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Wednesday April 30, 2008

The Hindu December 8, 2000: Like a phoenix he rises again

The Hindu, December 8, 2000

Like a phoenix he rises again

Sanjay Dutt has carved out a special niche, as a valuable box office offer and as a creditable performer.

At the unlikely age of 40 plus, Sanjay Dutt rediscovered an unusual commercial niche, a niche that also earned him his share of critical acclaim. The latest in Sanjay's series of notable performances is his role as a policeman in Kurukshetra, with Dutt standing on the right-hand side of the law for "cultural" variety. Under the care of the new screenwriter and director Mahesh Manjrekar, Sanjay Dutt performs this remarkable metamorphosis in Kurukshetra.

It was Mahesh Manjrekar's Vaastav with whom Sanjay Dutt vehemently embarked on the comeback path. An actor matures with any form of exposure. And Sanjay Dutt has (in this his "second attempt"), as you can easily see, gained - not only in male stature, but also in mental strength through every single test in his eventful life.

As an actor coming of age in the best Hollywood tradition, Sanjay Dutt is about to fulfill the promise that an actor with the sensitivity of Naseeruddin Shah discovered long ago in Dutt: “This boy is different from the other newcomers of today. Sanjay's eyes can reflect real pain in a way that no other young actor can. This is because Sanjay has had so many experiences in his life, experiences that have made him a good actor already. A good actor is one who can expand his range of expression through the various personal experiences in his life. This painful look gives Sanjay both vulnerability and raw strength on screen. "

And yet “the return of the native” (because that's what Sanjay's powerful comeback stands for) only came about after the actor had worked single-mindedly and with unshakable concentration for his career for a long time. Two Maheshs played key roles in developing the amazing transformation in the career of this now honed actor: Mahesh (Sadak) Bhatt yesterday, Mahesh (Kurukshetra) Manjrekar today.

Mahesh (Naam) Bhatt, as Sanjay's early mentor, brought out the best in this actor's soulful side. While in the case of the other Mahesh Sanjay Dutt, Vaastav found ultimate recognition in the grandiose Manjrekar breakthrough after almost two decades in his job. That recognition came in the form of the Filmfare Best Actor Award for his performance of a simple young man forced to go on the wrong side of the law - a performance of the highest quality.

Of course, it's not that Sanjay Dutt (consider his parentage) didn't do a good job before Vaastav - and not just as a Khalnayak either. Sanjay's previous films (such as Naam and Sadak) got him a lot of positive attention as a headstrong or malevolent young man who gets into the world of crime and pays heavily for it. The character traits of his characters almost corresponded to his real image in that traumatic phase of his life. Both Kumar Gaurav and Sanjay Dutt perfectly shaped (in Naam) the good and bad side of human nature and reminded the audience of their fathers, the actors Rajendra Kumar and Sunil Dutt, in Mother India, even if the environment was very different was as in the mehboob classic from 1957.

However, Sanjay Dutt could not always get hold of the kind of roles that best suited his talent or that would have taken him further as a performer. Most of the time, his producers expediently relied on Sanjay Dutt's strong image as an action hero. Still, Sanjay could certainly be proud of his accomplishments in films like Sadak and Saajan. In Saajan, Sanjay drew the gentle, soulful figure of a handicapped and introverted poet who enables his best friend (Salman Khan) to steal his great love (Madhuri Dixit) from him and almost loses it to the young man. All three main actors delivered natural and natural performances in Saajan under the competent direction of Lawrence D’Souza.

Saajan established Sanjay Dutt as the conventional gentle film hero after the unconventional film Naam ended its long streak of bad luck following its hit debut as Rocky (1981). A series of films followed that did little more than boldly ride his wave of happiness. Back then, as an actor, Sanjay Dutt was always the better of his contemporaries. Unfortunately, this was also the time when Sanjay's life beyond the screen was more in the spotlight than his on-screen performances.

When Sanjay Dutt finally appeared as Khalnayak in Subhash Ghai's film of the same name, the role of the mischievous villain who refuses to open a new chapter in the book of his life seemed to have been taken out of his life. As Khalnayak, he again starred alongside Madhuri Dixit in a film that showed his profound insight into his role. This was due not only to the fact that Subhash Ghai is a director who always encourages his actors to perform well, but also to the hard work that Sanjay put into this project.

Probably no other star has gone through such different and difficult times as Sanjay. Sanjay's life was an open book that anyone could interpret as they wanted. No other star could have continued his career while admittedly a drug addict - Sanjay did it. He demonstrated his strength of character in the way he tackled this deadly addiction. However, just at the moment when his career curve finally seemed to be on the way up after everything he had been through, the TADA case threw Sanjay Dutt's career back by at least five years.

But Sanjay was always fortunate to have a loving and helpful family - who admired him wholeheartedly as one who had always fought his fights himself. Not only did his father, the politician and actor Sunil Dutt, stand firm with him, Sanjay's steadfast girlfriend and current wife Rhea Pillai was also a tremendous moral support for him. His imprisonment and personal tragedies - like the untimely death of his first wife Richa Sharma and the deprivation of his only daughter - have only made Sanjay mature even more. And if the offers fell into his lap at first, Sanjay now worked on his comeback like never before, directing all his concentration on his career and leaving his past behind.

The Filmfare Best Actor Award for Vaastav came for Sanjay Dutt at exactly the right age and phase in his life. It came at a time when Sanjay had learned to appreciate and appreciate the recognition that genuine effort brings. And today he is finally getting more and more roles that match his personality. Sanjay has revived his role as a performer and star - with a market value all of its own - but he no longer blatantly takes it for granted.

While Sanjay used to find dancing on the screen to be a strenuous act of strength, today it is a pleasure to watch him let himself go in front of the camera - as it should be with a good actor. Just look at his easy gait and whole posture in David Dhawan's Chal Mere Bhai - next to such a show stealer and exhibitionist like Salman Khan. You'd have thought that this kind of comedy wasn't Sanjay's thing, since he's more at home in the action scene. And yet the actor in Sanjay has not the slightest disadvantage compared to Salman in Chal Mere Bhai. He feels so comfortable with Salman and Karisma (even with all the dances) that the way he has developed as an actor is tantamount to a revelation.

Sanjay Dutt is now made for such difficult roles as in his most recent films, e.g. Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Mission Kashmir, in which he effortlessly embodies the role of a terrorist *. One must not forget that he can be seen here at the side of the latest millionaire favorite Hrithik Roshan. Even if he admits that the boy is young, this does not mean the slightest disadvantage for Sanjay, since he is able to strongly oppose it. And so he can also be seen to his advantage in Mahesh Manjrekar's Kurukshetra - in the central role of an honorable police officer. Even the audience who criticized the film itself couldn't ignore Sanjay Dutt's outstanding performance in Kurukshetra.

Today Sanjay Dutt has established his own screen personality so different from any of the other currently popular stars; he is a crowd puller with his very own and individual method of attracting people - namely with strong and convincing performances. Sanjay is not afraid to play roles on screen that are his age, and it is through this creditable arrangement with reality that Dutt has won, not lost. In this way, Sanjay Dutt sets a good example for his older colleagues on the scene; older colleagues who are still struggling because they shy away from being seen in roles into which they have long since grown in age. By accepting life as it is, calmly and calmly, Sanjay was able to keep his career options open. He is no longer the confused youth of yore - he is sure of himself as well as of his goals. Here we really have a star actor who is not interested in manipulating his career - Sanjay is not here to take anything away from anyone or to replace someone. He is happy to be where the hard experiences of his life and his concentrated efforts have taken him - and still as a "best seller".

(Girja Rajendran; German from Diwali)

* Note d. Translator: Sanjay Dutt does not play a terrorist in Mission Kashmir, but an SSP who fights terrorists. The author has either confused Sanjay's role with that of Jackie Shroff or Hrithik Roshan, or she refers to the scene in which Inayat Khan (SD) with a balaclava has little Altaaf's family butchered and counted this as a terrorist act. However, the formulation that Sanjay Dutt is playing a terrorist in MK is incorrect.

"Gunda Rap": Sanjay and Anand Raj Anand planning a music album

Quelle in English

A few months ago it was speculated that Sanju would one day release his own album as a singer. Now Anand has come up with a concept for an album "Gunda Rap" that Sanju liked. In principle, they all agree that they want to make the project a reality; now Anand (who is good friends with Sanju and has already made film songs for him like "Rama Re" and "Aim Kaim") is working on the details.

Anand: "Sanju has a unique way of understanding a melody and then singing it in his own style. There is a unique simplicity in his voice and that is reflected in his songs. I love the way he translates his temperament into his Songs. I wrote all of these tunes especially for Sanju. "

Good luck, Sanju and Anand! * happy *

Tuesday April 29, 2008

Filmfare 7.2.2008: "I want my freedom"

Filmfare, February 7, 2008

"I want my freedom"

He's back in the noise and bustle of the studios. And no matter what its critics blaspheme about its fading appearance, it still looks gorgeous to eat. After a long, long time I see the Prince of Darkness again, and I feel nostalgic when I get hold of him and we remember old times. Clearly: knowing Sanju baba means loving him. If you get to know him better, you will discover a full grown rogue who lives life in oversize. As Suniel Shetty once told me, “Any other man would have broken under the pressure Baba has lived with all these years. For my part, I would have had a nervous breakdown long ago, but Baba has courage and is a fighter. He is truly strong. "

It is precisely this courage and fighting spirit with which he wins his fans who love him unconditionally. In casual conversation with his helpers and his beloved manyata, he looks like a man who has temporarily found peace, despite the lines of worry that have dug into his face.

Now that he's bailed out, life has finally gotten better for him. And he says: “It is a wonderful feeling to be free, and I can only advise everyone: freedom is something that you should value and never take for granted. Because you can't buy freedom, no matter how much money you have. Therefore one should cherish and cultivate one's freedom. Ask me, I felt ecstatic when I came out. "

Since it is his first day of filming for EMI after his release, his ecstasy knows no bounds: “It's great to be back on set, especially since I'm shooting for Suniel (Shetty), who is more than a brother to me, more than Family, and it's nice to see him on set as a producer. It's great to be back for Suniel. "

When asked how it feels to be called Baba (child) after two decades in the industry, he laughs uproariously: “I feel loved, I feel happy, I feel emotional, and that is just a great feeling. I never grew up for these people; i'm still the same old sanju baba. I think just being wholehearted has earned me so much respect from so many people, including my audience, the public, and the film industry. If I were all brains, then I wouldn't have all this love and affection. "

But that also took away a lot from him. If the speculation is to be believed, then when he needed money for his lawsuit, he discovered that he only owned ten shares in White Feather Films, his production company with Sanjay Gupta. He becomes philosophical: “Well, as far as White Feather Films and Sanjay Gupta are concerned, I would like to say: Gupta was like my younger brother. I had seen him go through rough times and advised him to go to a production company. It was my vision to see him grow up. I didn't want anything from White Feather Films. My vision was to see Sanjay Gupta on another level, and whether he used my name or whatever, I allowed him to because I wanted him to be where he is today. He's still my brother, but I had to get away from there now. He now has his professional status, and I'm happy for him. "

It is said that he has now given the go-ahead for Sanjay Dutt Productions. And if the rumors are to be believed, then his sisters Namrata and Priya jumped on the production train as did his girlfriend Manyata.

He explains, “Namrata and Priya have their own lives, and Manyata and I have our own lives. But we are family. Sanjay Dutt Productions started and I asked Manyata to take care of it. And she does a fantastic job. I am happy to have such support for the first time in my life. "

When you see the two of them together, holding hands, whispering tenderness in each other's ear between shoots and just happy in each other's company, then it's clear as the day that Sanju finally found his soulmate. His joy is increased by his mega-project list. He smiles: “Yes, I have a few good films.” But how does he plan to manage seven or eight films in a row? He shrugs his shoulders casually: “That depends on the films that are already in production. First I finish them, and then I turn to the rest. "

There is a lot of talk about his new look in Kidnap and also in EMI. But then again, he's always been a great look specialist. “Because I love to slip into my figure. Like the sattarbhai that I play in EMI, for example. I imagined him the way I am now dressed (he points to himself and his clothes), and with this image in mind I decided on my look. "

The film that seems to have worked wonders for him is Munnabhai. No other character of his has ever been so popular. His friends claim that after designing the role, he incorporated the characteristics of the Munnabhai.

He agrees, “Yes, I am Munnabhai. There is nothing to be said about it. Vinod (Chopra) told me from day one that I was this character, that I literally embody it. And I think he was right. I've done two Munnabhai films and I think Munna is me. Munna is the most amazing guy there is. He is so helpful and soulful. He loves his family and friends. It is amazing how Munnabhai came into my life. I was supposed to be playing Jimmy's (Shergill) role, but when I got to Vinod's office, he suddenly offered me the role of Munna. I was surprised, but also happy about it. And it was an excellent experience for me. "

He adds, “The chemistry on set was so nice. Arshad (Warsi), me and all the artists worked together harmoniously.It was a nice atmosphere and Raju Hirani is such a wonderful director and person. Vinod is a close family friend, as is an older brother to me. When my father died, it would have been my job as his only son to wash the body, but I just couldn't. I asked Vinod to do it, and he did. That's how important he is to me. "

After that, our conversation turns to his lawsuit, and he's blown away by the support he's got from the industry as well as his fans. He gets emotional: “My parents always told me: More important than being the number one actor or becoming a super successful businessman is to be a good person. Everything else comes later. And that got stuck in me. Success or not, I've always tried to stay on the ground. I think the more successful you get, the more humble you have to get. And I think that made a big difference. "

Occasionally, however, he has fallen for sentimental stories because of this attitude. So-called buddies took advantage of him. But he justifies himself: “I think it's important to forgive others. I have the ability to forgive, which I think people usually find difficult. I believe in giving people a chance even if they screw up. My attitude is: learn from your mistakes and carry on. "

It must be difficult to cope with the situations he is in over and over again; a lesser person would have broken under the pressure. He assures: “It was tough, but you can't let the situations drag you down. Life goes on. You have to learn your lesson and then try to become a better person afterward. This is what i do I just keep going. Look, if someone hits me in the face tomorrow, I can't drag this around with me for six months and be mad at the guy. Either you forget or you forgive the guy. This is my method. "

And while we're talking about going on, he seems to be getting closer to his once fabulous body. “It's mostly for the movie, but in the long run it will be better for me, too,” he admits. “I'm doing a film for Ashtavinayak Films that is mostly set on the beach. I have a few months to work on my body and get in shape. I get people from abroad to train me. "

Sanjay has been criticized for letting himself go. Did that encourage him to get back in shape? He shrugs his shoulders: “If you've been through what I've been through in life, then at some point you just can't be in the mental shape for a gym. No chance. To do this, you have to be in the right frame of mind. I shed my Rambo image and switched to the Al-Pacino image, but my colleagues still seem to be in the Rambo phase. You should now leave this old image of me behind you. "

Then he gets emotional: “My biggest grief these days is that my parents are no longer with me. We all miss her. But my greatest happiness today is to be back on the set, back with my family, who are this film industry to me. ”And what is his greatest wish today? "I want my freedom!" It breaks out of him with a seriousness that breaks your heart.

And what about his wedding plans? “The day I get married, the whole world will find out, I promise.” And we'll put an end to that because he's called in front of the camera. Because as the wise man says: The show has to keep rolling.

(Purnima Lamchhane; German from Diwali)

Monday April 28, 2008

Stardust 4/1999: Let's talk about sex!

Stardust, April 1999

Let's talk about sex!

Sex symbol: SANJAY DUTT

Favorite sex symbols: Liz Hurley, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone - especially in Rambo II, then the woman in The Mask of Zorro, Catherine Zeta-Jones; and Arnold Schwarzenegger - he's my God.

Sexual Fantasy: The moment you encounter your fantasy, it is no longer a fantasy; it becomes reality, and then I deal with it like any other courtship. It is so easy to fantasize about something, but reality is something completely different. And I think I'll cross my bridges when I get to them instead of wasting my energy on fantasizing about the future. But I am sure that if I ever meet someone suitable, the first thing I will do is to pass out. Then I'll lie down and fly up to the sky. But before that there are a couple of candlelight dinners for which I book the entire restaurant.

Sexual nightmare: To be whipped by a 1.80 meter tall Amazon in leather clothing, probably Jack The Ripper's daughter Jill The Stripper!

Sexual Turns On: Sex is between the ears, so intelligent women turn me on. And since I'm a fitness freak, I like women who also have good bodies, who are tall and fit and personable. She has to flirt with me in a way that drives me crazy with passion. Your sensuality must be teasing and mocking, just below the surface. Since I was brought up conservatively and my taste is more orthodox, I find something more provocative than a sexuality that jumps right in the face and that rather scares me off. If you imagine that my first sexual fantasy was holding hands with my child love Kusum Bhambray! The definition of “sexy” is actually in the eye of the beholder anyway. Some women will find me sexy and some won't. I don't consider myself a sex symbol. Magazines, especially the Stardust, call me a sex symbol. But sex symbols are the "Full Monty" strippers and the Chippendale dancers. I never tore my clothes off except for fight scenes. I never posed for ads like Calvin Klein. Women don't throw themselves at my neck. When I was a bachelor, I also had to work hard recruiting the girls to get them. It all just depends on the right person making a click. But thank you for seeing me as a stallion, even if I don't take it as a compliment. Anyone who works out and has a good physique can be called a sex symbol. Any guy on the street who wears tight jeans and a fitted shirt can look sexy. We movie stars make more headlines and our photos are everywhere, so people see us as sex symbols. They project our movie characters onto our real selves. I read somewhere that when a girl sees that a simple boy is talking to two girls, she desperately wants to talk to him too. But if a smart guy is a loner, then she doesn't feel like talking to him. It's all a question of image. An image can attract or repel a woman. But an image doesn't show the true self. When you get to know someone and like them on a personal level, then you can decide whether or not they will turn you on. You can't base your decision on whether or not to like someone by the number of girls around them. A lot of people think that muscular men are idiots, but before you embrace such stereotypes, talk to people first and form your own opinion because everyone is different.

(German from Diwali)

Friday April 25, 2008

Sanjay to star in Charles and I

Quelle in English

According to a report by the Mumbai Mirror, Sanju is slated to star in People Pictures' thriller Charles and I, which is said to be based on the life of the notorious criminal Charles Sobhraj. Directed by Prawaal Raman (Darna Mana Hai), who also writes the script. It aims to tell the story of an enigmatic criminal who is chased by the police through half a dozen countries.

Prawaar Raman: "The main character of the film is a complex character - a charming man with a dangerous mind and dangerous intentions. Finding the right actor who can portray all of these qualities at the same time was difficult. The only one who, in my opinion, met these requirements met, is Sanjay Dutt. "

Aditya Shastri, CEO People Pictures: "Sanjay Dutt is a fantastic person and a gifted actor. We are delighted that he will play the lead role in Charles and I."

Charles and I is a story about two men. One kills and deceives people for pleasure and to become world famous, the other does not want to stop at anything to bring down the killer. The actor for this second main role has not yet been determined. Filming is scheduled to begin early next year.

That would fit in any case - between Double Dhamaal and Gangs of London ...

Thursday April 24, 2008

Sanjay Films Bermuda Triangle

Sanjay Films: Rumors? canceled?
Sanjay movies: rumors? shelved? stalled?

21 Battle of Saragarhi - From Ashes to Glory (planned)
Some years ago, Sanjay Dutt Productions and GS Entertainment planned to produce a period film based on the battle of Saragarhi which was fought during the Tirah Campaign on 12 September 1897 between 21 Sikhs of a Sikh Regiment of British India, defending an army post, and 10,000 Afghan and Orakzai tribesmen in a last stand; all the Sikh soldiers fell. Rohit Jugraj was to direct the film with Sanjay as the lead actor in the role of Havildar Ishar Singh, who led the Sikh onslaught in that battle. Bunty Walia from G S Entertainment, who is a Sikh, had been dreaming of making a film on this event for a long time; when Rohit Jugraj appraoched him with the same idea, they talked to Sanjay about it as they wanted him to play the Sikh leader. Sanjay liked the story and was even wiling to produce the film. For the huge amount of special effects many technicians from abroad were hired, some of them having assisted on the Hollywood film 300; Rohit was in talks with special effects supervisor Chris Watts and cinematographer Christopher Doyle. With a budget estimated to be around Rs 200 crore (Bunty: "We have to pay 21 actors for this film!") This was likely to become one of Hindi Cinema's most expensive films. The shooting will planned to be in Morocco as the topography of Morocco is quite similar to the topography of the North West Province where the Battle of Saragarhi took place. But in 2009, also due to the high costs, the project had been shelved.
In April 2012, however, Sanjay confirmed that he still wants to make this film and that he and Ajay Devgn now want to produce it together.

72 Hours (3/2009)
Allegedly, Sanjay accepted this script from filmmaker Abhishek Tandon.
It says that Sanjay accepted this script by film maker Abhishek Tandon.

Abba Jaan
In an interview in Star Week on October 29, 2010, Sanjay Dutt mentioned this project that he will do with Rajkumar Santoshi.
In an interview in the Star Week of October 29, 2010 Sanjay Dutt mentioned this film he'll do with Rajkumar Santoshi.

Adlabs-Luthria project (2/2007)

Adlabs has hired director Milan Luthria (including Deewaar and Taxi No. 9211) for one of its in-house productions. According to an unconfirmed rumor in February 2007, the team was planning a remake of the 1990 Hollywood film Dick Tracy - starring Zinda-Jodi Sanjay Dutt and John Abraham. In April 2007 there was talk of a film with the working title "Revolverbullets to die for", for which Sanjay wanted to be signed. Details are not yet known in either case.
Adlabs signed director Milan Luthria (Deewaar, Taxi No. 9211) for a home production. In February 2007 rumors said that they planned a remake of Hollywood's Dick Tracy (1990) with the Zinda jodi Sanjay Dutt and John Abraham, but these rumors were never confirmed. Then in April 2007 a film with the working title "Revolverbullets to die for" was announced. Since then no more news were to be heard.

Africa project
As a producer, Sanjay is planning a film with director Soham Shah in which he will play the role of a wildlife lover. The film is to be shot in African national parks, presumably mainly in Tanzania and South Africa.
As a Sanjay Dutt Production, Sanjay plans a film with director Soham Shah wherein he will play a wildlife lover. The locations are considered to be in African national parks in Tanzania and South Africa.
Edit: Other sources cite Sanjay's previous WFF project Khotte Sikkey (under "Saath") as Soham Shah's film for SDP.
Edit: Other sources name Sanjay's former WFF project Khotte Sikkey (search for "Saath") as Soham Shah's film for SDP.

Ahmed Khan Project (9/2009)
Ahmed Khan offered Sanjay an anti-drug film - a project with autobiographical features for Sanjay, who has repeatedly participated in anti-drug campaigns since overcoming his own drug addiction. The producer is Ahmed's wife Shaira and the director is Faruq Kabir (Allah Ke Gang). Ahmed Khan thinks that the subject has features of Sanjay's life and therefore appealed to him directly. It will be about a man who becomes addicted to drugs, but then gets rid of them and henceforth takes up the fight against drug cartels worldwide. Ahmed Khan would like to win Naseeruddin Shah and Irrfan Khan as drug barons. Ahmed Khan: "With this film, Sanjay Dutt will make the youth understand how dangerous substance abuse is and that drugs must be put to rest. It will be a performance-oriented film and it is so close to Sanjay Dutt's heart that he wants everyone young man in the country sees him. "
Ahmed Khan offered Sanjay a realistic film about drug abuse and its eradication. The anti-drug story will be produced by Ahmed's wife Shaira and directed by Faruq Kabir. Khan says, "It's related to Sanjay Dutt's life and is very close to his heart. He has been doing a lot of anti-drugs campaigns. The protagonist's plunge into a haze of drugs and then his redemption stuck an immediate chord in Sanjay Dutt's heart . " The third segment of the plot will see Sanjay taking on drug cartels from the world over. "It's a film where in a fictional language, Sanjay Dutt will tell the youth how dangerous drug abuse is and how drugs need to be destroyed." Ahmed Khan hopes to get Naseeruddin Shah and Irrfan Khan for the roles of the drug barons. "It will be a performance-oriented film and so close to Sanjay Dutt's heart that he will want every youngster in the country to see it."

Ajay devgn project
Ajay and Sanjay are planning a joint action film that will be directed by Ajay ("still working on a few things ... let's see ... will let you know in due course of time").
Edit: Maybe at the end of this article Dev Gill means exactly this project. But is now pure guesswork
Edit 2: Or the whole thing is now expanding into a production of the "3 amigos" Sanjay, Salman and Ajay ...
Ajay and Sanjay, who became very close during All The Best, are working on an action movie to be directed by Ajay ("still working on a few things ... let's see ... will let you know in due course of time" ).
Edit: Dev Gill mentions a possible film with Ajay and Sanjay. Maybe he talks about just this project.
Edit 2: Or maybe it now becomes a production of the "3 amigos" Sanjay, Salman and Ajay ...


Aladin Sequel (2009)
Even before the release of Aladin, Eros was supposedly already thinking about a sequel with the same line-up.
Before Aladin was even released, Eros was said to consider a sequel with the same cast.

All The Best Sequel (planned)
After the success of All The Best, Ajay Devgn and Rohit Shetty are planning a sequel, and Sanjay would love to be a part of it again.
Anil Kapoor project
Allegedly, Anil is planning a major international project for herself and Sanjay; The name Danny Boyle should also have been mentioned.
Sources say that Anil Kapoor wants to make an international project for Sanjay and himself and that also the name of Danny Boyle was mentioned.

Another Shootout (4/2009)
Sohail Maklai / Ashtavinayak produces, director is Apoorva Lakhia. Lakhia wants to make a film about the cops who fought the khalistani extremists in the 70s and 80s, and is currently doing research on the terror era in Punjab that he wants to portray in his film - with a similar realism to the historical events in Shootout At Lokhandwala. (The historical Khalistan background is known from the movie Maachis.) Sanjay is said to play one of several "real-life cops" who fought against terrorism and extremism in Punjab at the height of the Khalistan movement. Amitabh Bachchan is said to belong to this group of cops. After SOAL, Lakhia seems to be planning another brutally violent caliber of this kind.
EDIT August 16, 2009: According to Apoorva Lakhia, this project never existed ...
Produced by Sohail Maklai / Ashtavinayak, this film by Apoorva Lakhia will be a movie on the cops who battled Khalistani extremism. The terror situation in Punjab during the 1970s and 80s will be recreated through rigorous research on that period and is to occupy the same gritty real-time-real-space as Shootout At Lokhandwala. Sanjay will be playing a real-life cop, one among a group who fought terror and extremism in Punjab. Amitabh Bachchan is also likely to play a real-life cop in this “period’ sharp shooter which will be in the same genre as Shootout At Lokhandwala with a similar gritty brutal and violent route.
EDIT August 16, 2009: According to Apoorva Lakhia, this project was never on.

Arasangam Remake (11/2008)
Sanjay Dutt wants to produce the Hindi remake of the Tamil film Arasangam and take on Vijaykanth's role in it. Director Madhesh will apparently also direct the Hindi version; he's looking forward to working for Sanjay Dutt Productions.
Sanjay Dutt wants to produce the Hindi remake of the Tamil movie Arasangam and will play Vijaykanth's part in it. Obviously Madhesh will direct the remake of his film too as he is said to be looking forward to working for Sanjay Dutt Productions.

Arshad Warsi Project (rumor)

Arshad plans to direct his first film and allegedly wants to rope in Sanjay Dutt and Boman Irani.
Sanjay will appear in Kaizad Gustaad's next film about a rickshaw driver, along with Paresh Rawal and Naseeruddin Shah. It should be a thriller "with a very strong element of human drama".
Sanjay will act in Kaizad Gustaad's next about a rickshaw driver, alongside with Paresh Rawal and Naseeruddin Shah. It's said to be a thriller "with a very strong element of human drama".

Baba Ramdev project
Mani Shankar is planning a film about Baba Ramdev, in which Sanjay will also participate.
Mani Shankar is planning a film about Baba Ramdev, and Sanjay is said to participate in it.

Bejoy Nambiar's Next (rumor)
Sanjay allegedly plays the antagonist in Bejoy Nambiar's next with Shahid Kapoor (produced by Mubina Rattonsey).
Blue Sequel (10/2009)
Allegedly, Anthony D'Souza is planning a sequel with his Blue crew that will be shot in Australia and will be called Aasman or True Blue. However, Tony has two more films in the pipeline; So the whole thing looks more like a rumor so far.
Allegedly, Anthony D'Souza is planning a Blue sequel (Aasman or True Blue) with the entire Blue Crew, to be shot in Australia. But as all of them, even Tony, have other projects first in their schedules, this might take some time, if it's not just a rumor after all.

Bond (7/2008)
Apparently, Sanjay and Blue director Anthony D'Souza are planning another collaboration - an action thriller with Sanjay in a kind of Bond character. Tony wants to write the script as well as direct. The big budget film is slated to be co-produced by Sanjay Dutt Productions and Shree Ashtavinayak. Apart from Sanjay (whose character is supposed to be "quite a lady-killer"), however, no other actors have been determined (two other leading actors are still being sought). Ashtavinayak Managing Director Dhilin Mehta confirms that Ashtavinayak is working with Sanjay Dutt Productions on the Bond project.
Sanjay and Anthony D'Souza will work together again after Blue. They are planning a big budget action thriller with Sanjay as a character à la James Bond ("quite a lady-killer"). Tony wants to both pen and direct the project. It will be co-produced by Sanjay Dutt Productions and Shree Ashtavinayak. Dhilin Mehta, managing director of Ashtavinayak, confirmed that Ashtavinayak will work together with Sanjay Dutt Productions for the Bond project.

Brindavanam remake (rumor)
Director Vamsi Paidipally links Sanjay with a remake of Brindavanam and with Prakash Raj's role in it.
C15170 (10/2007)
A somewhat puzzling film title, according to the Business of Cinema it should belong to the three-film package for which Bunty Walia Sanjay has signed. But those three films were named Lamha, Just Punjabi, and Gangs of London. Has a project been renamed? C15170 is to be staged by Yusuf Khan. It's supposed to be an emotional story about a father-daughter relationship, with only three people at the center. To be shot in Mumbai; Except for Sanjay, no contributors have been determined yet.
A sort of enigma as this film is said to be part of Bunty Walia's 3-film-deal with Sanjay; initially these three films were named as Lamha, Just Punjabi and Gangs of London. Did one project get a new title? Anyway, Walia says, "The film is titled C15170. The story revolves around three characters. Till now only Sanjay has been finalized. It's an emotional story about a father-daughter relationship. We are in search of a girl now to portray the daughter's role. " C15170 will be directed by Yusuf Khan and shot in Mumbai.

Chakravarthy (Kannada, guest role; not confirmed yet)

Producer Prasad offered Sanjay a guest role as a don in his next Kannada film Chakravarthy starring Duniya Vijay.
Source(this article also mentions the rumor of Sanjay playing the baddie in a Tamil film starring Rajnikanth)

Chand (rumor)
Anthony D'Souza plans an end-of-the-world film in 2013. It's said that he wants to have Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar for the leads.
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Project (6/2010)
Allegedly, Soham Shah is planning a long-term film about the Marathi warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Since Shah said he would never make a film without his mentor and guru Sanjay Dutt, rumors are now spreading that Sanjay is slated for the role of Shivaji in Shah's dream project. But at the moment these are all eggs that have not been laid; before Nilesh Rane's Shivaji film, Shah wants to make his long-planned film for SDP.
Soham Shah's dream project is said to be a film about the Marathi warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. As Shah has mentioned that he would never make a film without his mentor and guru Sanjay Dutt, rumors are on that he wants to cast Sanjay as Shivaji. But first Shah wants to make a film for SDP before working on Nilesh Rane's Shivaji film.

David Dhawan Project (7/2008)
Dhawan was one of the first directors Sanjay recruited for his banner SDP. Initially a film with Sanjay, Govinda and Riteish Deshmukh was planned; in the meantime, however, the cast of Sanjay and Ranbir Kapoor became known. Filming should start in September 2009.
First Dhawan was said to direct a film with Sanjay, Govinda and Riteish Deshmukh for Sanjay's banner. Now obviously the cast changed to Sanjay and Ranbir Kapoor. The film was to go on floors in September 2009.

Dedh (Ek Full Ek Half) (2/2008)
Ashwani Dheer is supposed to direct the comedy Dedh (1 1/2) for Suniel Shettys Popcorn Entertainment after his Kumar Mangat film. Suniel Shetty explains that it will be about a small child and Sanjay; Sanjay's partner is said to be Darsheel Safary.
Ashwani Dheer will do a film with Kumar Mangat and afterwards Dedh (1 1/2), a film with a comic flavor, with Suniel Shetty's Popcorn Entertainment. Suniel Shetty: "It is a story with a small child and Sanjay in it." The child shall allegedly be played by Darsheel Safary. But due to date problems, the film will not go on floors before 2010.

Dhee remake
According to Wikipedia, a Hindi remake of the Telugu film Dhee (2007) with Sanjay Dutt is planned.
Wikipedia claims plans of a Hindi remake of the Telugu movie Dhee (2007) starring Sanjay Dutt.


In a film about the political career of Amar Singh (played by Manoj Tiwari), Sanjay as himself will be involved.
In a film about the political career of Amar Singh (played by Manoj Tiwari) Sanjay is to appear as himself.

Do Lamhe Zindagi Ke (9/2007)
Allegedly, Tahir Hussain wants to return to the film business and direct this film, for which he wants Sanjay Dutt and Ayesha Takia or Kangana Ranaut to play the leading roles, as well as Hyder Ali and Afreen Khan. But I don't know what to think of it: Hussain wants to start shooting in October 2007 and hasn't even signed his leading actors in mid-September, let alone agreed on shooting dates with them? Especially since Sanjay - if he is at all free in October - has completely different and older obligations that he has to fulfill and certainly will. For me this is just a rumor or a business game.
Allegedly, Tahir Hussain wants to return to business and sign Sanjay for this movie. But that was at a time where Sanju was absolutely unavailable for ideas like this. In my opinion it was rubbish from the very beginning.

You 2 (planned)

Nitin Manmohan plans a sequel of Dus (2005) with director Samir Karnik.

Fateh Singh (rumor)

Sanjay is said to act in Raj Kumar Santoshi's period film Fateh Singh - in a role originally meant for Sunny Deol. However, this is not confirmed yet.
In February 2010, Sangeeth Sivan announced a project called Jab Jab Fools Mile with Sanjay Dutt and Bobby Deol, which was never heard from again afterwards. In November 2011, he mentioned a comedy with the working title Fools on Twitter; Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi and Rahul Aggarwal.
In February 2010, Sangeeth Sivan announced a project named Jab Jab Fools Mile with Sanjay Dutt and Bobby Deol. In November 2011, he mentioned on Twitter a comedy with the provisorial title Fools; cast: Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi and Rahul Aggarwal.


Full House (3/2008)
According to a note in Movie 3/2008, Nitin Manmohan wants to produce this comedy with Sanjay and Mallika Sherawat.
It was to be read in the Movie 3/2008 that Nitin Manmohan produces this comedy with Sanjay and Mallika Sherawat.

Gehra Paani
Sanjay Dutt and Bipasha Basu are slated to star in Gehra Paani, the Hindi version of the Bengali wildlife thriller Jole Jongole (Mithun Chakraborty, Ashish Vidyarthi, Tinnu Anand), which is also just emerging. Director Nitish Roy has written the story of a mad scientist who creates a genetically modified crocodile with individual intelligence and then becomes the target of a gang of hunters who want to snatch the unique reptile for lucrative deals. The Hindi version is said to contain more masala than the Bengali version. The release for both versions is planned for 2013. Nitish Roy says he got the idea for the film in 2002 while working as art director on the Hollywood horror film 'Crocodile 2: Death Swamp'. But it took him ten years to find a producer; Wildlife films are rare in Indian cinema, and producers typically shy away from making films about wildlife and science fiction. In Avik Bagchi (Prayag Group) he has now found the man who dares to take risks. Avik Bagchi has already had a computer-operated giant crocodile over 30 meters long in the Jungelmahal area in West Midnapore. Such a technology has probably never been used in Tollywood. (Other locations are in the Sunderbans woods.)
Sanjay Dutt and Bipasha Basu are to star in Gehra Paani, the Hindi version of the yet to shoot Bengali wildlifet hriller Jole Jongole (Mithun Chakraborty, Ashish Vidyarthi, Tinnu Anand). Director Nitish Roy has written the story about a mad scientist who created a genetically evolved crocodile with individual intelligence but now becomes a target of a gang of hunters wanting to capture the reptile for their lucrative business. Both versions are to be released in 2013. According to Nitish Roy he got the idea when he was working as an art director in the 2002 Hollywood horror film 'Crocodile 2: Death Swamp'. "Wildlife movies are rare in Indian cinema and it took me 10 years to find a producer after I wrote the script while working for the Hollywood film. Producers are scared to make films on wildlife and science fiction," Roy said. Now Avik Bagchi (Prayag Group) seems to be ready to take the risk. At a film city in the Jungelmahal area of ​​West Midnapore district a giant 100 foot long crocodile has been created using pyrotechnics and CGI. This will be the first venture from Tollywood where such advanced digital technology and special effects have been used. The unconventional take on the reptile (it's a lovable one and intelligent like dolphins) shall be an attempt to challenge the crocodile's image of a cold-blooded predator and create awareness about the conservation of India's wildlife habitat.


Ghostbusters (2/2008)
In February 2008 rumors grew about the first film by Sanjay Dutt Productions: A remake of Ghostbusters with Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh and Saif Ali Khan (who was brought on board instead of the originally intended Salman Khan, as Salman had to cancel due to scheduling problems) it should be. Director Sujoy Ghosh (who at least confirmed SDP's request) should begin filming in late 2008 once Aladin's post-production is complete. At the moment, however, it looks more like the project has been postponed or discontinued.
In February 2008, rumors about the first film of Sanjay Dutt Productions talked about a remake of Ghostbusters with Sanjay Dutt, Ritesh Deshmukh and Saif Ali Khan (who is said to have replaced Salman Khan who had to walk out of the project due to date hassles ). The director will be Sujoy Ghosh (who at least confirmed that SDP asked him to direct a film but refused to say more). Shooting was to start in the end of 2008 when the post production of Aladin is completed. However, meanwhile the project seems to be stalled or at least shelved.

Godfather (planned)

After the Saamy remake, KS Ravikumar wants to work with Sanjay again. According to Sanjay, they are planning a Godfather project.
Golmaal remake (3/2008)
Raj N Sippy is planning a remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjees Golmaal and wants Sanjay Dutt for the role that made Amol Palekar famous.
Raj N Sippy is planning a remake of Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Golmaal. And he has Amite in mind for the role played by Utpal Dutt and Sanjay Dutt for the role made famous by Amol Palekar.

Govinda project (9/2007)
In a September 26, 2007 TOI article, Govinda mentioned that David Dhawan was planning another film with him and Sanjay Dutt.
In an article in the TOI Govinda said that David Dhawan wants to make a film with Sanjay Dutt and him.

Happily Divorced
The producers Dharam Oberoi and Sanjay Ahluwalia are planning a humorous film on the subject of divorce.
Dharam Oberoi and Sanjay Ahluwalia will produce this film. "The film is meant for today's urban adult, who have an modern outlook towards life. Rather than treating the whole divorce issue as a complicated and serious affair, we have looked at the whole process of separation from a very practical perspective and have tried to give it a humorous angle "(Ahluwalia).

India (9/2008)
Soham Shah is scheduled to make the first film for Sanjay Dutt Productions. It will be about outdoor sports (mountain climbing). Amitabh Bachchan and Zayed Khan play among others; It is still unclear whether Sanjay himself will also play. Filming should begin in late 2008; allegedly, however, Sanjay was not satisfied with the script and requested a revision.
Soham Shah is to direct the first film for Sanjay's banner SDP. It will be about outdoor sports (mountain climbing). Shooting was to start in the end of 2008 with Amitabh Bachchan and Zayed Khan; but it says that Sanjay was not happy with the script and wants it to be re-written. Whether Sanjay will act himself in his first home production is not sure yet.

JD Chakravarthy Project (7/2009)
Apparently, Sanjay has accepted a Chakravarthy film. Chakravarthy is currently still working on the script.
Allegedly, Sanjay has accepted a film offered by JD Chakravarthy. Chakravarthy is currently working on the script.

Jewel Of India (4/2009)
Rob Cohen and producer Firoz Nadiadwala are planning an international film production with Robert De Niro and Amitabh Bachchan, among others. According to rumors, Sanjay Dutt will also be involved.
Rob Cohen is planning a Bollywood Hollywood project, produced by Feroz Nadiadwala. Rumors say that, besides stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay also is to act in it.

Johnny Johnny Yes Papa (10/2008)
Golmaal director Rohit Shetty planned this welcome comedy for the popular Munnabhai circuit couple Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi. After a heated argument between Warsi and Shetty after the release of Golmaal Returns, however, both have announced that they will never work together again. It remains to be seen what will become of this project.
A comedy on the lines of the Munnabhai series, directed by Rohit Shetty, was planned to reunite the endearing Munnabhai-Circuit pair Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi. However, after a fall-out between Shetty and Warsi, it seems unlikely that the film will be made in this constellation.

Julia (12/2007)
A rumor in the Mumbai Mirror linked Sanjay with Vishal Bharadwaj's Fearless Nadia project Julia with Franka Potente in late 2007. However, I'm not quite sure where Sanjay wants to put this film in his already tight schedule. And according to reports from mid-December 2007, the entire project seems to be on the brink - or Sanjay canceled it.
In December 2007, Sanjay's name was linked with Vishal Bharadwaja's project Julia about Fearless Nadia. But obviously, Sanjay refused the offer.

Edge 2

When Sanjay was still part of White Feather Films, he had an idea for a sequel to Kaante (information about it is under "Saath"). In early 2009, both Sanjay Gupta and Pritish Nandy (co-producer of Kaante) announced that they were planning a Kaante sequel - and Nandy has since (2011) found a partner in Sanjay; Sanjay Dutt Productions and Pritish Nandy Communications want to produce the sequel together.
When Sanjay was still a part of White Feather Films, he had a script idea for a Kaante sequel (information about it at "Saath"). In the beginning of 2009, both Sanjay Gupta and Pritish Nandy (coproducer of the original Kaante) announced to plan their sequel each - now, in 2011, Nandy has found a partner in Sanjay; Sanjay Dutt Productions and Pritish Nandy Communications are to produce the sequel together.
October 31, 2012 Pritish Nandy wrote on Twitter, "After the sequel to Pyaar ke Side Effects, we go in for our next sequel Kaante II. (...) Will announce everything later. But yes, Sanjay will be there for sure. I did Kaante for him. "

Kanchana remake (rumor)

Sohail Khan is said to plan a Hindi remake of Lawrence Raghavendra's Tamil and Telugu film Kanchana with Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. New rumors name Shahrukh Khan and Sanjay Dutt for the leads. Meanwhile, it's said that Sanjay wants to produce the remake together with the original makers and that he is to play the exorcist in this horror comedy.

Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri
Dasari Narayana Rao is reportedly planning a film based on politics and titled Kaun Banega Mukhyamantri and has signed Sanjay for the lead. Shooting is to take place in Delhi. However, the project is not confirmed yet.

Khallas (planned)
In an interview (2/2012) Sanjay mentioned this Ahmed Khan film with a huge star cast (among others Nana Patekar) where he is to play a security officer / bodyguard.

Konkani Project (rumor)

Rahim Khan of Armah Entertainment Ltd plans a film about Mumbai's most wanted contract killer, Feroz Abudulla Sarguroh, alias Feroz Konkani. Sanjay is likely to be roped in to play the character inspired by super cop Rakesh Maria, who had arrested Konkani in 1996.

KRR Project
K Raghavendra Rao is planning a Ramayana magnum opus with Hindi, Tamil and Telugu actors for which even Sanjay is in talks.

Lakhia Maklai Project (2/2008)
Sohail Maklai is working on his next production, most of which will be shot overseas. Apoorva Lakhia is supposed to direct, Zayed Khan is already in the cast. And allegedly Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt are also in conversation. I'll put that in the "wait and see rumors" category.
Sohail Maklai has started working on his next project. He has signed Apoorva Lakhia to direct the film and has also signed Zayed Khan as one of the leads. Talks are also on to sign Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgan to act in the film as well. It is to be a thriller featuring four actors. A major portion of the movie will be shot overseas.

Maamu I Love You (3/2008)
This project needs a small preliminary remark: this Mohammad has been working for Sanjay for 28 years since he was on Vidhaata Sanjay's Spot Boy. Later Sanjay hired him as his "Man Friday", and Mohammad proved to be a loyal soul: When Sanjay was imprisoned, Mohammad did not look for another job, but waited for Sanjay's release. He has stayed with him to this day, is now trying his hand at film production and is now planning his first Hindi film - with Sanjay. Mohammad's first Hindi film is slated to be a musical comedy called Maamu I Love You; Directed by Ajay Chandok. It's about a lovable uncle named Prasad (Sanjay) with three nephews who are always doing nonsense. Arshad Warsi, Suniel Shetty and Ritesh Deshmukh should also participate. Mohammad, Praveen Talreja and Shagun Wagh are the producers (common banner: S Class Film Production). Sanjay: "I was so proud of Mohammad when he told me he was producing a film and that he wanted me to act in it. Mohammad never asked for anything in his life. He made three Bhojpuri films, but never asked for mine This time he came up with a check and said I want to sign you for my film. I had tears in my eyes ... I wanted to produce the film for him, but he had a very clear idea that he would want to do it myself. "
Sanjay's Man Friday Mohammad who has been working for him for 28 years (and showed admirable loyalty when he didn't search for another job during the 16 months Sanjay spent in jail as an undertrial between 1993 and 1995 but loyally waited for his release) turned producer and now signed Sanjay for his first Hindi film, a musical comedy directed by Ajay Chandok. Sanjay will play a lovable uncle called Prasad with three nephews who are always up to some mischief. Besides Sanjay, the film will also star Arshad Warsi, Suniel Shetty and Riteish Deshmukh. Praveen Talreja, Shagun Wagh and Mohammad are producing the film under their banner, S Class Film Production. Sanjay: "I was so proud of Mohammad when he told me he was producing a film and wanted me to act in it. Mohammad's never asked for anything in his life. He's produced three Bhojpuri films but never asked me to act in them. He came to me with a check this time and said I want to sign you for a film. I had tears in my eyes… I wanted to produce the film for him but he was very clear that he wanted to do it on his own. "

Main Bhi Bhai (rumor)

According to rumors, Sanjay and Emraan Hashmi are to do another film together (directed by Kunal Kohli) after Unglee.
Malayalam project (5/2010)
According to rumors, Sanjay will make his Malayalam film debut in a production by U Pradeep.
Rumors say att Sanjay will do a Malayalam film produced by U Pradeep.

Mani Ratnam Project (6/2008)
The news that Sanjay would star in Mani Ratnam's next film (Ravana) with Aish and Abhi turned out to be a big duck.
The news of Sanjay acting in Mani Ratnam's next (Ravana) with Aish and Abhi was obviously totally wrong.

Manjrekar project (3/2008)
Mahesh Manjrekar spoke in March 2008 of a script in which almost exclusively blind people act and which Sanjay would probably like to do.
Mahesh Manjrekar works on a script in which eighty per cent of the people are blind. In an interview of March 2008 he mentioned that Sanjay is keen to do this film.

Milan Luthria project
Milan Luthria is working on a film for Sanjay Dutt Productions. Sanjay will star in it and filming is scheduled to begin in mid-2010. Could it be the Revolver project originally planned for Adlabs and with Sanjay Dutt, Nana Patekar and Riteish Deshmukh?
Milan Luthria will do a film for Sanjay Dutt Productions starring Sanjay himself. Maybe it's the project Revolver which Luthria had planned earlier for Adlabs with Sanjay Dutt, Nana Patekar and Ritesh Deshmukh.

Milan Luthria's Next (planned)
Allegedly Sanjay was offered the second lead in Milan Luthria's next with Saif Ali Khan, to go on floors in July 2013. But it's not confirmed yet whether Sanjay will be in the cast.
Motorcycles Diaries / Gamyam (3/2008)
Allegedly, Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty want to buy the rights to this film and do a Hindi remake with Abhishek Bachchan.
Rumors say that Sanjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty are keen on buying this film's rights and remaking it in Hindi with Abhishek Bachchan.

Neeraj Pathak Project (8/2010)
Neeraj Pathak is planning a multi-star thriller and has contacted stars like Sanjay Dutt, Ranbir Kapoor, Lara Dutta and Sunny Deol, among others.
Neeraj Pathak is planning a multi-rigid thriller and is said to have approached Sanjay Dutt, Ranbir Kapoor, Lara Dutta and Sunny Deol for it.

Osho - The Film

Italian filmmaker Antonino Lakshen Sucameli is planning a film about the controversial preacher "Bhagwan Rajneesh" (Osho) and is considering Kamal Haasan or Sanjay Dutt for the leading role.
The Italian filmmaker Antonino Lakshen Sucameli plans a film about the controversial preacher "Bhagwan Rajneesh" aka Osho and is allegedly in talks with Kamal Haasan and Sanjay Dutt for the main role.


Pithamagan (Remake) (9/2009)
Satish Kaushik is planning a Hindi remake of the 2003 Tamil hit with Sanjay in the role originally played by Vikram and Ranbir Kapoor in Surya.
Satish Kaushik plans a Hindi Remake of the 2003 Tamil super hit. Talks are on to rope in Sanjay for the role originally played by Vikram and Ranbir Kapoor for the role played by Surya.

Pritam (planned)

Sanjay likes the unconventional cop Pritam Singh he played in Zila Ghaziabad. So now he plans a home production titled Pritam which is not to be a ZG sequel but to get an own plot. Vinay Sharma writes the script as he does for the actual ZG sequel planned by Vinod Bachchan.

Qurbani remake (planned)
Feroz Khan couldn't carry out his plans to remake his blockbuster Qurbani before he passed away. Now his son Fardeen wants to produce it and to play his father's role. Sanjay is said to have chosen the role of the cop Amjad Khan had played in the original movie.

Rajinikanth Project (planned)

Producer TP Aggarwal and director KS Ravikumar want to work with Sanjay again after Policegiri. Now they're planning a film with him and South Indian superstar Rajinikanth. The film is to be shot in Hindi and Telugu simultanously.

Rajkumar-Hirani-Project (7/2008)
Initial information about the plans of Sanjay Dutt Productions includes a Hirani film with Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi and Tusshar Kapoor.
Among other information about the plans of Sanjay Dutt Productions, a Hirani film with Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi and Tusshar Kapoor was named.

Revathi project (4/2008)
On the recommendation of Salman Khan, the South Indian actress and director Revathi would like to make her next film with Sanjay Dutt, who has allegedly already accepted.
South Indian actress turned director Revathi signed Sanjay Dutt for her next movie.

Revolver (12/2007)
According to a newspaper report on December 26, 2007, Sanjay will play Revolver in Milan Luthria's next film, alongside Nana Patekar and Ritesh Deshmukh. But as much as I would like to see Sanju and Nana together - I was skeptical at first. Sanju currently has too many unfinished film projects to deal with ...
In December 2007, rumors said that Sanjay would act in Milan Luthria's next film Revolver together with Nana Patekar and Ritesh Deshmukh. But though I'd love to see Nana and Sanju together on screen, I'm skeptical - Sanju has too many uncompleted projects in his kitty, where will he get the time for new films? ...

Rohit Jugraj project
In an interview with Star Week on October 29, 2010, Sanjay Dutt mentioned a film he will be making with Rohit Jugraj. Since they were looking for locations in Africa for this, it should probably not be the Bio-Pic (see below) intended by the two. Does it have something to do with Rohit's planned Ramanujan film?
In an interview in the Star Week of October 29, 2010 Sanjay Dutt mentioned a film he does together with Rohit Jugraj. As they were location hunting in Africa together it doesn't sound like the bio-pic they once thought about (see below). Maybe it has to do with Rohit's planned Ramanujan project?