What did you eat for Christmas?

A survey by Statista Global showed what the Germans put on the Christmas table on Christmas Eve this year. How extravagant was yours Christmas dinner compared?

This is what Germans eat at Christmas 2020

The 24th of December is probably the most traditional day of Christmas and although it is no longer just women who make the food, this applies to many families the practical potato salad as an absolute must-have on the 24th Was that the same this year?

Yes! 33% of the respondents said that sausages with potato salad will also be on the table in 2020. The reason why the food is still so popular is that it can be prepared several days in advance and so there is minimal effort on Christmas Eve.

Is already more complex since the roast goose is at 21% of the Germans surveyed. For most people, the goose belongs on Christmas Day or Christmas Day.

3rd and 4th place also show that we value little effort at Christmas, because raclette (17%) and fondue (12%) are made by the guests practically by themselves.

Surprised? We would have seen fish much further ahead, but that seems to be an atypical meal on December 24th. The trend towards vegetarian or vegan Christmas meals has probably not yet arrived either.

It is eaten on Christmas Eve

But not only dinner is celebrated at Christmas, but also Vespers and with it the many great pastries that the Christmas season brings us.

50% of Germans eat cookies like speculoos, vanilla croissants or biscuits. You can find great sugar-free biscuit ideas here. Hot on the heels are the gingerbread cookies with 45% and the chocolate Santa Clauses with 40%, which are then presumably munched after the gifts are distributed.

The typical Christmas cake is only in 4th place with 37%, closely followed by nuts, dominoes and marzipan candies.

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What did your plate look like on the 24th?

Did you typically German eaten at Christmas or did you have more original dishes on the table? If you're trying to get through the Christmas season healthily, give these healthy snacks a try.