Is the 40th birthday important

Happy Birthday to me!

Learning from Christian Lindner means learning to love. And first of all himself. When the FDP chairman turned forty a few days ago, he congratulated himself extensively and effusively on his birthday on his social media channels. Well, that's not entirely correct, in truth it was the "Team Lindner", that is, the social media officers apparently employed by Christian Lindner, who congratulated their boss there. But just on his own account, under his photo and certainly with his approval. And since Christian Lindner likes to present himself as God's gift to politics, so that he can easily be trusted with such a vanity, for most observers it looked like the peak of self-expression - a hymn of praise for oneself, formulated in the third person . Under the hashtag #happybirthdayCL invented by the "Team Lindner", there was definitely more malice than congratulations. Social media competence - a difficult subject.

We could all learn one essential thing from Christian Linder: to take our birthdays seriously again. Birthday modesty goes on like a plague with age. Birthdays should be ignored as far as possible, no, please, don't worry, a few quick Facebook congratulations are enough and you can only celebrate with coffee and cake with the part of the family that you cannot escape. The fact that you are a year older is treated like a great imposition and embarrassment. The birthday is really a more than worthy occasion for a celebration, with the people who are most dear to you. After all, getting older is a privilege not given to everyone.

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Most of us - unlike Christian Lindner - do not tend to find ourselves particularly great 365 days a year, so it should be the first citizen's duty to celebrate shamelessly at least on one's own birthday. The general rule of restraint must be lifted for one day, it should be customary, even as an adult, to look forward to this event with childlike anticipation and excitement and then to feel like a queen or a king. And to be treated that way too. On this day every person, regardless of age, should be greeted with a polyphonic "How nice that you were born!"

It's also great for anyone who's not having a birthday when someone else brings up to throw a party. Firstly, because when you start a family at the latest, the opportunities to move to good music in dim light and before midnight decrease radically. Second, because it's nice to be able to show your friends how much you love them. Especially those who otherwise prefer not to be the focus. Sure, you could of course get your loved ones presents on any other day, sprinkle them with confetti and write on notecards how much you love them. But it's easier for everyone if there is a framework that provides for exactly that. And who, as an adult, has ever seriously regretted celebrating their birthday? Before that, hardly anyone really feels like doing all the work, but afterwards you can still draw on how great it was. And everything that went wrong - crashes, excesses, fights with the DJ, kissing neighbors - make up a nice repertoire of anecdotes, which in the best case will last until the next birthday party.

But even people who are not in the mood for a party or who basically do not like to have people around can orientate themselves on Christian Lindner on their special day. And then just give yourself a gift, maybe with a great photo shoot. A couple of black and white portraits that make you appear young and visionary and in which you find yourself really sexy again. Or they pay a few social media pros for the ultimate adulation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, including the birthday hashtag #happybirthdaytome.