportunity to expand the range of functions with self-programmed mini-applications - more than a year before Apple opened its app store. Cell phones are now equipped with fast quad-core processors and full HD displays. The end of mobile phone development does not seem to be over yet, even if the telephony function is increasingly being pushed into the background. Martin Cooper, the inventor of the "bone", would never have dreamed of that in 1983.

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