Do you really need antivirus software

Do you really need antivirus for your smart TV?

Samsung says you should run a virus scan on your Samsung smart TV "every few weeks". The company recently added McAfee Antivirus to their televisions. But do you really need to run an antivirus scan on your TV manually ?!

No, antivirus scans will not run on your TV

Let's get started right away: no, we don't recommend running an antivirus scan on your smart TV.

If Samsung thinks you should manually run antivirus scans on the smart TVs for more security. This is a good argument if you are not buying a Samsung TV. If you have a Samsung TV, this is a good argument to unplug your Samsung TV from WiFi and use a streaming device like Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, or Chromecast.

If Samsung wants to incorporate background anti-malware scanning to tick a feature list and make customers feel like they are getting better, that's fine. However, asking people to manually check for malware on their TVs is absurd - and when they have to, Samsung has done something very wrong.

The official Samsung Support Twitter account has The tweet was deleted, but is still available in the Internet archive. Anti-virus software continues to be built into the company's QLED TVs. The antivirus scan is available via Menu> General> System Manager> Smart Security.

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But can your TV get malware?

It is possible for smart TVs to be compromised, but this is likely the result of a zero-day attack that antivirus software does not intercept.

Like all Internet of Things devices - Internet-connected devices that are often not supported long enough with security patches - your TV's “smart” software may be out of date, unpatched, and open to attack.

If you're running an old Smart TV - maybe with old, unpatched Android TV software - that could be a problem. However, we recommend skipping the antivirus software. You can't even use antivirus software on most TVs.

Simply disconnect the TV from your WiFi and use aRoku or similar streaming device instead. If your TV isn't connected to the internet, that's fine. Streaming devices like these are supported with security and function updates even if your TV manufacturer no longer knows your TV set.

After all, when was the last time you heard about antivirus software for a Roku?