Do wizards drugs in Harry Potter

Drugs, stolen scripts and a murder - the ten biggest scandals in 20 years of Harry Potter

The first "Harry Potter" volume was published on June 26, 1997 and changed not only the life of author Joanne K. Rowling (51), but also that of millions of readers worldwide. In 20 years the story of the magician with the lightning scar has developed into a cult.

The seven volumes have been translated into 80 languages ​​and sold around 450 million copies worldwide. The eight cinema films that ran on the screen from 2001 grossed over six billion euros in total.

And not only that: there are now several offshoots of the story, a play, a "Harry Potter" theme park and much more. The Potter universe seems inexhaustible.

For Rowling, her work itself became a fairy tale. The single-parent welfare recipient became the best-paid author in the world. According to the American "Forbes" magazine, she took in around 85 million euros last year alone, making her third place among the richest celebrities in the world.

But every fairy tale also has its downsides. In 20 years of “Harry Potter” there was a lot that wasn't magical at all.

Here are the ten biggest scandals

Stealing ideas

According to Joanne K. Rowling, the story came to her in 1990 on a late train at King's Cross in London. In her mind's eye, she saw a dark-haired boy who didn't know anything about his magic.

The author John Buechler, however, claimed in the late 1990s that he invented the character Harry Potter - and Rowling stole it.

In fact, the American brought out the less successful film "Troll" in 1986, the protagonist of which is a young wizard named Harry Potter Junior. There are some parallels to the script, but the Scot denies ever having seen the film.

Not the only time Rowling has faced such allegations. In 2002 she was even sued. Her fellow writer Nancy Stouffer had reportedly also written about a dark-haired boy with glasses - Larry Potter - years before Rowling.

One volume is called "The Legend of Rah and the Muggles". Rowling also uses the term "Muggle" as a nickname for anyone who cannot do magic. Coincidence? No: fraud. It was proven in court that Stouffer had not written any of her books and manipulated evidence before 2001.

Naked Facts

The main actor of the "Harry Potter" films, Daniel Radcliffe (27), was not quite as innocent in real life as his role.

In 2007 he went completely blank for a piece on the theater stage and showed his magic wand to the whole world. He also admitted in interviews that he had been addicted to alcohol for years - including during filming - and chatted openly with fans about hot nights.

Youthful drunkenness

As Hermione Granger, actress Emma Watson (27) in the "Harry Potter" films is probably the embodiment of virtue and morality. And in her private life, too, the UN special envoy repeatedly stresses to stay away from alcohol.

But then a picture of her caused a sensation in which she shows exactly the opposite - as a 15-year-old with a drink! Watson assured that the recording had only been simulated and meant to be funny, but the bitter aftertaste remained and scratched her clean image.


And also the third member - Ron Weasley actor Rupert Grint - should not have been completely averse to intoxicants. In a photo that appeared in the US media in 2009 and was taken at a set party, you can see a young man who is smoking a bong, and thus most likely marijuana.

Despite the striking resemblance, the actor's agent claimed it was a doppelganger and that Grint had nothing to do with it.

His film sister Bonnie Wright (26, Ginny Weasley) was photographed rolling a joint in 2008. In this case, too, a connection with drugs was denied.

Death threats

Because the Muslim performer of Hogwarts student Padma Patil, Afshan Azad (28), fell in love with a man of another faith, her father Abul and her brother Ashraf ended up in court.

In 2010, her brother allegedly beat her in her home and threatened her with death. He was then sentenced to six months in prison.


Robert Knox played Hogwarts student Marcus Belby in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In May 2008 he got into a scuffle outside a London bar. When he stood protectively in front of his little brother, he was stabbed. The 18-year-old died from a stab in the heart.


In the "Harry Potter" films he played the nasty Vincent Crabbe and in real life, actor Jamie Waylett (27) got on the wrong track.

His fame was his undoing. In 2012, he was sentenced to two years in prison for ransacking a supermarket with his gang during the riots in London the previous year - investigators recognized him on the surveillance footage.

He was sent to prison because he had a criminal record for possession of cannabis. He later stated that he had not been able to cope with his success and that he had therefore slipped into drug addiction.

Women, alcohol, depression

So did his colleague Devon Murray (28), who played Harry Potter's classmate Seamus Finnigan in all eight films. Little was left of his success. His former agency sued Murray because of unpaid bills for around 300,000 euros.

The actor couldn't pay that, though - he had squandered all of his money on women and alcohol. His ex-agent allegedly led a life like a king and literally got the money out of the window.

Last year, the 28-year-old revealed on his Twitter page that he has been battling severe depression and even had suicidal thoughts for years.


Three actors, two spouses, an affair. Emma Thompson (58) played the role of professor Sibyll Trelawney in three films, her ex-husband Kenneth Branagh (56) her fictional colleague Gilderoy Lockhart. And the reason for the divorce of the two actors is also known from the famous film series: Helena Bonham Carter alias Bellatrix Lestrange.

An affair between Branagh and Bonham Carter is said to have separated from Thompson in 1994. When they all starred in the Potter films, the subject came back up. Emma Thompson commented and made it clear that she had now forgiven her colleague.

Sexual harassment

The short actor Nicholas Read played one of the goblins in the wizard's bank "Gringotts". In 2011, he had to answer in court for allegedly molesting a 17-year-old girl on a train ride between London and Leicester.

He allegedly touched himself immorally in front of the girl's eyes. Read denied everything but was sentenced to 16 months probation based on the evidence.

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