What is a digital control system

Digital operation on the model railroad

Digital systems for model railways

DCC-compatible systems (mostly consisting of a transformer, central unit and controllers) are available from several suppliers. Which one you choose depends on your needs and the state of your hobby fund.

Basically should allDCC decoders can handle any of these systems. Restrictions to this rule are more of an exception.

The best-known providers of complete systems besides Märklin are, in alphabetical order: (third-party site) ESU, (third-party site) Lenz, (third-party site) Massoth, (third-party site) Piko, (third-party site) Roco, (third-party site) Uhlenbrock and ( foreign side) Zimo.

The digital model railway world requires a little diligence and training time - best of all, before You “set the course”, in other words: make a decision. We cannot and do not want to give generally valid tips. You have to get an impression for yourself. Reading articles in relevant forums and on the websites of the providers is an important basis for this.

The performance of the headquarters is less important. Almost all of them can be reinforced with a so-called "booster" if the performance of the basic equipment is too weak. As with analog operation, the available current on a large railway should be at least 5 amps, better 6 to 8. This does not apply if you only need one or two locomotives and no illuminated wagons.

Please bear in mind that steam generators (smoke generators) are real power guzzlers, and that the power of many incandescent lamps quickly adds up to a considerable amount.