Is history really an agreed fable

The two wolves

Once upon a time there were two wolves fighting over a piece of meat. One wolf hit the other wolf with his paw. At the same time he shouted: "You bastard, I'm much bigger than you and that's why I get the piece of meat." But the other hit him at least twice as hard and shouted: "I'm the smaller one, but I still have to grow and that's why I get the piece." It went on for an hour. But then a fox came, snatched the piece of meat unnoticed and ran into its den with it. The wolves noticed nothing and argued for half an hour. When they noticed that the piece of meat was no longer there, they stopped arguing and went back to their turf, speechless.

Teaching: When two people quarrel, the third is happy.

Sven Ströher

The fish and the turtle

Fish and turtle met in the sea. The fish was fast and the turtle was slow. The turtle swam past the fish and the fish asked: `` Don't we want to run a race? '' The turtle replied: `` Yes, I would love to. '' When the competition began, the turtle was no longer so good. But when the competition was over and the turtle had lost, the other fish laughed at the turtle and the turtle became very sad. Then the turtle thought: `` I'll have better luck next time! ''

Teaching: You shouldn't make fun of others because you don't want to be laughed at yourself.

Vanessa Straub
The popular king and his son

A famine broke out in a small village called Duckburg. The lion, the king of beasts, helped animals in great need. Because he sent them enough to eat every day. He was very popular with all animals. When the king grew old and weak, his son Simba was to succeed him. But Simba was not interested in helping the animals in the village, he only thought of himself. All animals noticed this quickly and nobody wanted to have anything to do with him. But one day the lion became very sick. But nobody helped him. Only then did the lion realize that he was very unpopular with the animals in the village.

Teaching: You don't make friends with stinginess.

Luisa grains

The big fish and the little fish

A school of small fish lived in a coral reef deep in the ocean. Only one of them was huge. He was a show-off and nobody liked him. "You little fish are so weak, weaker than any other fish!" He always scoffed. One day a net fell on the small fish, but only a few managed to escape. "That could never have happened to me because I am strong," said the big fish. And then: a second network! This time he too, the big strong fish, was caught. The small fish could come out through the large mesh, but the big fish was too big. He tried all his might, but the net was too tight. So he was pulled ashore and he was never seen again.

Teaching: Arrogance comes before the fall!

Sandra Broßler

Hare and fox

One day a fox met a rabbit. The fox said: "Oh dear rabbit, can you give me something to eat?" "Why don't you ask the other animals?" Replied the rabbit. The fox, who was after the rabbit, said: "The other animals don't want to give me anything. They just scream for help, run as fast as you can." Then said the hare: "Well, you stay here and I'll get something to eat, but only if you promise not to eat me!" The fox agreed. When the rabbit didn't come back after a while, the fox got mad. But the hare came from far away. The fox shouted: "Where are you?" The rabbit came back with a plate of carrots. When the fox saw the plate, it became even more sour. He shouted, "You know very well that foxes don't like carrots !!!" With one leap the fox jumped on the hare, but it slipped into its nearby burrow. Now the hare knew why the other animals ran away from the fox.

Teaching: You shouldn't be naive. You shouldn't trust everyone on the way.

Cynthia Rückert

The two horses

Two horses meet at a stream. One horse is very dirty and the other is clean and well cared for. The clean thinks: "It's dirty and stinks, I should befriend him." The other horse also thinks: "I would like to have friends." Then the other horse, which is clean, asks: "Why are you so dirty?". "I don't have anyone to take care of me, but it depends on the inside," replies the dirty horse. "At first I thought, because you are so dirty, you are not nice," said the well-groomed horse. They remained friends and the dirty horse came with them to the farm and was always cleaned and cared for.

Teaching: One should not pay attention to the outside.

Tamara Lauth

A dog and a bird

A bird and a dog were very good friends. The bird tried to convince the dog to fly with him. At some point the bird had convinced him and they went to a high cliff on the coast. The dog already knew that would never work. Still, he tried flying. The bird said, "Just hit your hands!" Then the dog jumped down. The bird called out: "Hit your hands faster!" The dog hit as fast as it could, but kept falling. He fell into the water! The bird never saw the dog again.

Teaching: Let nature take its course and never try something that nature wasn't designed for you to do.

Thomas Sower

The elephant and the mouse

One day the elephant went to his bucket to eat his lunch. On the way he thought to himself: "Mmm, today we have poultry with cheese again." Once there, he heard a mysterious voice. "Hello, Mr. elephant," came from the bush. "W, who is it?" Stuttered the elephant. "I'm a small animal, but I'm sure you're scared of me anyway." With his mouth full, the elephant said: "You are shorter than me, why should I be afraid of you then?" "We'll see it in a minute," said the mysterious voice, and a mouse jumped out of the bush. "Oh, a mouse," shouted the elephant and immediately fled. The mouse, however, tampered with the bucket and happily ate all the cheese and giggled.

Teaching: The bigger ones don't always have to be the stronger ones!

Thomas Hefner

The fox and the rabbits

Once upon a time there was a proud and boastful fox. He had no friends because he was so proud and cocky. In this forest where the proud fox lived there were also four rabbits. They weren't proud and boastful, they were best friends and helped each other out in need. So it happened that one day in the woods one of the four rabbits ran into a trap. It screamed and squeaked. When the other rabbits noticed, they released it. The next day the fox was walking around in the forest with his head up. Suddenly he ran into the same trap as the little rabbit. But the fox couldn't scream for help, because he had no friends who could save him.

Teaching: You shouldn't be conceited and proud. Otherwise nobody will help you in an emergency.

Julia Ehrlich

Dog King and Cat Emperor

Once upon a time there was a cat emperor named Casimir and a dog king named Napoleon. They couldn't stand each other. One day there was another argument between Casimir and Napoleon. They fought over the land of Siam. "I will build my shopping center there!" Replied Kasimir. But Napoleon protested: "No, I will have my hotel built here". They argued for a long time, but then Leopard Count Leopold came. "No, no hotel or shopping center will be built here. My palace will be built here." replied Leopold. Casimir and Napoleon made embarrassed faces.

Teaching: There is no point in arguing about something that already belongs to someone.

Elena Dutz

Elephant and termite

An elephant met a termite. The elephant teased the termite: "Get out of my way or I'll kick you flat." The termite said, "Just because you are tall I don't have to be afraid of you. Let's have a competition! We'll see who then has to avoid whom." The elephant agreed to this. He replied snootily: "I'll win anyway! That's why you can choose the discipline." The clever termite doesn't think twice: "Do you see the two sequoia trees up there? Whoever can put down his tree first has won the competition." "That should be fine with me," replied the elephant. A gazelle happened to jump by. "Would you be a referee in our competition?" she asked the termite. Since the gazelle had time, she agreed. "On your marks, get set, go!" the gazelle opened the competition. The elephant tried laboriously to knock over the thick tree with its trunk, but to no avail. But the termite simply gnawed the tree in minutes. The elephant couldn't believe it. The little termite won!

Lesson: Even small ones can win against big ones!

Maximilian Münch

The fish and the frog

A fish and a frog met at a large pond. Suddenly the frog laughed and said: "Hello! You haven't seen us for a long time, right? Then the fish replied:" We only saw each other yesterday and you insulted me. The frog shouted: "That's not true at all! I'm just telling the truth about you. You are disgusting with your fin and scales! You don't even have legs!" The fish whined angrily: "That's not true at all! I may have fins and scales and no legs, but if I were to say you with your round eyes and your light green, slimy skin, disgusting, you would be angry too, wouldn't you? " The frog turned dark green in the face and could burst with anger and shouted: "That's enough! I'm fed up with you. I challenge you to swim! Now we'll see who has the bigger mouth!" The fish gave the frog a tip: "Don't be too early!" The frog got even angrier and thought, "He can't even swim. The loudmouth wiggles its fin a little and moves forward. I'll win anyway." The frog explained where the start and finish are. Both got into their positions and prepared for the race. The frog shouted: "On your marks, get set, go!" Both swam away and the frog was initially in the lead. But the fish didn't even think about giving up. He gave himself a strong jerk and reached the finish line before the frog. The frog couldn't believe it and he was speechless. Then it became clear to the frog that he only wanted to show off and that he had let himself be underestimated by the exterior.

Teaching: You shouldn't show off and underestimate the inner values!

Thuy-Linh Nguyen

cat and mouse

A cat was walking. In the meantime she saw a mouse and ran to it to eat it. The mouse shouted, "Why are you running towards me so quickly?" The cat said, "I want to eat you!" Then the mouse was frightened and ran into its unsafe mousehole in the earth to protect itself and its family. The cat wasn't stupid, so it dug in the mouse hole to eat the mouse. Then she saw five small and two large mice. The cat said, "As beautiful as you live here, it doesn't prevent me from eating." Munch, Munch growled the satisfied cat.

Teaching: You shouldn't destroy a family that lives so well together.

Jacqueline Reiss

The little "fearful bunny"
Many forest animal children cavorted in a clearing in the forest. They decided to have a race today at the nearby adventure playground. Quick and in a good mood, they hopped and jumped to the agreed meeting point. Only the little bunny remained a bit behind.
The first animals had already slipped. Now it was the rabbit's turn. Slowly and carefully, it climbed the stairs. When it saw the other animals on the ground from above, its paws trembled with fear. A faint wail could be heard. The little raccoon shouted: "You don't want to be a scaredy rabbit. Hurry up!" The hedgehog said: "Close your eyes and off you go!" "Come on, take it easy, it's not that bad," recommended the mole. It couldn't do anything with all the good advice. "Can't they imagine how I feel?" Thought the frightened bunny. What the animals didn't know: a short time ago the bunny fell headfirst from the slide. The shy deer watched the situation. Quiet as a mouse, it crept up to the bunny unnoticed. The fawn sat down and gently clutched the bunny with its paws. There was a slight jolt, the slide began, and they both landed safely on the leafy ground. The rabbit child was completely amazed at what had just happened. Without saying much, the fawn helped the bunny overcome his fear. The well-intentioned but useless tips from the other animal children had not helped him. From then on, the bunny took an active part in the race.

Kerstin Hilbert

cat and mouse

One fine day a cat came to an apple tree. There was a mouse standing there, taking a good look at the tree. She wanted the last apple from the tree. The cat saw this and asked in a friendly manner: "Can I help you, mouse?" "Yes, I can't get to the apple and I want to bring my little children to eat it, cat." So she climbed the tree and got the apple down. "But now that I've got it down from you, I want half of it." "But that doesn't work! If I give it to you, my 6 children won't benefit from it anymore!" So the two argued for a long time. Suddenly a bird came flying in from the air and grabbed the apple. "Thank you, I can use it, I'm very hungry!" The bird called from the air.

Teaching: If two fight, the third is happy.

Corinna Kruckemeyer

Lion and cat

A cat and a lion met at a watering hole. The cat asked the lion, "Can you catch a mouse?" The lion replied: "Of course, I can catch any animal, I can catch a bull, even an elephant," he boasted. The cat went out and caught a mouse in less than five minutes. When the lion tried, however, he could not catch a mouse. They kept getting away from him and the cat started to laugh because it looked so funny how the lion kept falling.

Teaching: You should never take your mouth too full, otherwise the others will laugh at you.
Proverb: Big mouth, nothing behind it.

Christin Schuessler

The chicken and the earthworm

A hen tells her friend: "Yesterday I was almost eaten by the farm dog! He chased me like crazy, like a madman!" "Calm down, he didn't eat you!" Said the other hen and left. The other chicken was running around the chicken yard. An earthworm came out of the ground and called: "Hello hen!" The hen turned around and ran to the earthworm: "Well, a delicious meal!", She said. "But you didn't eat me yesterday either!" Interjected the earthworm. "There are soooooo many chickens, I'm one of them, but I wasn't yesterday! Why shouldn't I eat you?" "Because you don't eat earthworms, especially not me!" Shouted the tiny creature. "I don't care, beep!" Said the hen and devoured the earthworm. And she ran through the chicken yard again.

Teaching: What you don't want, what people do to you, don't do it to anyone else.

Veronika Schwamberger

The lion and the mouse

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a lion met a little mouse. The lion wanted to eat them as a starter. The lion said to the mouse: "Come a little closer so that we can play together." The mouse replied: "What do we want to play?" The lion replied, "Maybe Fangeles." OK! The lion ran away and the mouse had to catch it. The lion was clearly the better, but the mouse didn't give up. The lion looked back and still saw the mouse. He thought: "Is that Speedy Gonzales, the fastest mouse in Mexico?" Suddenly there was a rumble, the lion hit an elephant and it threw him back a full meter. The elephant was about to trample the lion when the mouse came and bravely stood up in front of the elephant. When he saw the mouse, he started to tremble and fled as fast as he could because he is terrified of mice. The lion was very grateful to the mouse and did not eat it.

Teaching: One should not underestimate the weaker and smaller!

Markus Kolke

The donkey and the goat

One farmer had a donkey and a goat. The donkey always had to work hard and the farmer needed the donkey very much. He always got good food for that. On the other hand, the goat did not get so good food. The goat was jealous. She said to the donkey: "If you have to work again, just fall into a pit and pretend you were injured. Then you can really rest." The donkey said: "Yes, you are right. I'll do that!"
As the donkey passed a pit, it dropped into it. Thank God he hadn't broken anything. The farmer took him out and immediately called a vet.This said: "He is not badly injured. But so that he can work again quickly, he should eat goat meat. This will get him back on his feet." The farmer said: "Well, the goat is not that important. The main thing is that the donkey gets well again." And so the farmer slaughtered the goat and the donkey ate the goat meat. So the goat lost its life just because it was jealous of something that someone else had.

Teaching: One should be satisfied with what one has!

Anna Husslik

The donkey and the fox

One fine day a donkey and a fox met. They had nothing left to eat. Suddenly a thunderstorm hit the donkey and it became "super donkey". He said, "I'll get us something to eat, you wait here!" The fox thought: "OK, that's fine with me." After a short time the donkey saw a deer that had already been killed lying on the ground. He landed, but when he hit the ground, the ground collapsed under the super donkey. It was impaled by spikes protruding far. Meanwhile a cow came towards the fox. He did not hesitate and killed the animal on the spot.

And the moral of the story is: You don't have to be a superhero to solve problems!

Markus Weissenbäck
The lion and the mouse

One day a lion and a mouse met in the jungle. The lion said to the mouse: "Make room! I want to rest." The mouse said in a trembling voice: "But I was there first!" "So what? Are you the king of the jungle? That's me! So, make way!" Suddenly the mouse saw poachers coming. They threw a net over the two. The lion roared and snarled, "How dare you capture the king of the jungle. Set me free at once!" The poachers paid no attention to him. The mouse, however, nimble as it was, quickly gnawed a hole in the net through which it escaped and sped into the jungle. The lion, however, was captured and taken away by the poachers.

The lesson of this story is that the strong are not always the more superior.

Leonie Weber

The fox and the raven

A fox and a raven met in front of a house one day. Then the fox said: "Whoever has something to eat first has won, but you can only run .." To which the raven replied: "Yes, I'll be there." When it started, the raven went to the right and the fox to the left. When the fox turned the corner, he turned and immediately ran after the raven. The raven was so focused on searching that it didn't notice that the fox was chasing after him. When the fox got up to three feet, the raven turned and the fox jumped on the raven. Then the fox called out: "I have won!"

Teaching: You should never say yes if you can do something better.

Alexander Kremer