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EnglishGermanIncreases your max number of centers
Greatly enhances Explosive Traps effectivenessIncreases the maximum number of guards you can have
Greatly improves the effectiveness of booby trapsPirate invasionPirate invasionOpen Personal Power MenuOpen your own strength menuGothic work benchGothic workbenchLife crystals are hidden around the world. Use them to increase your health.Life crystals are hidden all over the world. Use them to enhance your life.FelonsCriminalI can't believe they tied me up and left me here just for pointing out that they weren't going east!I can't believe they tied me up and left me here just to make it clear that they are not going east.Drops in the Hardmode OceanIs there as prey in the ocean (Hardmode)Toxic FlaskPoison bottleQuestQuestI could use a flat to bide in.I could use an apartment to sleep in.'Hot to the touch''Hot, hot, hot!'Topaz Stone WallTopass stone wallDynasty WoodDynasty woodActivates every 5 secondsActivated every 5 secondsFury fills my being as abominations sprout from tainted earth - I speak of {NPCName}.I am filled with anger as the abominations rise from the polluted earth. I mean {NPCName}.Perfect, no one is in the way for building infrastructure.Perfect, nobody stands in the way of building the infrastructure./ eow/ eowGraphicsgraphicMinecartLoreRiding a Dark HorseRide a dark horse/ santa/Santa ClausEbonwood DresserEbony chest of drawersExtinctExtinctyetiyetiPurple Pin FlagPurple hole flagBunny StewBunny stewMusic Box (Frost Moon)Music box (frost moon)PengfishPingfishAllowed Users: FriendsApproved users: friendsEbonwood BowEbony bow'Great for impersonating devs!'
'There might be pasta in the pockets''Great if you want to pretend to be a Dev!'
'There could be noodles in the pockets'If worn during the day, grants minor increase to damage, melee speed, critical strike chance,
life regeneration, defense, mining speed, and minion knockbackDamage, melee speed, critical strike chance, health regeneration
Defense, mining speed and minion recoil are slightly increased,
if it is worn during the daySteampunk ChandelierSteampunk chandelierCheck out my goods; they have explosive prices!Check out my merchandise - they have highly explosive prices!'How bad could business possibly be?'
Concept by Dr Zootsuit'How bad can business be?'
Concept by Dr ZootsuitPink BrickPink brickCrestMountain ridgeSourcesourceDisplays the phase of the moonDisplays the moon phaseBunny SlimeBunny slimeWaspwaspEggnogEggnogGross, {BiomeName} is draining the color from my palettes!Disgusting! {BiomeName} sucks the paint out of my palettes!Tsukina “Tsuki” NakataTsukina “Tsuki” NakataIchibiIchibiEtherian Wyverns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and behave more like bats than the majestic Wyverns of this world.The Lindworm Etherias take on all sorts of shapes and sizes. They act more like bats and not so much like the majestic lindworms of this world.Granite toiletGranite toiletA mechanical simulacrum of Cthulhu's spine decorated in laser-armed probes, which detach from its body when damaged.A mechanical phantom image of Cthulhu's spine decorated with probes armed with lasers. You can separate from the body if it is damaged.Mechanically reconstructed for reviving Cthulhu, this Skeletron has more arms than ever before, and a variety of fierce weapons.This skeletron was created mechanically so that it could awaken Cthulhu. Because of this, it has more arms than ever before, and an assortment of fiery weapons.White and Green BulbWhite-green ballYou can create a bloody spine with vertebrae. Make sure you are in a crimson area before using it.You can use vertebrae to create a bloody spine. But be careful that you are in a purple area before using them.Wrapped in celestial energy, this worm-like creature seems invincible. Having no eyes, it seeks vibrations throughout the air.These worm-like beings are enveloped in heavenly energy and seem almost invincible. They have no eyes, but are guided by vibrations in the air.I like the scenery in {BiomeName}, a good view attracts customers!I like the view in {BiomeName}! A good view attracts customers!Drops on Windy DaysIs there as prey on windy daysNinja hoodNinja hoodDedicationdedicationSolar flare breastplateSolar Flare BreastplateIf I had a trophy to give for your amazing swings, I'd give you ten!If I gave a trophy for great turns, you'd get at least ten of them!Wave {0}: {1}Wave {0}: {1}DisableDeactivateEnter Character Name:Enter character name:ClentaminationClentaminationDeep Orange PaintDark orange colorThrow to create a climbable line of silk ropeThrow to create a silk ropeDreadHorrorIt's crawling around. . . ickyIt's crawling around ... how grossConfetti CannonConfetti cannonJay “jeckel” JeckelJay “jeckel” Jeckel'Sustain a bloody fraction of the Moon''Receive a bloody part of the moon'Reach the 15th wave of a frost moon, where the festive season quickly degrades into madness.Reach the 15th wave of the Frost Moon where the festive season quickly turns into sheer madness.Your world has been blessed with Orichalcum!Your world has been blessed with Oreichalkos!All matters are well at hand, my loyal subject!Everything is under control at the moment, my loyal subject!BloodlettingBleedingDPad Cursor SnapDPad cursor snap into placepolkapolkaIncreased placement speed and rangeIncreased placement speed and rangeLocked gold chestLocked gold chestBoneGridLesser Healing PotionWeak healing potionTan suitsCamouflage suitSandstone WallSandstone wallCrateboxBackspaceBackspaceSurvive your character's first full night.Survive your character's first full night.Tunnels carved throughout frigid ice result in slippery pitfalls and freezing pools - all patrolled by the sub-zero denizens of the deep.Tunnels dug through the cool ice create slippery traps and freezing water holes. Guarded, of course, by the minuscule inhabitants of the deep. Exception normal: {0} Normal exception: {0}'Stuff your face. Stuff someone else's face. Whatever. ''Put it in your mouth. Stuff it in someone else's mouth. No matter.'Otherworldly Music Box (Ice)Otherworldly music box (ice cream)Dark Artist's LeggingsDark Artist's LeggingsGranite DresserGranite dresserChromeChromeJungle Water FountainJungle water fountainyjAncient garmentsAncient clothesExcellent! Someone's finally come by to take some of these maggots off my hands.Wonderful! Finally someone takes all the maggots from me.Bright purple dyeLight purple dyeBecome a victim to a nasty underground trap.Fall victim to a common underground trap.I hate that {NPCName} is around. The world is fine the way it was made!I hate that {NPCName} is here. The world is good the way it is!Chlorophyte OreGreen algen oreUsed to catch critters
Can catch lava critters too!Used to catch critter
Can catch lava knights too!HorrifiedHorrifiedNaiveNaive (r / s)meteormeteorTirednessfatigueThe Pumpkin Moon is rising ...The pumpkin moon rises ...BreadbunsSnail earCraft a molten pickaxe using the hottest of materials.Make a molten pickaxe using only the hottest materials.Planting sunflowersSunflowers are plantedIt's a good thing you had a MACLucky you had a MACBreaker bladeButterfly bladeMoney Hair DyeMoney hair dyeGreen Golf BallGreen golf ballDo You Want to Slay a Snowman?Do you want to defeat a snowman?MechanismmechanismStardust dresserStardust chest of drawersHoney BedHoney bedOf course embroidery is hard! If it wasn't hard, no one would do it! That's what makes it great.Of course, embroidery is difficult! If it wasn't difficult, no one would do it! That's what makes it so great.% pickaxe power% Pickaxe PowerBatfishBatfishCatfishCatfishLead brick wallLead brick wallThe dungeonThe dungeonA lightning gun? Don't have time for that, man. I love my bullets!A lightning weapon? I don't have time for that, man. I love my balls!Dynasty ChairDynasty chairCharges power as it is swung to smash enemiesCharge energy as you swing it to crush enemiesBone javelinBone throwing spearFleeting(Volatile)15% increased damageDamage increased by 15%/ help: Lists all the commands you can use/ help: Lists all the commands you can useGreat! Now my uniform is all wet. Stop staring!Great! Now my uniform is wet. Stop staring at me!45% increased damage45% more damageShadewood breastplateShadowwood BreastplateCloudLittle cloudBlue TorchBlue torchSummons a baby finch to fight for youSummons a baby finch to fight for youI like your ... gear. Does it come in brass?I like your ... equipment. Are they also available in brass?Smilessmile/ soup/SoupPlacing mud in the dirtMud is put into dirtSpooky candelabraScary candelabraPearlwood breastplatePearlwood breastplatePygmiesPygmiesBlue pin flagBlue hole flagObtain the Zenith, the culmination of a journey forged into the ultimate sword.Receive Zenith, the culmination of a journey forged into the ultimate sword.Vampire HealVampire healingAfter 4:30 am, the sun rises in the sky and the most dangerous of beings flee from the light. It's a great time to explore!At 4:30 a.m. the sun rises slowly and the most dangerous of all wise men flee from its light. A good time to go exploring!Lesion bookcaseLesion bookshelfpad Thaipad Thai/ steampunker/ steampunkerWraith statueMonster spiritIncreases melee knockback
12% increased melee damage and speed
Enable auto swing for melee weapons
Increases the size of melee weaponsIncreases recoil from melee combat
Melee damage increased by 12% & melee speed increased
Activates automatic swing for melee weapons
Increases the size of melee weapons{NPCName} would make a great ruler where I come from, as well.{NPCName} would make a great ruler in my homeland too.Displays everythingShow everythingWhipsWhipsVine rope coilTendril pulleyBlue Mossy WallBlue moss wallI'm TOO FAR from my house, I hate all this walking.I'm TOO FAR from home. I hate walking so much.Bah! I'm trying to make my way back home to count my money. Begone!Bah! I'm trying to get back home to count my money. Away with you!Corrupt Grass WallCorrupted grass wallHedgehedgeScarecrow bannerScarecrow bannerOysteroyster{NPCName} always lets me play with her pets, its so nice!{NPCName} always lets me play with their pets, which I think is really nice!Yellow and Green BulbYellow-green ballHo ho ho! Just me and my elves, a perfect place for my remote workshop.Hohoho! Just me and my elves! A perfect place for my remote workshop.Pearlwood bathtubPearl wood bathtubYou and What Army?You and what army?Don't bother with {Demolitionist}, I've got all you need right here.Don't bother with the {Demolitionist}, everything you need is here.Undead Enemy NPCsUndead enemy NPCsMerfolkSea peopleClown setClown setSunplate blockSun plate blockSilver BowSilver bowStorm DiverShearwaterAllows the player to dash into the enemy
Double tap a directionAllows the player to jump into the opponent
Double tap in one directionDynasty BedDynasty bedAllows the ability to dash
Double tap a directionAllows you to sprint
Double tap in one directionMinionminionMusic Box (Crimson)Music box (purple)Burnt FleshBurned meatFrozen Turtle ShellFrozen turtle shellSetting hard modeHard mode is setCreature CountCreaturesThere's a really really rare type of pixie that's born with so many wings that it can't actually fly! It swims with the fishes in the lakes surrounded by that blue colored grass. My fish tank needs a lamp, so I want you to catch me that pixie!

(Caught in Hallow)There's a really, really, really rare kind of pixie that's born with so many wings that it can't fly! She swims with the fish in the lakes surrounded by this blue grass. My aquarium needs a lamp so you should catch this pixie for me!

(Caught in the Holy)Goblin SorcererGoblin WitcherI dislike the practices of {NPCName}. True healing cannot come from metal and glass.I don't like the practices of {NPCName} at all. True healing cannot be found in metal and glass.Amber HookAmber hookA singular probe detached from the Destroyer's body serves as a remote laser battery, often in a swarm of other probes.A single probe, separated from the destroyer's body, acts as a remote-controlled laser battery. Usually it is hidden in the middle of a swarm of probes.StateCountryNearby players get a bonus against: PsychoNearby players receive a bonus against: PsychoLuminiteLuminiteSailor hatSailor hatJungle Grass SeedsJungle grass seedsMazemazeSilly pink balloonSilly pink balloon8% reduced mana usage
Automatically use mana potions when needed
Causes stars to fall after taking damage
Stars restore mana when collectedMana consumption reduced by 8%
Mana potions are automatically consumed when needed
Drops stars when you take damage
Stars restore mana when you collect themAccessory itemsAccessory itemsPet CupidPet cupidGameplay ControlsGame controlsNearby players get a bonus against: Headless HorsemanNearby players receive a bonus against: Headless HorsemanMedium improvements to all stats
'Pho sho ...'Average improvement in all values
'Fi-fei-fo ... ‘Dreamer GhoulDreamerghulFake unicorn hornFake horn of the unicornAlleyalleyAlien skaterAlien skatersDuplication unlockedDuplication unlockedServer password (press enter for none): Server password (if you don't have one, press enter): Silly Green Balloon WallSilly Green Balloon WallHas a chance to record songsCan record songsFlipper PotionFin potionMoon Lord TrophyLunar Lord TrophyHigh Test Fishing LineTested fishing lineMaking random holesRandomly placed holes are createdSkeletron RelicSkeletron relicPalm Wood DresserPalm wood chest of drawersGlowing Snail CageLuminous snail cageJudges logic gate lamps above it
Activates when any lamp is on, deactivates otherwiseJudge the logic gate lamps above him
Activated when any lamp is on. Disabled at all other times.'Having a wonderful time!''I'm having a lot of fun!'Crimson GreavesPurple leggingsSky Blue and Black DyeSky blue and black dyeYou look half digested. Have you been chasing slimes again?You look half digested. Have you hunted slimes again?arthritisarthritisCountercurse mantraCounter curse mantraDeranged(Disturbed)A powerful returning hammerA powerful, returning hammerActivates whenever players are over it, deactivates otherwiseActivates when players are over it. Disabled at all other times.the Sharkthe sharkNearby players get a bonus against: Blood FeederNearby players receive a bonus against: BloodsuckersEnter Seed (Leave Blank For Random)Enter seed (leave blank for random seed)Sailfish bootsMarlin bootsJungle Bat BannerJungle bat bannerThis breeze is really extra right now! Beware of flying needles.The breeze is blowing just right! Watch out for flying needles.Drop rate varies by WaveChances of prey depend on the waveQuick Mark # 1Quick marker no.1Chocolate Chip CookieChocolate Chip BiscuitHoney RocketHoney rocketCare to bake me some cookies?Would you bake some cookies for me?Emerald SquirrelEmerald SquirrelA friendly spirit is following youA kind spirit follows youDo not step on the grassDo not step on the lawnIf UnlockedWhen unlockingYou might want to be careful today. Us dwarves tend to have pretty explosive parties.Today you should be careful. We dwarfs have pretty explosive parties.Was tryin 'out my new gun, but the wind kept me off target!Wanted to try out my new weapon, but the wind bothered me aiming.A reclusive race of reptilian folk found exclusively in the mysterious jungle Temple. They look primitive, but are quite advanced.A shy people of the lizard people that can only be found in the mysterious jungle temple. They look primitive but are actually pretty advanced.CloudsCloudsBalance is key. We need sun, we need rain. Too much of either leads to ruin.It's about balance. We need sun, we need rain. Too much of either will lead to ruin.Nearby players get a bonus against: GoldfishNearby players receive a bonus against: GoldfishThe sharknado will fight for youThe Hainado fights for youCopper shortswordCopper short swordChaos Elemental BannerChaos Elemental BannersGelatin World TourGelantine world tourNearby players get a bonus against: Martian WalkerNearby players receive a bonus against: Martian runnersMushroom dresserMushroom chest of drawersSpider DresserSpider dresserPrincess HatPrincess hatIf you're looking for junk, you've come to the wrong place.If you're looking for junk, you've come to the wrong place.Spreads the crimson to some blocksSpread purple on some blocksMorning StarMorning star/ bee/beeEvilEvilTungsten oreTungsten oreArkhalis' BodiceArkhalis corsetHuh? You eat WHAT for breakfast?Huh? What do you eat for breakfast?Etherian Enemy NPCsEthereal enemy NPCsRocketsMissilesCorrupt statueCorruption statueMusic Box (The Hallow)Music box (The Holy)Mythril HoodMithril hoodSevered headsSevered headsAn advanced flying saucer from somewhere well beyond this world. The destruction from its weaponry is unimaginable.An advanced UFO from a place beyond this world. The destructive power of his weapons is unimaginable.Betsy's WingsBetsy's wingGarbagerubbishViolet HuskPurple podAn enormous shelled water demon which feeds off the negative energy of a Blood Moon. Brutally responds to being pestered.An enormous armored water demon that feeds on the negative energy of a blood moon. Reacts brutally when annoyed.Causes stars to fall, releases bees and douses the user in honey when damagedDrops stars, releases bees, and soaks the user in honey when damagedSummons a controllable ball of fireSummons a controllable ball of fireNearby players get a bonus against: Antlion LarvaNearby players receive a bonus against: Ant lion larvaDeveloperdeveloperBamboo leafBamboo leafSolar flare hammerSolar Flare HammerAmethyst Gemspark BlockAmethyst spark gem blockSolar Flare PickaxeSolar flare pickaxeActive stone blockActive stone blockI hate {NPCName}.I hate {NPCName}Inflicts target with Acid VenomStrikes the target with corrosive toxicantGiant Harpy FeatherGiant harpy feather{0} is already on this server.{0} is already on this server.BoulderrockIn the depths of the darkest corruption lies cursed-fire belching, betentacled nightmares stretching from the very walls themselves.In the depths of the darkest doom dwell cursed, fire-breathing, tentacle-studded nightmares protruding from the walls.% hammer power% Hammer forceBubbaBubbaKeep your eye on the prize, buy a lens!Always keep an eye on the price! Buy yourself a lens!TitaniumtitaniumIntense blue flame dyeIntense blue flame dyeThrow ThrowMajestic Horse MountMajestic horse mountJonathan “FallingSnow” poly resinJonathan “FallingSnow” poly resinFredFredIron ChainmailIron chainmailBlinkroot Planter BoxLuminous root planterActivates once day startsActivates when the day startsWaterfall blockWaterfall blockQuest ItemQuest itemPumpkin furniturePumpkin establishmentMolten HamaxeMelted hamaxeSpiked Jungle SlimeLittered jungle slimePowerful winds have blown this tumbleweed around the desert, and it is none too pleased. They roll faster with the wind than against it.Strong winds have blown this steppe scooter through the desert and he doesn't think it's funny at all. It rolls faster with the wind than against it.Medium improvements to all stats
'Hello darkness my old friend'Average improvement in all values
'Hello darkness my old friend'DifficultDifficultJungle SpikeJungle thornSummons the Frost LegionSummons the Frost LegionDiamond ringDiamond ringSkyware bookcaseHeavenly goods bookcaseLeaf blockLeaf block'The essence of pure terror''The Essence of Pure Terror'PotionsPotionsOpen Duplication MenuOpen the duplication menuDoes extra damage on a direct hitInflicts more damage on direct hitsSpectral ArrowSpectral arrowNearby players get a bonus against: Skeleton SniperNearby players receive a bonus against: Skeleton SniperBleedingBleedsA small explosion that will absorb liquidA small explosion that absorbs liquidLocked shadow chestLocked shadow chestMummymummyGreen Brick PlatformGreen brick doorHelmethelmetSuperman zombieSuperhero zombiePalm Wood ClockPalmwood clockGray BrickGray brickHey Lists!Hey, prick up your ears!Trapped Mushroom ChestTrap Mushroom ChestcouragecourageBeautybeautyLavaproof tackle bagLava-proof fishing boxPutting dirt behind dirtDoes dirt behind dirtBlue Dungeon LampBlue dungeon lampOptionsOptionsAre the tunes killing your party? I'll shuffle the playlist for you.Is the music not for your party? I'll mix the playlist for you.ErnestErnestCrimson scalemailPurple shed shirtFloret Protector HelmetFlower Keeper's HelmetDefeat the Ice Queen, wicked witch of the coldest nights.Defeat the ice queen, the wicked witch of the coldest nights.Nearby players get a bonus against: Sea SnailNearby players receive a bonus against: Sea slugThis house is missing {0} and {1}.This house is missing {0} and {1}.I collected critters like you once, then I took a cursed fox bite to the knee!I once collected creatures like you. But then a cursed fox bit me in the knee!Medium improvements to all stats
'Make like a banana and split!'Average improvement in all values
'Do as a banana does and split it!'CanvascanvasBroken ArmorDamaged armorThrow to create a climbable line of web ropeThrow to create a net rope6% increased movement and melee speed
Enemies are more likely to target youMovement and melee speed increased by 6%
Enemies are more likely to attack youplanetplanetEncouragingEncouragingGentleGentle (r / s)Shell PileClam pileLiving Mahogany wallLiving mahogany stickBe advised that certain creatures only come out during rain.Be warned, some creatures only come out in the rain.Crystal Block WallCrystal block wallDepth hair dyeDeep hair dyetombstonetombstoneDefeat an enemy by running it over with a minecart.Defeat an opponent by running a cart over him.Time is set to 7:30 PMTime is set for 7.30 p.m.Fancy Picnic TableElegant picnic tableThe abominations in {BiomeName} disturb me, like the darkest form of magic.The atrocities in {BiomeName} disturb me as if they were the darkest form of magic.Bright Silver DyeLight silver dyeFlaming JackBurning JackOtherworldly Music Box (Desert)Otherworldly music box (desert)kryptonkryptonForcing water to settle.Water is forced to settle.Eek !! You have NO idea how much thunder hurts my sensitive ears.Ouch! You have NO idea how much the thunder hurts my sensitive ears.Minor improvements to melee stats & lowered defenseMinor improvements in melee stats & lower defenseCactus pianoCactus pianoThe elite specialists in the Martian Invasion Force are equipped with more precise and deadly laser rifles; effectively snipers.The elite specialists of the Martian invasion forces are equipped with precise and deadly laser rifles; quasi snipers.Heat distortion: {0}Heat distribution: {0}Demon HornsDemon hornsDisplays a list of commands.Displays a list of commands.{NPCName} is such a nice boy, always offering to take me fishing!{NPCName} is a really nice boy and he always offers to go fishing with him!Offline Topaz Gemspark WallOffline topaz spark gem wallGreen Jellyfish BannerGreen jellyfish bannerDark Mage TrophyDark Mage TrophyAaron "AaronC" CraigAaron “AaronC” CraigIncreases mana regeneration when placed nearbyIncreases mana regeneration when placed nearby{0} let their arms get torn off{0} arms were ripped off.Nearby players get a bonus against: Granite ElementalNearby players receive a bonus against: Granite ElementalObtain the Terraspark Boots, forged from the finest boots of fire and ice.Obtain the Terrafunk Boots, forged from the best boots made from fire and ice.Craft a mana crystal out of fallen stars, and consume it.Make a mana crystal out of falling stars and use it up.marketingmarketingNearby players get a bonus against: Dr. Man FlyNearby players receive a bonus against: Dr. Man bow tieDye hardDie with colorRavensRavensTerraria: You sand bro?Terraria: You sand or what?Unlocks a Crimson Chest in the dungeonOpen a purple chest in the dungeonbastionbastionCratesBoxesRage PotionRage potionGulfgolfButterfly wingsButterfly wings5 summon day damage
5% summon tag critical strike chance
Your summons will focus struck enemies5 extra summoning damage
5% extra critical summon hit chance
What you summon focuses on enemies hit'Sometimes carried by creatures in light deserts''Are sometimes carried by creatures in deserts of light'Moon Lord AILunar Lord AIUp HighSedatedStunnedTeal mushroomBlue-green mushroomAterAterDiamond robeDiamond robeWackyEccentric (r / s)A cursed sapling is following youA cursed sapling follows you{0} 's skull was crushed{0} 's skull was knocked inD-Town's wingsD-Towns wingRavenCrowYou are slimy and stickyYou're slimy and stickyTeal dyeBlue-green dyeA hut would suffice. Not all of my surroundings embrace tranquility.A hut would be enough. Not everyone around me practices rest.ObnoxiousUnbearableDynasty CandleDynasty candleNavyDark blue (r / s)10% increased movement speed
15% increased melee damageMovement speed increased by 10%
Melee damage increased by 15%ForeignStrangerIsletSparGolf cartGolf cart{0} couldn't put the fire out.{0} could not put out the fire.'Great for impersonating devs!'
Allows flight and slow fall'Great if you want to pretend to be a Dev!'
Allows flight and slow fallApparently, Demon Eyes can sometimes be amphibious. They don't fly, they swim! I want to see the look on someone's face when they find it in their bathtub! They hang around the same areas. That means you reel one in for me!

(Caught in Sky Lakes & Surface)Apparently, demon eyes can be amphibious at times. They don't fly, they swim! I would like to see the face of someone whose bathtub you show up! They hang out in the same area. That means you will pull one ashore for me!

(Trapped in the Heavenly Lakes & on the Surface)Frozen BedFrozen bedCreatorCreated byHar Har! Melikes how {NPCName} brings ye best bottle o 'rum.Har Har! I like how {NPCName} always has the best rum.Fungi sporeFungal sporeTable and chairtable and chairCourtdishXmas zombieSanta Claus zombieMothron bannerMottron bannerBonefishBonefishMushroom CandleMushroom candleThe Party Girl won't move in unless your World is full of other townsfolk. Afterall, what's a party without lots of guests?The party girl only moves in when your world has many other inhabitants. Because what would a party be without loads of guests?Lighting: WhiteLighting: whiteTempestStormdiamondringdiamond ringHuntress's PantsSlayer's PantsYou will want to increase your life before facing your next challenge. Fifteen hearts should be enough.You should prolong your life before taking on the next challenge. Fifteen hearts should be enough.Santa-NK1 RelicChristmas tank relicMusic Box (Ocean Day)Music box (ocean day)Glass chandelierGlass chandelierBleeding outBleed to deathShadewood toiletShadowwood toiletShadow ChestShadow chestEleven PantsElf pantsDrum setDrums{0} by {1}.{0} of {1}.GravityGravityTo overcome their slow speed, shellies have developed the ability to hide inside their spiked shell and hurl themselves at their foes.Shellys have learned to make up for their slowness by hiding in their spiky shells and catapulting themselves onto the enemies.I see you're eyeballin 'the Minishark .. You really don't want to know how it was made.I see you are staring at the mini shark ... you shouldn't ask how it came about.BaxterBaxterI need more paint, but my flat is too far, ya?I need more paint, but my apartment is too far away.Nearby players get a bonus against: Antlion SwarmerNearby players receive a bonus against: Ant lion flocksBundle of balloonsBalloon bundleBeautiful fluttering insects that love sunrises. Fish are attracted to these based on their color variety.Gorgeous fluttering insects that love sunrises. Because they are so colorful, they are popular with fish.Scarab FishScarab fishNearby players get a bonus against: ReaperNearby players receive a bonus against: Grim ReaperVideo visageVideo visageWonderfulWonderfulHealthyHealthyThe old one's army has been defeated!The old man's army has been defeated!Ahoy, me takes {NPCName} under me wing, landlubber. Me love raisin 'sea pups!Ahoy, landlubber! I'm taking {NPCName} under my wing. I love raising sea pups!Clothier Voodoo DollTailor voodoo dollBrilliant, my dear! You have brought me an exquisite sample of the world's beautiful colors and aroma. In exchange, you may take this special bottle of dye.Wonderful! You brought me an exquisite sample of the world's beautiful colors and arms. In exchange you will receive this special bottle with color.Palladium ColumnPalladium columna chaira chairMusic Box (Boss 5)Music box (Boss 5)DreadnautilusHorror shrimpPortal GatePortal gateTaking more damage from being on fireYou take more damage when you burn10% increased movement speed and 3% increased damageMovement speed increased by 10% and damage increased by 3%RunRunNearby players get a bonus against: Alien LarvaNearby players receive a bonus against: Alien larvaAncient magicks corrupted the minds of the once friendly desert djinns, releasing them full of hostility from their lamps.Ancient magic has puzzled the spirits of these once peaceful desert jinns that they are now shot out of their lamps in hostility.This is going to be a terrible night ...That promises to be a terrible night ...pirateshippirate shipSkilltalentBone tableBone tableCould not create resource pack manifest! reason: {reason}Resource pack manifest file could not be created! Reason: {Reason}Bunny LicenseRabbit licenseGrilled SquirrelGrilled squirrelDynasty toiletDynasty toilet50% chance to not consume ammo
Highly inaccurate50% chance not to use any ammunition
Most inaccurateMourning Wood TrophyMourning wooden trophyYellow Flower SeedsYellow flower seedsCannoncannonLitigationCivil litigationBlood Moon RisingRising blood moonMaster Gamer's PantsMaster player pantsSparkySparkyMartian Drone BannerMartians Drone BannersgradientgradientPixie DustPixie dustDiscover a golden chest underground and take a peek at its contents.Discover a golden chest underground and see what's inside.EmberEmberGrants the ability to swim
Greatly extends underwater breathingCapable of swimming
Gives significantly more air to breathe under waterBlack threadBlack threadAhh, {BiomeName} is really nice, reminds me of my home town, I like it very much so!Ahh, {BiomeName} is very nice and reminds me of my homeland. It like it very much!Clay blockClay blockCan be used to store your items
Stored items can only be accessed by you
Will contain items picked up by a void bagCan be used to store your items
Only you can access stored items
Contains items that were picked up by the hollow pouchBuilder PotionBuilder PotionExecutive ProducerExecutive ProducerWaxing gibbousIncreasing three-quarter moonTopaz MinecartTopasloreEbonwood ChandelierEbony chandelierMilkyway Weaver BodyMilky Way FloaterStar hairpinStar hairpinRepresenting a glittering celestial remnant known as 'stardust', this tower holds the seal locking away a terrifying tyrant.This tower represents a glittering celestial remnant, also known as 'stardust'. It contains a seal that keeps a terrifying tyrant away.BarleycornStyeMayaMayaYou must first set a frameYou have to set the frame firstHoist the sails, ye curs! We pirates startin 'a leg of a race! Yarharharr!Raise the flags, you sons of dogs! We pirates are going to race! Jarharhar!Sometimes I come off a bit ... Get it? a bit?Sometimes I even let it go a little ... you understand? N / A?Nearby players get a bonus against: BunnyNearby players receive a bonus against: RabbitBlisteringBlisteringThis is a pretty big crowd, each and every one on the naughty list. I hate carrying that heavy bag of coal!That's a pretty big crowd. They all get on the naughty kids list. I hate having to carry around such a big sack of coal.Blinkroot SeedsLuminous root seedsAmberAmberI dinnae like being surrounded by folk, much.I don't like being around so many people.Daybloom SeedsDay flower seedsSummons a rideable Scutlix mountSummons a Scutlix to ride10% increased damageDamage increased by 10%30% increased damageDamage increased by 30%Demon Altars and Crimson Altars can't be destroyed with a normal hammer. You have to pwn them.Demon altars and purple altars cannot be destroyed with normal hammers. You have to really flatten them.Using the Rod of Discord will take lifeThe rod of discord costs livesSkyware tableHeavenly goods table% size% SizePoltergeist bannerPoltergeist bannerError 404: Living arrangements not found.Error 404: No Accommodation Found.laughlaughArchipelagoarchipelagoMana CrystalMana crystalFish FinderFish finderLightning aura sentry summonsLightning Aura GuardianCutlassCutlassPhantasm Dragon Body 3Phantasm dragon body 3Stockade CratePalisade boxSandstone pianoSandstone pianoCrawdadCrayfishPolly wants the crackerPolly wants the cookieBurning SpiritBurning mind5% increased melee damage and critical strike chance
Enemies are more likely to target youMelee damage and critical hit chance increased by 5%
Enemies are more likely to attack youClose Enemy Difficulty SliderClose enemy difficulty controlsI'm not the type to scream and thrash around just because my ball lands in the water. I stay calm, and collected, and focus on the next shot.I'm not one of those people who scream and stomp just because their balls end up in the water. I stay calm and concentrate on the next shot.Pink stringPink cordsUnderground are crystal hearts which can be used to increase your max life. You can smash them with a pickaxe.In the underground you will find crystal hearts with which you can increase your maximum life span. You can smash them with the pickaxe.Armored Skeleton BannerArmored skeleton bannerCorrupt Mimic BannerCorrupted Mimic BannerMini retina laserMini retina laserCyan Weighted Pressure PlateWeighted cyan printing plateMartian Scutlix Gunner BannerMartian Scutlix Sagittarius BannerBlue Flame and Black DyeBlue flame and black dyeMystic(Mystical)Giant Antlion ChargerGiant ant lion runnerBannersbannerPotted crystal teardropPotted crystal dropA green lunar seal protected by powerful guardians. This one representing a deep celestial void known as 'vortex'.A green moon seal protected by powerful guardians. This one stands for a heavenly void, also known as a 'vortex'.Sky Blue and Silver DyeSky blue and silver dyeAttacker AIAttacker AI'J. Sterling''J. Sterling'CompassioncompassionNo remorseNo pityGreen StringGreen cordsShroomerangMushroom rank'Hey! Listen! ''Hey! Listen!'Red acid dyeRed acid dyeDerpfishDerpfishNebula bathtubNebula bathtubMikeMikeEbonsandstone WallSandstone wallSkeleton Sniper BannerSkeleton niper bannerTiki TorchGarden torchAboderesidenceGreen jellyfishGreen jellyfishCelestial SigilHeavenly sealCauses stars to fall and increases length of invincibility after taking damageDrops stars and increases invulnerability after taking damageTreetreeGolden Fishing RodGolden AngelTerraria: I Pity the ToolsTerraria: I feel sorry for the toolsI'm quite used to not having a home, but I wouldn't mind one.I'm used to not having a home. But I wouldn't mind either.Small Star Cell BannerSmall star cell bannerInvisibilityinvisibilityFantasyfantasyMajor improvements to all stats
'(Au) some!'Great improvement in all values
'Golden!'Alien HornetAlien hornetOtherworldly Music Box (Underground Corruption)Otherworldly Music Box (Underground Doom)Golem Fist AIGolem Fist AIDo you know why we all carry around these spiked balls? Because I don't.Do you actually know why we all carry these spiked balls around with us? Because I don't know.Flurry bootsStorm bootsHarborportMeteorite BrickMeteorite brickFlesh SinkMeat sinkGreen stained glassGreen stained glassCooked shrimpCooked shrimpStardust armorStardust armorCondemnedDamnMutant FlinxfinMutant flinx fin/ storming/StormObsidifishObsidianFungi Bulb BannerMushroom bulbs bannerPainting of a LassPainting of a girlWeepyHowledWolf setWolf setFlask of IchorVial of Ichor{NPCName} doesn't try to eat me, that's good in my book.{NPCName} doesn't try to eat me. I think that's positive.UI Scale: {0}% ({1}%)UI scale: {0}% ({1}%)Weather radioWeather radioThis pylon is not in the correct biome to useThis pylon is not in the correct biomeI'm staying inside! The Einstein look is NOT in fashion.I stay inside! The Einstein look is NOT in!Thin iceThin iceSmooth Granite BlockSmooth granite blockSilt blockSilt blockBlack StringBlack cordsIncompetentIncompetentPotion of ReturnPotion of ReturnIt never stops celebrating!The party never stops!Pine tablePine tableZebra Swallowtail ButterflyKnight butterflyCelebrationglorificationIce screamIce screamBunnies are pure beings that normally cannot be afflicted by Crimson, but will succumb under the effects of a Blood Moon.Rabbits are pure beings that are not normally affected by purple. But when the blood moon is in the sky, they too are lost.BloodbloodOtherworldly voices linger around you ...You hear sudden voices from other dimensions ...DripplerdropperAdamantite RepeaterAdamantite repeaterGrass WallWall of grassFlower petalPetalCrowno Devours His LunchCrowno devours his lunchLand mineStep mineQuick manaFast manaI really appreciate all the good you've done for this land! Thank you!I really appreciate all the good you have done for this country. Thanks!Desert Fossil WallDesert fossil wallLiquid sensor (Any)Liquid sensor (any)Granite CandleGranite candleAntlion larvaAnt lion larvaYeti bannerYeti bannerJungle WallJungle wallBone Block WallBone wallSpotSpotPhases butLightsaberrebusrebusShutdown the server and save.Closes the server and saves. damage damagemastermasterIce blockBlock of iceIncreases maximum mana by 80
12% increased magic damage and critical strike chanceIncreases maximum mana by 80
12% increased magic damage and increased critical strike chanceEvent summonEvent summoningJudges logic gate lamps above it
Activates when only one lamp is on, deactivates otherwiseJudge the logic gate lamps above him
Activated when only one lamp is on. Disabled at all other times.HemopiranhaHemopriranha({0}) {1} is playing({0}) {1} is playing'Shooting them down at the speed of sound!''Shoot them down at the speed of sound!'Bad luckbad luckBelonging to a pair of mechanically recreated eyes of Cthulhu, this one focuses its energy into firing powerful lasers.This is one of Cthulhu's Two Mechanically Restored Eyes. It concentrates its energy and then uses it to fire powerful lasers./ balloon/balloonSturdy fossilResistant fossilYellow bannerYellow bannerPotted forest treePotted forest treeSandstormSandstormPaintingpaintingbeerbeerYour summons will focus struck enemies
Strike enemies to summon a friendly snowflake
'Let me have some of that cool whip'What you summon focuses on enemies hit
Beat enemies to summon a friendly snowflake
'I want something off'D-Town's HelmetD-Town's helmetMagic water dropperMagical water dropperFlesh BedMeat bedMechanical piranhaMechanical piranhaGreatly extends underwater breathingGives significantly more air to breathe under waterBanned from server.Banned from the serverCobaltCobaltLac BeetleLacquer beetleOld One's ArmyArmy of the old manSolitude is sometimes good - there's room to grow and breathe.Sometimes loneliness can be good too. You can work on yourself and take a breather from time to time.Nearby players get a bonus against: Dark MummyNearby players receive a bonus against: Dark MummyCharmingCharmingCannonballCannonballthe moonthe moonGrenadegrenadeBrain scrambling boltBrain confusion boltsDaytimeDuring the dayNearby players get a bonus against: Bone SerpentNearby players get a bonus against: Bone SnakeSharkronDrachaiBrain of CthulhuBrain of CthulhuBird statueBird statueCraftProduceChain LanternChain lanternSandstone BathtubSandstone bathtubLihzahrd Brick WallLihzahrd brick wallFlying Piggy BankFlying piggy bankTackle boxBait boxAllows the ability to slide down walls
Improved ability if combined with shoe spikesAllows you to slide down walls
Improved ability when combined with shoe spikesForksForksDeterminedDeterminedDrippler statueDropper statue66% chance to not consume ammo
'It came from the edge of space'66% chance not to consume ammo
'It came from the edge of the universe'Platinum CoinsPlatinum coinsMercilessMercilessDishonestyinsincerityUndead VikingUndead VikingsRootrootSolidSolid (r / s)Boreal Wood BowBoreal wood bowA simple, gelatinous creature that swallows anything and everything whole! It takes a long time to digest anything.A simple, gelatin-like creature that swallows everything - whole! But it takes a long time to digest it.Bride of Frankenstein DressFrankensteins Bride DressNo windNo windSolar flare helmetSolar flare helmetClassic characters drop money on death.Classic characters drop money when they die.'Great for impersonating devs!'
'Brought to you by LeinCorp''Great if you want to pretend to be a Dev!'
'Provided by LeinCorp'/ curse/curseTitanium ShardTitanium shardRemixRemix MP MPArapaima bannerArapaima bannerShadow mummyShadow mummyHoney DoorHoney doorSkeletron Prime MaskSkeletron Prime MaskMount MountChestchesttransferTransferDefense is loweredDefense has been reducedMechanical Battery PieceMechanical battery piece{0} what slain{0} was murdered.the Stoogethe straw manGraveyards creep me out. I don't like practicing my swings on top of my family and friends.Cemeteries are too scary for me. I don't like practicing my turns on family and friends.Kites can be flown on windy days
Reel it in with You can fly kites on windy days
You catch up with her again with Oh you poor, poor thing. Just ... just sit down here. It'll be okay. Shhhh.Oh, you poor, poor thing. Sit ... just sit here. It will be allright. Shhhh.12% increased damageDamage increased by 12%'Tis like having me very own galleon, matey!It's like having my own galleon, sailor!Terraria: Can You Re-Dig-It?Terraria: Can You Re-Dig-It?ConfusionconfusionConvictsConvictsHellstone Brick WallHellstone Brick WallDark sigilDark sealAll neural functions appear to be operating smoothly.All neural functions seem to run smoothly.Nearby players get a bonus against: Pirate DeckhandNearby players receive a bonus against: Pirate seamanCoral TorchCoral torchSalmonsalmonNearby players get a bonus against: Eleven CopterNearby players receive a bonus against: ElfkopterLeprosyleprosyFlame burst caneFlameproof stickSpider bookcaseSpider bookshelfMusic Box (tutorial)Music box (tutorial)'The essence of powerful flying creatures''Essence of Mighty Flying Creatures'Diabolist bannerDiabolist bannerDivineSaintThe fragments left behind from plummeting meteorites burn endlessly with astrological energy, some of which appears to be alive.The remains of fallen meteorites burn with astrological energy for all eternity. Part of it seems to have a life of its own.BrightishFairly bright (r / s)Demonite OreDemonite oresnowsnowBrown dyeBrown dyeI'm uh, like, a little homesick? Plus I need to feed my pets!Kind of ... am I a little homesick? And I have to feed my pets!I absolutely love it here! Are you surprised? Who thought I wouldn't like {BiomeName}?I love it here! Does that surprise you? Why did you think I wouldn't like {BiomeName}?Flame waker bootsFlame awakening bootsBrain SucklerBrain suckersDrumsdrumsGrubby CageGrubby cageFound in hives and nests all throughout the jungle, these tiny pests will swarm an adventurer at every turn.These tiny pests live in beehives and nests all over the jungle and happily pounce on adventurers.Vortex lampVortex lampA gingerbread man seeking vengeance for his long-eaten brethren. He may look yummy, but this is one tough cookie.A gingerbread man wants revenge for his long-eaten brothers. It may look delicious, but it's a tough chunk.Nearby players get a bonus against: Spiked Ice SlimeNearby players receive a bonus against: Larded Ice SlimeBraverycourageInabaInabaPredictorprophetCan be hit with a golf clubCan be hit with a golf clubSelect difficultyChoose level of difficultyMediumcoreMediumcoreAvailable Packs ({Amount})Available packages ({Amount})Open Enemy Difficulty SliderOpen slider for enemy difficultyI heard there was a powerful wizard who lives in these parts. Make sure to keep an eye out for him next time you go underground.I heard that a powerful wizard lives around here. Watch out for him on your next underground expedition.I don't like this anxiety I'm getting from the people gathering around me.I don't like the nervousness that other people exude here.CheapCheapSnowsnowZero close proximity life signs detected. This is fortunate.No life forms recognized in the immediate vicinity. That is an advantage.Cursed CampfireDamn campfireIf trees could scream, this evil evergreen would do so constantly. Deadly are the ornaments hurled from its branches.If trees could scream, this evergreen would. The tree ornaments it hurls from its branches are deadly.Some say there are giant bee hives buried underground in the jungle. I could do with some honey myself.Some say there are giant beehives buried in the underground jungle. I wouldn't mind a little honey.Dynasty Wood PlatformDynasty wooden flapGhost bannerGhost bannerArnie PalmfrondArnie PalmfrondBallista RodBallista rodMulticore Lighting:Multicore lighting: HP LPBoreal Wood ChestBoreal wood chestTrunksTree trunksBeetle MightBeetle powerEnduringPersistent (r / s)NutcrackerNutcrackerSkeleton bannerSkeleton bannerBamboo clockBamboo clockCrimtane OrePurple oreShadewood BookcaseShadowwood bookcaseI don't think I'm comfortable being so far away from my home.I don't think I like it so far from home.Jim MulliganJim MulliganHomicidemurderExplodes when stepped onExplodes when stepping on itAlertVigilantChandelierchandelier7% increased melee damage7% increased melee damage15% increased rocket damage
5% increased ranged critical strike chanceRocket damage increased by 15%
Ranged critical strike chance increased by 5%Flinx FurFlinx furI always go fishing in the rain! It's why I wear this hat!I always go fishing in the rain! That's why I'm wearing this hat!It thinks you are its motherIt thinks you are its motherSoul of Flight in a BottleSoul of flight in the bottleEquip a dye in every possible dye slot.Equip a dye in every possible dye slot.Smart Cursor Mode: HoldSmart cursor mode: HoldSolar doorSun doorCrystal ballCrystal glass ballSuspicious Looking AppleSuspicious looking appleFoolishFoolishActuatorActuatorWindy DayWindy dayNearby players get a bonus against: ClingerNearby players receive a bonus against: BurdockItemsItemsA slimy mollusk that thrives in damp, dark places. Fish are barely attracted to these.A slimy mollusk that lives in damp, dark places. It hardly attracts fish.Grants the ability to swim
Increases jump speed and allows auto-jump
Increases fall resistanceCapable of swimming
Increases the jumping speed and enables automatic jumping
Increases drop resistanceBuffsPositive status effectsOgre SpitOgre spukeAttracts a legendary creature which flourishes in water & combatAttracts a legendary creature that thrives in the water and in battleNearby players get a bonus against: HellhoundNearby players receive a bonus against: HellhoundThere are many treasures to be discovered in the jungle, if you are willing to dig deep enough.There are many treasures to be found in the jungle if you are willing to dig deep enough.Nebula HamaxeNebula HamaxeBounces back after hitting a wallBounce off when it hits a wallPositive beyond comprehension, the party girl will use any excuse to celebrate. She sells party favors and flashy things.The party girl is simply incomparably positive. She's fine with any excuse to celebrate. She sells party supplies and flashing things.8% reduced mana usage
Automatically use mana potions when neededMana use reduced by 8%
Mana potions are automatically consumed when neededGoat MountGoat mountAngler Fish BannerMonkfish bannerDungeon DoorLatch doorElatedLively (r / s)Throwing KnivesThrowing knifeIvy WhipIvy whipGloomyMelancholySummons a rideable Winged Slime mountSummons a winged slime to rideChainsawsChainsawsNebula toiletNebula toiletDynasty DresserDynasty chest of drawersDisplays the world seed.Displays the world seed.# of Worlds:Number of worlds:Blue Cultist Archer BannerBlue cultist archer bannerThe constant moaning and ear-piercing screeching noises are distracting me from my work!The constant moans and the deafening screams distract me from work!Angler FishmonkfishLightning bugsFireflyFrecklesFrecklesOrange bloodrootOrange blood herbBlack Scorpion CageBlack scorpion cageWorm bannerWorm bannerUse to let a bunny arrive in townUse to make a bunny arrive in townAdding snowAdd snowLevelLevelMaster BaitMaster baitSpectral gastropodGhostly pelvic footHellbat bannerHell's bat bannerEbonwood sofaEbony sofaNebula floaterNebula sliverAh, no one around - I can test new bombs without creating a graveyard for limbs!Ah, no one there ... Then I can test new bombs without having to build a graveyard for severed limbs.infoInfoInfoDementiadementiaTrapped Crimson ChestFallen Crimson ChestNano bulletNanospheresChlorophyte Plate MailGreen algae plate armorDouble tap {0} to toggle stealth,
increasing ranged ability and reducing chance for enemies to target you but slowing movement speedDouble tap {0} to switch camouflage on or off,
Increase ranged skills and decrease the chance of enemies targeting you. However, it also reduces movement speed.Gold Water StriderGolden water striderCactiCactiBallista sentry summonsBallista GuardianAn extremely rare, difficult to catch glowworm. A specific, powerful sea creature is insatiably attracted to these.An extremely rare, difficult to catch lightworm. There is a very specific, powerful sea creature that just can't resist them.Choose an option for more information.Select an option for more information.plotreasonI don't really like {NPCName} bein 'on my turf, ya know?I have a problem with {NPCName} being in my area, you know?{NPCName} 's passion for golf inspires me!{NPCName} is passionate about golf. I find that incredibly inspiring!Dynamite FishDynamite fishBlack ScorpionBlack scorpionNearby players get a bonus against: Toxic SludgeNearby players receive a bonus against: Toxic MudArbusArbusIron PickaxeIron pickaxeLightning OrbLightning sphereBlood RainRain of bloodDevourer HeadDevouring headHallowed TorchHoly torchSurfacesurfaceIn {BiomeName} ... Good RUN! PLAY! HUNT! Yee!In {BiomeName} ... Have a good RUN! PLAY! TO HUNT! Jipie!Mouse statueMouse statueNearby players get a bonus against: Hell Armored BonesNearby players receive a bonus against: Hellishly Armored Bones{0} was consumed by the inferno.{0} was devoured by the inferno.Wall of Flesh MaskMeat wall maskMusic Box (Boss 4)Music box (Boss 4)wolfwolfPink Jellyfish BannerPink jellyfish bannerExplosive trap rodBooby Trap RodGold GreavesGold legguardsDao of PowDao from PowHiddenHiddenDamage per secondDamage per secondTree shirtTree shirtHotline fishing hookHot line fishing rodSenselessPointless (r / s)ThornsThornsUsed for basic craftingUsed for ease of manufactureClinging tightly to their parents and rarely seen, these miniature slimes will swarm anyone who harms their mother. These mini slimes are rarely seen because they cling tightly to their parents. However, if their mother is attacked, they swarm out to counterattack. You are slimy and sparklyYou're slimy and shinyAcornsAcornsCopy Seed: {0}Copy seed: {0}Are goblins really so different from us that we couldn't live together peacefully?Are goblins really so different from us that we cannot live together in peace?ExteriorOutdoor areaCountrycountryBlue Dungeon BathtubBlue dungeon bathtubGiant Cursed Skull BannerGiant Curse Skull BannerCrystal bathtubCrystal tubA brilliant red insect often associated with luck. Fishing with these as bait may result in unwanted karma.Bright red insects are often considered lucky omen. If you use them as bait while fishing, unwanted karma could catch up with you.D-Town's leggingsD-Towns gaitersReally quiet out there. A little too quiet ...Really quiet out here. A little too quiet ...FrozenFrozenGrassgrassDemon's EyeDemon eye (painting)Bunny CannonBunny cannonTorches and Glowsticks can be a light for you in dark places when all other lights go out. Torches won't work underwater, but Glowsticks will.You can use torches and glow sticks to light up the darkness when there is no more light. Torches don't work underwater, but glow sticks do.Sand gunSand gunHiTek sunglassesHiTek sunglassesA divine and overzealous force, 'The Hallow', serves as a cure to combat evil with its majestic, powerful creatures of light.The sacred is a divine, overzealous power which, with its majestic light creatures, is said to represent the antidote to evil.Amethyst Squirrel CageAmethyst squirrel cageA curious deviation of nature, large mushrooms grow densely from glowing blue grass. Tough 'mycanoids' defend the area.A strange freak of nature makes large mushrooms grow out of glowing blue grass. This area is under the protection of the merciless Mykonides.Tax collector's setTax collector setGreen WrenchGreen wrenchFlying knifeFlying knifeCursedCursedHandgunpistolTerraria: Red Dev RedemptionTerraria: Red Dev Redemption'Powered by Bacon!''Powered by bacon power!'OdinOdinPenguin statuePenguin statueCrassCrass (r / s)Bee breastplateBee breastplate'Your most loyal travel companion. The glowing orb is soft and welcoming. '
Concept by crowflux'Your most loyal traveling companion. This glowing ball is soft and welcoming. ‘
Concept of crowfluxSpectral headgearSpectral headgearChlorophyte greataxeLarge green algae axTrue Eye of Cthulhu AITrue-eye-of-Cthulhu-AIDivorcedivorceAll this rainfall makes it hard to see. I should tinker my goggles with a pair of windshield wipers.With all the rain I can hardly see anything. I should put a couple of wipers on my glasses.Am I hearing spiders? Oh, just noisy neighbors, I don't like that.Do I hear anything about spiders? Oh, only noisy neighbors. I do not like it.AppleAppleActivates whenever occupied by honey, deactivates otherwiseActivated when a bee sits on it. Disabled at all other times.BaconPork baconMany drakanians ride the beastly Drakomires as a form of battle steed. Should the Drakomire be slain, they will pursue on foot.Many Dracans ride into battle on Drakomir beasts. If the Drakomir falls, they move on on foot.Nearby players get a bonus against: Giant ShellyNearby players receive a bonus against: Giant ShellyHighlandHighlandsNearby players get a bonus against: MimicNearby players receive a bonus against: MimicWrongWrong (r / s)Moon Lord RelicLunar Lord RelicFrozen ShieldFrozen shieldSummons a hornet to fight for youSummons a hornet to fight for youDirt bombDirt bombMama always said I would make a great tailor.Mama always said that I would make a good tailor.Lake of FireLake of fireLeaving doors open may be an invitation for shambling brain-eaters to enter the home, and nobody likes that.If you leave your doors open, you could invite shuffling brain-eaters home. Nobody likes that.A playful prank gone wrong, clowns will unleash these explosive chompers on their enemies. Also great for parties!A playful joke that went wrong. Clowns unleash these explosive munchers when they see enemies. They are also a cool party gag!Print MOTD.Print out the MDT.SmokesmokeEternalEternal (r / s)WaldoWaldoIt is unwise to traverse openly beneath the flashing dangers from above.There is no point in walking around without protection among the flashing dangers from above.'Fezzes are cool''Feze are cool'Etherian reptiles in service of the Old One's Army. Powerful beasts, they are capable of spewing deadly purple flames.These reptiles from Etheria are in the service of the old man's army. They are powerful beings that spew deadly purple flames.Broken Hero SwordBroken hero swordDesert Tiger StaffDesert tiger stickIce Golem BannerIce Golem BannerSummoningConjure upHovelDumpGrants the ability to swim and greatly extends underwater breathing
Provides extra mobility on ice
Generates a very subtle glow which becomes more vibrant underwaterCapable of swimming and provides significantly more air to breathe underwater
Increases mobility on ice
Creates a soft glow that becomes stronger underwaterrainrainArapaimaArapaimaTitanium BarrierTitanium barrierMirrorsmirrorSelf-disgustSelf disgustMr. CatMister catBlossomsblossomsDistressingHarrowingRandomize colorColors at randomTreasure Bag (Empress of Light)Treasure Bag (Empress of Light)Black Studded SaddleBlack studded saddle/ emoji/ emojiRare, red-furred hyperactive rodents which scurry about the woods.Rare, hyperactive red-haired rodents that race through the woods.But I was almost done putting blinking lights up here!But I almost managed to get flashing lights up here.UnexploredUnexploredShadow armorShadow armorA small, levitating sorcerer from Etheria who wields dark magic and can even raise fresh minions for the Old One's Army.A small, floating wizard from Etheria who uses black magic and can raise new favorites for the old man's army. to open to openGoblin Archer bannerGoblin archer banner/ santank/ christmas tanksIncreases maximum mana by 40
Reduces mana usage by 7%Increases maximum mana by 40
Reduces mana consumption by 7%VoidEmptykimonokimonoPainpainPink Maid ShoesPink maid shoesDuke Fishron AIHerzog Fischron AIImmunity to SilenceImmune to silenceCalmQuietBlood Feeder BannerBloodsucker bannerFruit saladfruit saladSevered hand bannerSevered hand bannerSaplingSaplingRussellRussellEnchanted Sword BannerEnchanted sword bannerIngridIngridSlime PrincessSlime princessChases after your enemyChases your opponentCorrupt CrateCorrupted boxShoots a venom fang that pierces multiple enemiesShoots a toxic poison tooth that pierces multiple enemiesNebula hammerNebula hammerTungsten helmetTungsten helmetHellfire ArrowHellfire arrowFrozen chairFrozen stoolThese bulky brutes are awkward and ungainly, but their javelins are still razor sharp, and their aim is deadly.These massive blanks are awkward and unsightly. But their javelins are razor sharp and they aim with eagle eyes.BruceBruceIce FeatherIce featherHandmade Terraria Golf Courses where you can tee off to set the course record.Handcrafted Terraria golf courses where you can set a new course record.Nearby players get a bonus against: Crystal ThresherNearby players receive a bonus against: Crystal Threshers'Is it a gold bowl? Or a gold fish? ''Is it a gold glass? Or a goldfish? ‘'You can't see me behind the screen, I'm half human and half machine ...'
Concept by Dr Zootsuit'You don't see me behind the screen. I am half human and half machine ... ‘
Concept by Dr ZootsuitBone BedBone bedElf shirtElf shirtDrops in the Hardmode JungleIs there as prey in the jungle (Hardmode)Brisk(Brisk)Cursed Skull BannerCurse skull bannersIndifferentEgale (r / s)Crowno's MaskCrownos maskthe beastthe beastPumpkin toiletPumpkin toiletDouble tap {0} to call an ancient storm to the cursor locationDouble tap {0} to summon an ancient storm over the cursor positionExplosive bulletExploding bullet (projectile)Cactus toiletCactus toiletDifferentDifferentGuide to Plant Fiber CordageInstructions for plant fiber rope/ oldman/old manExposed to dark rituals, this skull has begun floating around on its own, chasing the living. Its touch leaves its victims defenseless.After being subjected to somber rituals, this skull began to float around on its own. Now he's hunting the living. His touch leaves his victims defenseless.Check my fresh.Looks great!Magic MissileMagic missileKittenskittenMajor improvements to all stats
'Not the gumdrop buttons!'Great improvement in all values
'Not my beautiful drops buttons!'GearsGearsAttacking generates a defensive barrier of titanium shardsWhen you attack, a defense barrier made of titanium shards is created15% increased arrow damage
5% increased ranged critical strike chanceArrow damage increased by 15%
Ranged critical strike chance increased by 5%passwordpasswordGolf club (putter)Golf clubs (putter)Amethyst Gem LockAmethyst gemstone lockI ain't got a place to stay!I don't have enough space to live!Festive wingsFestive wings'C. Rohde ''C. Rohde 'Change Time to DuskChange the time to duskNearby players get a bonus against: Angry BonesNearby players receive a bonus against: AngerbonesValidating world save:Worldsaving is confirmed:Redigit's KingdomRedigits KingdomWyvern legsLindworm legsLunar portal laserLunar portal laserToo much water dilutes my selection! This rain better pass, soon!Too much water dilutes my choices! This rain should stop quickly!BoundlessLimitlessDo you want some magic candy? No? OK.Maybe you want some magic candy? No? Well.Pixie DyePixie dyeI once met a stylist in this region. She went off adventuring underground and that was the last I saw of her. Wonder what became of her?I met a stylist somewhere here. She went on an underground adventure, after which I never saw her again. I wonder what became of her./ frostmoon/ frost moonSummons a lost soul to chase your foesSummons a lost soul to haunt your adversariesNearby players get a bonus against: Deadly SphereNearby players receive a bonus against: Deadly SphereTopaz Gemspark BlockTopaz spark gemstone blockStardust plateStardust PlateSummons little PlanteroSummons a little plantero4% increased melee critical strike chance
Enemies are more likely to target youMelee critical strike chance increased by 4%
Enemies are more likely to attack youSandstone BrickSandstone brickChris “Skiphs” BednarzChris “Skiphs” BednarzAuto Select Automatic selection FadedFadedDangerous(Dangerous)Fairy bootsFairy bootsShadow Mummy BannerShadow mummy bannerThe undead who bear the Diabolic Sigil wield flames as intense as any in the underworld, consuming all in a scorching inferno.The undead bearing the Diabolic Seal can command flames as hot as those of the underworld. They destroy everything in a burning inferno.Mana BoosterMana boosterdandydandy'This chicken is raw!''The chicken is raw!'the anglerthe fishermanI don't work for free you know.I don't work for free, you know.I dislike {BiomeName}, magic does not flow well in a place like this.I don't like {BiomeName}. In such a place the magic doesn't flow well.MiskaMiskaA pumpkin has many faces. A pumpkin will murder all with many sharp blades. A pumpkin is king of the harvest.The pumpkin can have many faces. A pumpkin can murder everyone with many sharp blades. A pumpkin is the king of the harvest.Reflective metal dyeSpecular metal dyeEnter Seed (Leave Blank For Random):Enter seed (leave blank for random seed):Publish your Worlds to the Steam Workshop, so that others can enjoy them.Publish your worlds in the Steam Workshop for others to use.EducationtrainingCat pantsCat pantsCelledChamberedNecromancerNecromancerHorrorsscareRudeNaughtystarterJump startObtain a golden fishing rod.Receive a golden fishing rod.Deep teal paintDark blue-green colorCycle hotableRotate the quick barTV head setTV head setPink Dungeon BookcasePink dungeon bookcaseBamboo bathtubBamboo bathtubNudeNakedBig Leafy HornetLarge leaved hornetStylish scissorsFashion scissorsThere are some strange people in hoods loitering outside of the dungeon. Maybe you should check it out?Strange people in cloaks hang around outside the dungeon. Maybe you should take a look?Opens one locked Gold Chest or Lock BoxOpens a locked gold chest or lock boxHoney sofaHoney sofaI know a Lavamancer that would really like that hellstone down in the underworld.I know a lava conjurer in the underworld who would really like to have a hellstone.Frankenstein bannerFrankenstein bannerA magical orb that provides lightA magical sphere that gives off lightHanging skeletonHanging skeletonCrab bannerCrab banner