Which emojis are allowed on Quora


Quora - that should have been registered in this country at the latest last week - is currently an extremely popular web portal.

At first glance, it's just another question-and-answer portal on which registered users can ask and answer questions. This has been known in Germany for some time. Wer-weiss-was.de, gutefrage.net or the “Members ask” application in the XING business network are very popular (but mostly quite a long way from helpful expert knowledge…).

At second glance it quickly becomes clear that Quora is in a completely different league - both technically and in terms of content. After all, there is also a good $ 14 million in risk capital in the start-up from Silicon Valley. That was not only made possible by a damned ingenious technology, but also by the corresponding manpower. In this way, the rather strict formal and content-related requirements for the questions can be checked and the quality can be kept very high.

"I.In contrast to conventional social networks, here the social graph is linked with an interest graph, so that the user receives content recommendations based on two vectors, which dramatically increases the general accuracy of hits. In times of overflowing Twitter timelines and unmanageable unread counts in the feed reader, this is worth its weight in gold.“

says Thom Nagy on his blog.

The formal requirements for the questions are likely to be just as important for success. Even before the first question is asked, a multiple-choice test instructs you in the set of rules for the correct question.

These can be briefly summarized with

"Ask short and very precise questions that allow the most concrete answers possible and avoid ramblings and bushes - this is about facts"

The quality of the questions and answers at Quora has so far been very high and thus again reaches a very interesting target group. The best prerequisite for a monetization of the portal through membership fees or advertising - and definitely also for use in the field of public relations!

How does Quora work and (how) can it be used for PR purposes?

Using Quora is as simple as anything. You register (currently only by invitation), introduce yourself in a user profile and, if necessary, can link directly to contacts from other networks (Facebook / Twitter).

From then on it is a matter of asking and answering questions, evaluating and commenting on answers and of course making contacts with other users.

Especially for experts (not necessarily social media experts, by the way, because they are firstly more all-rounders than experts and secondly already represented in huge numbers) Quora represents a real chance to make yourself better known and to demonstrate competence in a publicly effective manner.

Give answers, rate answers, create FAQs, post pictures

Anyone who specializes in the field of solar energy as an engineer, for example, will be able to prove this there by answering open questions about components, suppliers or the market situation. He not only proves his technical (and social) competence to potential customers, he is also found by journalists who write articles on the relevant topic and are looking for background information and expert statements. And with the increasing importance of Quora, this will certainly also apply to external searches via Google. If the level of Quora stays this high, then it is guaranteed to become a very popular and important research resource for bloggers and journalists.

This is exciting - also because questions can currently only be posted in English - for German companies at the moment, especially if they are globally oriented and have real experts on board. From our customer base, I immediately think of half a dozen who can not only provide answers to individual questions, but are also absolutely capable of contributing to FAQs on individual subject areas or putting together a "best of" for comprehensive answers. Functions that make it even easier for the searcher (whether customer, applicant or journalist) to get the right answer and make Quora a PR tool to be taken seriously.

It is also great that you can edit the answers in Quora and, above all, attach pictures. This not only brings exciting results to light, but can also be used again for PR purposes, for example when adding branded diagrams to answers. As in all social media networks, the same applies here: Be helpful, be friendly, be humble. Pure advertising postings are guaranteed to be labeled “not helpful”. A function that, by the way, I have wished for more than once on XING :-)

By the way, Quora should also be interesting for all those who think they don't have enough time (and inclination) to navigate social networks permanently. You should be able to use Quora well with relatively little expenditure of time.

My profile on Quora can be found here. I am still a newcomer there myself and continue to be very curious. As indicated above, however, I see myself more as an all-rounder than an expert. And certainly not as a social media expert. But that's a completely different topic. How are your previous impressions and experiences?