Sold Tumblr too early

Tumblr has a new home - and not even the worst

The Tumblr platform, which is still extremely popular despite the latest developments, now seems to have a future. After a little odyssey, she has found a new, quite suitable home: For little money she goes to the company Automattic, the operator of the blogging platform Tumblr was originally part of Yahoo. The traditional company came to an inglorious end some time ago and the site ended up with some other remnants at the US provider Verizon. However, he did not see his role in the continued operation of Tumblr and the platform simply did not fit the concept of the group. This was also evident in the rigid blocking of various content with a pornographic and erotic orientation, which resulted in a massive decline in users on Tumblr.

At Automattic, on the other hand, there is at least the chance of a new attempt. "Tumblr is one of the most iconic brands on the web," emphasized company boss Matt Mullenweg. His company at least understands the spirit that is concentrated in the platform and could actually ensure a successful future. However, it is still too early to speculate about what the content orientation will look like - whether there will be more freedom in the selection of content.

Loss of value is enormous

Yahoo acquired Tumblr in 2013 for $ 1.1 billion. After the end of the Internet company, Verizon bought the remains, including Tumblr, for $ 5 billion. And even if the recent drop in user numbers resulted in a clear loss of value, the deal that has now taken place is still more likely to be seen as a benevolent symbolic sale: Automattic is said to have paid less than $ 20 million for Tumblr.

Initial reports of a proposed sale by Verizon came in May. At that time, the streaming platform PornHub also wanted to apply for a takeover - which was probably primarily a marketing move. Because shortly beforehand, Verizon had restricted the content accordingly and caused a stir. Whether or not PornHub actually made a serious offer is unclear.

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