Is silica powder and silicone powder the same

Rubber types White Silica Powder

Rubber qualities white silica powder

Classification: silicon dioxide

CAS No.: 7631-86-9

Other names: white soot, white silica

MF: SiO 2 • nH 2 O

EINECS No.: 231-545-4


1) White dispersed powder

2) Can be dissolved by NaOH and HF, but cannot be dissolved by other kinds

of acid, water and solvents

3) It has good performance

4) With resistance to higher temperatures

5) Will not burn and has good insulation


1) Shoemaking industry: rubber outsole reinforcement similar to black carbon. It brings the light color and transparent appearance of the rubber outsole with excellent performance

2) Tire industry: greatly reduces the friction on the ground and increases the tire grip on the wet and icy ground. The connection between curtain threads or fabric and rubber compound is improved

3) Silicone rubber: its aging, elasticity and compression set are increased

4) Plastic industry: increases the flexibility, strength and water resistance of the plastic products

5) Coating Industry: It provides the performance that prevents the coating from aggregating and hanging down. It can increase viscosity and matt the gloss of the coating

6) Pharmaceutical industry: there is a function of increasing viscosity, floating and dispersing. It can be a carrier and an anti-caking agent

Packaging: 20kgs or 25kgs per bag.