What are the classic Indian TV commercials

TV advertising and moving images

In the digital advertising market, high-reach TV advertising has been available via addressable TV for some time, thus expanding classic, linear TV advertising. The audiovisual medium emotionalises brands and is very eye-catching compared to static display advertising.

TV advertising

Addressable TV technology is based on the HbbTV standard for connected smart TVs, which are now very widespread in German households. Addressable TV combines the strengths of classic TV advertising with the well-known targeting options from the digital advertising industry.

Acxiom offers advertisers and agencies a large number of target groups for this attractive and wide-reaching communication channel, such as purchasing power, living environment or brand affinities for automobiles. Acxiom offers access to a premium TV inventory and can control segments programmatically. The target groups can be data-driven and targeted in advertising formats such as switch-in ads (classic or wallpaper).


Experiences that matter

In addition, Acxiom offers its customers the option of addressing existing customers via moving images on YouTube or on Facebook and Instagram (moving image CRM targeting).