Will Stripe steal my identity

Set up ChurchDesk donations

To sell tickets or receive payments and donations, you must first register your church and a representative in Stripe. Stripe is a reliable and secure online bank that processes billions of transactions around the world.

There are many guidelines for processing payments, including the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive, which is why ChurchDesk works with the well-known online bank Stripe.

Who should provide this information?
The form should be completed by your treasurer, ward council chairperson (PCC?), Or someone with significant responsibility for the Church.

If you have a (PCC chairman) or treasurer who cannot fill out a digital form yourself, you can of course fill out the form together.

What will my information be used for?
Like any physical bank, Stripe should be able to guarantee that you are who you say you are. You must therefore present a valid ID. The ID is used for verification purposes ONLY and is therefore NOT used for third party marketing etc.

It takes a long time to fill out the form?
It should take no longer than 15 minutes to fill out the form. But if you can't fill out the form all at once, you can do it later.

IMPORTANT: Stripe is typically used by regular businesses, so the format may seem a bit strange to you from a church perspective. But don't worry, we'll explain it to you in the guide below. Also remember that you can always call our support team.

Most of the fields on the form should be self-explanatory. However, some of them may need to be explained as they can be difficult to relate to as a church.

Churches or parishes name (Company name)
The name of the church or ward should be the official name Stripe can use to verify your church. So consider, “Ev. Parish of St. Nikolai ”and not just to write“ St. Nikolai ”.

Short church name(Short company name - optional)
Please fill out this field as this will be used as a statement description and will appear on your contributor's statement. Here it would be appropreate to simply write “St. Nikolai ”and not“ Ev. Parish of St. Nikolai ”.

The address of the parish(Registered business address)
As a church, you likely have many addresses, but it is important that the address you give Stripe is the official local government address. If you do not have a parish office, please give the church address.

Tax number / serial number (Company registration number)
Since churches are not registered with a commercial register, you should enter your tax number or serial number instead. If you do not have a tax or registration number, just enter "000000" (zeros) in the field.

The form should be completed by your treasurer, PCC chairperson, or someone with significant responsibility for the Church.

If you have a (PCC chairman) or treasurer who cannot fill out a digital form yourself, you can of course fill out the form together.

Validate that you are a representative of the Church
Since Stripe is not primarily intended for churches, the check boxes at the end of this step are not easy to figure out. Regular businesses may need to register more agents, but as a church, registering a single person is enough. Therefore, the checkboxes for Ownership and Responsibility should be selected according to the instructions below.

  • I own at least 25% of the company. (Yes)
    • Are you the only person who owns at least 25% of the company? (Yes)
  • I am a member of the company's board of directors (Yes)
    • Are you the only person on the company's board of directors? (Yes)

The verification can take a few minutes to a few working days, but is usually completed within a few hours. Once your church has been reviewed, you will be ready to receive payments and donations.

In some cases, Stripe is unable to verify your church or representative using the basic information provided. You can therefore request additional documents. Next is a list of examples of any additional documentation that may be required.

Upload confirmation document

Stripe needs more information to verify your church. Please upload a document that includes your church name, registered address, and possibly charity number. This information must match the information already provided to Stripe.

Some examples:

  • Business license / business registration
  • Commercial register extract

The document must be valid, representative of the current registration, clear and large enough to be read and uploaded in PDF format. If this information is spread over several pages of your document, please upload a PDF file that contains all relevant pages

Upload the ID verification for the Church Representative

To confirm the representative's identity, the person must upload a government-issued photo ID such as a driver's license or passport. For security reasons, Stripe has developed a secure verification process that confirms identity while protecting the person from identity theft.

Proof of address for church representatives

Stripe may need to verify your representative's home address. To do this, you need to upload an official document that contains the full name and home address of your church representative. This information must match what is already provided in Stripe.

Accepted documents:

  • Electricity bill (must be dated within the last 6 months)
  • Bank statement (must be dated within the last 6 months)

Incomplete or cut documents will not be accepted.

To enter your bank details, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "Bank Details". Add the IBAN number from your bank account and save the details.

If you'd like to change the bank account that Stripe is transferring funds to, you'll need to send the following information to [email protected]: routing number and bank account number. This information must be verified by another person from the Church before ChurchDesk changes the banking information. This can be the council chairman or the treasurer.

Note: It is not possible to register more than one bank account in ChurchDesk to transfer money to.

To access or update your payment settings, you must have either Organization Administrator or Payment Access privileges.