How soft should baked sweet potatoes be?

Baked sweet potato from the microwave

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Sweet potatoes are becoming increasingly popular. In this post, I'll show you how you can enjoy sweet potatoes from the microwave in just 7 minutes!

For a few months now I have regularly had an appetite for sweet potatoes and I am glad that these bulky tubers are now reliably available at discount stores. Maybe it's vitamins A, C, B, fiber or potassium that make the increasingly popular tuber so interesting for my body. In terms of taste, I would rather place a similarity with pumpkin than with our domestic potato.

I am still in the experimental phase of what you can do with sweet potatoes and this is further extended by the skepticism of two family members about orange-colored potato competitors. What has always held me back so far, however, was the time required. If I had sweet potatoes in mind for lunch instead of bread, then even the greatest intuition fell by the wayside when the hard tubers had to be peeled and laboriously cut before anything could be done with them. Frying or toasting thin slices does not take much longer than the seven minutes I have advertised, but it does require peeling, cutting and “babysitting” the cooking process.

"Bake" the sweet potato in the microwave

The turning point came with the first tip of a friend, but simply several washed sweet potatoes on a tray in the oven Bake on the side and always have a supply for the week in the fridge. That worked great too! Whenever I had bread in the oven anyway, a casserole dish with sweet potatoes would just add to it and gradually 45-60 minutes at 180 ° C my lunch was saved.

But I did the math without two of my children. Whenever I ate sweet potatoes, my son and eldest daughter also wanted their own portion, please. My weekly supply was no longer available after two days. Once again, when I forgot to bake sweet potatoes in time, I quickly looked online for time-saving alternatives. Lo and behold - you can spontaneously bake sweet potatoes in just 7 minutes.

No, it is not the net cooking time in the pressure cooker, which then takes at least half an hour gross. The inconspicuous microwave, even our 25-year-old, can master that!

Instructions for baked sweet potato from the microwave

The sweet potato is washed and pecked all around with a fork. It's also great with one of these pricks, which are intended for corn on the cob. The peck is important because otherwise the tuber will explode in the microwave. I didn't want to try it out, so I'll pass it on 😉 ...

Now a piece of kitchen roll is briefly held under the tap, carefully squeezed out and wrapped around the sweet potato. Put it on a plate and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes on the highest setting. After this time has elapsed, turn the sweet potatoes once - this is best done with the baking glove, because it is hot! Return to the micro and cook for another 3-4 minutes on the same setting. With us that's 900W, accordingly the second round might have to be shortened or lengthened a bit if it is more or less in your microwave.

The sweet potato is ready when a fork can be easily pierced. Depending on the size and blackheads, you can prepare several sweet potatoes at the same time. The time is only increased by approx. 30 seconds.

Toppings for baked sweet potato

And now it can be used as you wish or enjoyed directly. Dice it on a salad, bake slices nacho-style with cheese and top with tomatoes, salsa and something green, or just like a baked potato with salt, butter and sour cream. Peel and fry in slices or cubes until crispy, mashed as a puree, in a smoothie or as a toddler food. I love them in a very unspectacular way, spread out in thick slices on the plate, with a little salt and butter on top and maybe even grated Gouda cheese. However, that's not particularly attractive, so I spruced up my sweet potatoes for the photo like the classic baked potatoes and added a spoonful of sour cream.

Extra tip # 1

I haven't tried it yet, but for those who like sweet desserts with lots of nutrients, one can name is Sweet potatoes can also be cut lengthways and filled with butter and chocolate chips. Then wrap it in aluminum foil for another 5 minutes so that the chocolate can melt in peace. Why do I always think about it when there are no more sweet potatoes in the house!?!

Extra tip # 2

Potatoes can also be cooked quickly using the same principle. Depending on the size and quantity, 3 minutes without turning may be sufficient. Simply test with a fork stitch and work up every 1 minute if they are not quite done yet.

Extra tip # 3

If you don't use a microwave hood, you can use all the hot steam immediately after preparation to wipe the microwave out. The moist heat for several minutes makes it easy to remove some things that would otherwise require scrubbing.

The next time you run out of time, but you are hungry for a sweet potato, try the sweet potato from the microwave! I am sure that you will not want to miss this tip for everyday use anymore.

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