How can I identify my own mistakes

How we can recognize our own mistakes and learn from them

We all want to be right. We want to be the ones who do everything right, look good, and be admired. It is never easy to admit mistakes. However, it is a critical step in learning, growing, and improving.

We can only learn from mistakes if we admit we made them. As soon as we start blaming other people or fate, we distance ourselves from every possible lesson.

However, if we are brave, mature enough and can honestly say: “This is my fault. I'm responsible for it. ”The opportunities for growth are moving right towards us.

Growth is only possible when mistakes are recognized. Wise people easily admit their mistakes. They know that when they do this, they will accelerate their progress.

Why we are afraid to admit mistakes

The difficulty of admitting mistakes makes many people give up their own goals. They are afraid of being laughed at and of looking bad. Fear of being a failure and being accepted as the mistake if you make a mistake.

Many dreams burst out of fear of others. Fear that mistakes will represent us and failures will ruin our reputation.

Fear of change also prevents many from admitting their own mistakes. Especially mistakes made by habit. Any change is tough and can be scary. But it is even worse to punish yourself with the same mistakes again and again because changes have not been implemented.

If we refuse to recognize mistakes, we refuse to acknowledge reality. If we don't want to see the gaps, flaws, or weaknesses in our behavior, we are forever trapped in the same behavior and limitations that we have always had.

How we recognize mistakes

The fear of admitting mistakes explains why we often need others to learn from our own mistakes. A good friend, partner, advisor, or mentor will look at our behavior more objectively. He can more easily identify our mistakes that we unconsciously do not want to admit.

In moments of weakness, the only way to avoid making a mistake is to ask someone else for help. By admitting that we need help and asking for it, we open our awareness to change.

How we learn from mistakes

Asking certain questions to yourself and others is a way of challenging yourself. They help to change perspective, identify the cause of the weakness and put our focus on solutions. We can learn from it and avoid mistakes in the future.

  • What was the triggering factor for the error?
  • Did I have any flawed assumptions or expectations?
  • What would I do differently now if I were in the same situation again?
  • Which information (behavior, words, ...) would have avoided the error?
  • What little mistakes and missteps contributed to the bigger mistake?
  • What changes are required to avoid this error again?
  • What kind of change is difficult for me?
  • How should my behavior change if I found myself in a similar situation again?

These questions give us important information with concrete potential for improvement. We learn specific details of what we can do to avoid the error in the future.

Mistakes make growth possible

As long as we try to learn from our mistakes, we will grow. We're getting better and better at having more successes than failures. And the mistakes we make along the way will help us get where we want to go.

We cannot change mistakes. But we can decide how to react to it. Our growth begins when we can see room for improvement.

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