Are people ready to buy expensive shoes?

Lots of shoes for little money: This is how you can save when buying sneakers

Sneakers are the item of clothing that most people wear great emphasis on brands lay. While jeans or t-shirts can be the cheap no-name product, sneakers are still mainly models from adidas, Nike, Puma, Converse, Vans and others well-known labels Bought. However, they are not necessarily cheap and the prices are often in the three-digit range. Isn't that cheaper, you ask yourself? Naturally! In the following, you will find out how you can get cheap (branded) sneakers - both online and offline.

Sneakers are experiencing a boom worldwide

Figures from Statista show how sneakers sell worldwide. A volume of over 382 billion euros is expected the 2020 global footwear market. Germany accounts for around 3.4 percent of this, i.e. in this country people spend more than 13 billion euros a year on shoes. Of course, these are not just sneakers, but also

  • Leather shoes
  • Sandals
  • Sports shoes etc.

What is the difference between sneakers and sports shoes? Quite simply: They are now defined as sneakers suitable for everyday use, which - in contrast to sports shoes - are not designed for actual training. So they are actually less intended for jogging, playing basketball or other sports. Instead, they serve as a comfortable companion in everyday life, be it at work, when going out, for walks or when shopping.

Almost every German now owns at least one pair of such sneakers. You have to work not only in this country, but also worldwide Many people's favorite shoe developed and account for around 25 percent of all sales. So while every fourth pair of sneakers sold is made up of the remaining 75 percent, all other types of shoes from winter shoes to sandals. These figures make it clear how dominant the position of sneakers is currently on the international shoe market.

Does it really always have to be brands?

This development is also impressive because the brand sneakers are among the Luxury shoes counting. Their market value increased from 0.9 to three billion euros between 2009 and 2016. So more and more sneakers have real ones Collector's value. Many Germans are therefore quite willing to invest a lot of money in the kicks. In 2017 alone, around 360 million pairs of sneakers were sold in the Federal Republic of Germany, meaning that everyone bought an average of more than four pairs of new sneakers. These come mainly from the brands of the five largest producers by far:

  1. Nike
  2. Adidas
  3. Asics
  4. puma
  5. Under Armor

The group with the greatest number of buyers is the Millennials. You set the current trends and have a weakness for sneakers. Accordingly, it is to be expected that the boom will not end for a long time. And it is precisely these millennials who pay particular attention to brands: a total of 52 percent of buyers in Germany prefer sneakers from well-known brands. You also pay attention to the price, but put it in relation to quality, appearance and the label. It therefore weighs heavier in the purchase decision.

So for many people the answer is: yes, it has to be brands! According to this, Germans spend an average of 160 euros per person per year on new sneakers. But that's only enough for one or two pairs of branded sneakers - if they are bought at the regular price.

Are sneakers really cheaper online?

Millennials grew up as “digital natives”, which is why it is not surprising that they are increasingly buying online. The E-commerce is growing steadily and that also applies to the purchase of sneakers. Nevertheless, with 82 percent, the shoe stores are still surprisingly way ahead. The inhibition threshold for ordering expensive shoes online seems to be comparatively high for buyers.

This is relatively easy to explain, because with shoes it is correct fitcrucial for comfort and foot health. While a t-shirt can be a bit too loose, sneakers have to fit like a glove. Many buyers therefore prefer to have them in retail trade to try on. Nevertheless, a slow turnaround can be seen.

  • Online shops already make up 42 percent of the market.
  • Department stores and department stores account for 31 percent.
  • 23 percent is directly attributable to the manufacturers' online shops.

Brands are also swimming with the tide and are increasingly selling their products online. After all, the internet offers many advantages like that Time and place-independent shopping, but also Price advantages. Many products can be purchased online more cheaply than in retail stores - electronics, for example.

However, this only applies to a limited extent to clothing and sneakers. After all, many brands already offer clothes and shoes for ridiculous prices - excluding shipping charges and with the option of this to try on site. There are also occasions like this for branded sneakers in brick-and-mortar retail Saleto which these are significantly reduced. Buying sneakers online is therefore not in principle cheaper or more expensive than offline.

Buy sneakers "properly" online - that's how it works!

If you want to get cheap sneakers, be they from well-known brands or as cheap no-name products, the "where" is less important than the "how". If you want to buy online, you stand for it various options with potential savings to disposal:

Tip 1: look for low-cost suppliers

There are retailers who sell cheap sneakers through their own shops or platforms such as Amazon. So if you are looking for the cheapest possible sneakers, which do not necessarily have to be from one brand, you will certainly find it on Google or you can take a look at Amazon and Ebay around. However, it then applies that Product and shop reviews to study, because cheap goods in particular often come from Asia and are of inferior quality. Exceptions prove the rule.

So are you ready to invest time in the necessary research and on foreign traders trusting - which can also mean long delivery times - you will definitely find what you are looking for on the Internet according to the motto "as cheap as possible". This also has the advantage that you are a significantly larger selection have. After all, there are often other trends in other countries, i.e. you can request unique sneakers that differ from the mass-produced goods. For example, AmazonGlobal now offers you the opportunity to buy various products from the USA via an app.

Tip 2: order branded sneakers abroad

As with the cheap sneakers, you can of course also order more expensive branded goods directly from abroad via the Internet. Many brands are cheaper in the USA, for example, and then also that Exchange rate good, you can get real bargains. Online shopping is usually particularly worthwhile, even if there are also corresponding campaigns such as the "Cyber ​​Monday"Or"Black Friday“Take place at which there are fabulous discounts.

But be careful: Anyone who buys abroad - be it cheap or expensive sneakers - must also include customs duties and import sales tax. While cheap products are often still under the Exemption limits these possible price advantages with branded goods quickly wipe out. In addition, you are not allowed to order counterfeit branded goods, because this is illegal in Germany. So if you are not entirely sure that the branded sneakers from abroad are actually real, you better keep your hands off them!

Tip 3: take advantage of discounts and special offers

It is therefore worth taking a look at foreign websites, but should be treated with caution. It's less complicated if you order in Germany after all. That means:

  • cheaper shipping costs
  • faster delivery times
  • stricter legal requirements

By the way, you can find out where the head office of the respective dealer is located imprint remove. This is mandatory and can be reached with just one click. So if you don't find such an imprint, you'd better keep your hands off buying online on this platform and look around for other retailers.

If you have found a selection of reputable websites, it is best to wait for special promotions. Because the "Black Friday "or" Cyber ​​Monday“There is now also at many German online shops. And they often have one in other ways too Sale section with reduced goods.

On the Internet you also have the advantage that you Discount codes can use. For example, as a student, you are entitled to discounted conditions at some retailers or Influencer share via Instagram such codes that they have received in the course of a cooperation. So it makes perfect sense to keep an eye out for discount codes. For example, you can

  • on the Brand Instagram page see which influencers they are currently cooperating with. You then visit their page and see if you can find such a discount code under a picture. As a rule, the corresponding sneakers can be seen on this picture.
  • The is also promising Search on google. So give for example a "brand + discount code". You will certainly find what you are looking for, especially for well-known brands. However, not all codes always work, so you may have to try out some.

You can quickly save five, ten or even 20 percent. Also special offers like "free shipping“Or something like that are not uncommon with such discount codes.

Tip 4: Choose unusual sizes and models

You have an advantage if you have particularly small, large or unusually shaped feet. Because very small and large sizes remain in online shops as well as in stationary retail often left - until they are as reduced remaining stock sold. In that case, it's best to be patient and keep an eye on the sale.

Shoes for narrow or wide feet also do not fit many people and are therefore often cheaper to buy. Contrary to the current trend towards chunkier sneakers, there are always slim ones that look classic and trendy at the same time. Many brands bring so-called slim sneakers onto the market for such requirements. So look specifically for keywords just like the "slim sneakers" or "wide fit" and you will have a larger selection of inexpensive branded sneakers than with the standard models.

Tip 5: choose the right day of the week

Most Germans buy sneakers on Friday or Saturday online - as a reward for the working week, so to speak. But of course the dealers also know this and are therefore deliberately driving up prices on these days. On the other hand, your chances of wearing down sneakers are better if you countercyclical buys, i.e. from Sunday to Thursday.

Tip 6: use sneakers search engines

What you may not have known yet: There is special sneakers search engines, which you can use to directly compare the offers from different dealers., or are examples of this.

So you enter, for example, which sneakers you want to buy and in what size. You will then be compared with the cheapest offers, often directly with further information such as those on delivery times or delivery costs. This will give you one very good overview about the current market price and the currently cheapest providers. You can of course also combine this strategy with discount codes or loyalty points, for example.

Tip 7: loyalty points, club memberships & co

Such loyalty points are sometimes both from the dealers themselves as well as through providers like Payback. These usually do not pay off immediately, i.e. the price for the sneakers is not directly reduced. With Payback, however, you can collect points with every purchase and redeem them for cash at some point. At some retailers, for example, you can pay directly with the Payback card if there are enough points on it.

As already mentioned, some brands also offer their own loyalty programs or "clubs" through which you can Special conditions can get. Again and again you will get a ten percent discount or something like that, for example. As a rule, you install one for this App or you subscribe to the Email newsletter, because they often contain discount codes or refer to promotions.

Such newsletters or “clubs” are available from H&M or Luisviaroma, for example. This gives you access to exclusive sneaker models in the latter shop. So not everyone can buy these limited edition shoes, which makes them particularly desirable and valuable. Such programs often offer other advantages in addition to the price.

Tip 8: Browse through second-hand shops

If new sneakers are still too expensive for you, of course you can too on used shoes put. There are numerous corresponding second-hand platforms online. On Kleiderkreisel, for example, anyone can sell clothes and shoes that they no longer wear themselves. Likewise on Ebay, where they can be set with fixed prices or auctions. On the girls' flea market, on the other hand, there are only branded clothes and therefore also rare sneakers. But the list is much longer. However, there are a few things to consider when buying used sneakers:

  • Find out about your customer rights in private sales such as Guarantee, warranty and return options. When it comes to second-hand goods, you often have no demands and if the sneakers don't fit or you like, you've literally thrown the money out of the window.
  • Make sure the sneakers not too worn are - unless you want to use them purely as collectibles. Because if the sneakers have already "run in" on another foot or are too worn, they often no longer fit properly. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also damage your foot if you wear it frequently.
  • If possible, you pay for it Purchase with PayPal. Because you enjoy the Buyer Protection, which offers you at least a minimum of security even with private sales. If this option is not offered, you insist on one insured shipping. Otherwise you are liable yourself if the package does not arrive.
    The second-hand purchase offers you price advantages and the opportunity to get rare models that are sold out or are no longer in production, for example. Due to the uncertainty as to whether the sneakers will fit and like - or even arrive - this is not an option for everyone.

The second-hand purchase thus offers you Price advantages and the opportunity to attend too rare models which are sold out or are no longer in production, for example. Due to the uncertainty as to whether the sneakers will fit and like - or even arrive - this is not an option for everyone.

Buying sneakers "offline" in retail: tips & tricks

The internet offers you a lot more opportunities to get cheap sneakers. But that doesn't mean that you can't get a bargain or two "offline":

  • Second hand shops there are of course also stationary. Here you will find individual pieces at comparatively low prices with the advantage that you can try them on directly on site and check their condition. You have to be a bit lucky that the right sneakers are available in the right size at the right time. The second-hand shops are definitely worth a look!
  • Price comparisons are not a new way of saving. However, the trick still works fine. After all, the models of the big brands are offered in many different shoe stores, so you can get hold of the same product at different prices. In addition, you now have the option of directly comparing the prices in the store with those on the Internet. As soon as you have found out which size fits the model, you can search for the cheapest price using your smartphone. Sometimes retail wins and you take the shoes with you. Another time the internet is cheaper and you can order the sneakers online.
  • B-goods is also always a good insider tip. So ask directly in the store whether they have the corresponding B-goods in stock. It does have small flaws, but these are often not noticed at all. Instead, it can save you a lot of money.

Lastly, of course, you like sneakers all ways to save open, as when shopping for clothes: outlet stores, sales, specials or flea markets are promising places to go to get a real bargain on (branded) sneakers.