Masturbation makes you irritable

After masturbation, the vagina burns

I (f / 17) recently discovered SB for myself or am trying to do it (it hasn't really worked out so far, but that's another story ...)
My problem: I always have a burning sensation in my vagina afterwards, this time (never before) also when urinating. Can that be overstimulation? I'm afraid that I hurt something ... I didn't do "a lot" ... Well, I wasn't super gentle now, but otherwise I don't feel anything at all ...? And my second worry: I was only active on the outside, but I'm always afraid of having caught bacteria or something ... (hands washed beforehand, but you still touch some things in between)
Are my fears justified or what else can it be? And while I'm at it, how can it be that I almost never feel anything?
I hope you can answer quickly ... LG by sternchen47 /

Gabi's answer

Hello my love,

great that you discovered masturbation for yourself. Please don't stress yourself now if solo sex isn't as intoxicating as you might imagine in your fantasy. You make tender, erotic experiments with yourself and your body - take your time to discover your lust.

I just want to tell you so much: the absolute source of pleasure is the clitoris. This is the little bump that you can feel where the labia have grown together at the top. There are many many nerves in this pea-sized bump that only ensure that you get beautiful feelings. But it is also important that you feel like caressing the clitoris. And the desire to stroke and touch arises in the head. When you have hot thoughts, think of something pleasurable, the hormones in the body get into turmoil and it is exciting to caress the clitoris. How? You will try that out for yourself. Whether violently, gently - however, do what you like. Every girl has different preferences.

A burning sensation when urinating can be due to bacteria, but you can get them elsewhere, for example in the swimming pool, in unclean toilets. If the burning sensation becomes more uncomfortable, you should ask a gynecologist for advice.

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