How durable are camelbak bubbles

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to all camelbak users!

if you go on tour (one-day or multi-day tours) - which one
size (volume) of the drinking bladder do you use?

1.5 liters or 2 liters or even the 3 liter version?

want to get your opinion before I buy something!

thanks for all tips

Basically the 2 liter version, and also a small one on the bottom of the bike.
I think Camelback stays cool longer, am I mistaken?
I also have a question about it:
Where can you get the bladder, individually, without a backpack, cheapest: confused:

I bought the bike backpack with a 2 liter bladder for 20 euros at the eduscho today.
the backpack is not bad (I even think it is well thought out). the bladder is a plastic bag with a drinking tube. will hold for a while anyway.
cheap replacement is available from various alpine mail order companies or from northland.

I use the camelback m.u.l.e

1l fits into my camelback.

Greetings Marco !!!
: jump:: jump:: jump:

ps: when i go on tour i fill myself up with a liter - and with this liter i'm EASY enough: U:


is the backpack really good?

my granny works at eduscho and maybe she can put one away for me (if you have one in stock) - which I will then get for free.

will call my grandma soon! hihihi: D

Greetings Marco !!!
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I drive with 1.5 liters and mostly still a new bottle. Could be even more as far as I am concerned, because you can never drink enough anyway. But it's enough. In addition, you can easily pass a fountain or a beautiful "Bachal" here anyway!

On the subject of staying cool longer: I bought "gel pads" from Eduscho last year, which you put in the freezer for 2 hours and then in the backpack around the hydration bladder - keeps you wonderfully cool!

I also have a Camelbag 3l hydration bladder. And I'm actually very happy with it. I only have a small problem with it, I filled it with apple juice once and since then I've got mold in my drinking hose (not a lot, but a little)
Question: How do I get it out again

Aha, at the Eduscho, I have to take a look, it sounds practical.
I put Isostar in it once, since then it's orange: D I think water is the best, otherwise you need all the brushes, it's not that cheap either.

@ Trek: Try Coca Cola, that's so caustic (really, there are a lot of investigations!) It cleans a lot. I fill my "normal" drinking bottles with cola overnight once a year, after which they are clean - really warhttp: //
Because if you let any cleaning agent take effect, then you have a cleaning agent taste that you will never get away again!

i bought the camelbak razor about 1 1/2 years ago. the razor has a capacity of 1.5 l. I bought it because I can get by with this volume at marathons and I like its aerodynamic shape. I also carry a 0.75l bottle with a secret juice in it. I don't need additional packing capacity because I hate to be out and about with zimmer-kuchl-kabinett.

the system is cleaned as follows:
filled with warm water, I throw 3-5 pieces. Put in kukident denture cleaning tablets and then let a little bit out through the hose so that the cleaning water is also in the hose and mouthpiece. the whole thing stays in there overnight and is emptied over the course of the next day, rinsed 1-2 times with lukewarm water and then hung up to dry using the drying rack available as an accessory. the bladder should remain well ventilated, i.e. the mouthpiece should be removed from the tube.
A possible coloration of the bladder caused by certain isotonic drinks can then be ignored. By the way, isostar orange has a particularly strong color. the blue-green bubble is really beautiful luugelb!

Please make sure that you get the mold out of the hose as soon as possible!
In the long term, mold can cause serious damage to the human organism.
this can start with the fact that you immediately get a sinus infection with every minor cold (very painful and slows you down for about 2 weeks while biking)!
Allergies can also occur suddenly.
Mold is particularly dangerous when it occurs in heavily preserved foods and especially in purely chemical foods such as iso drinks.

after each use kukident and you will get rid of your problem quickly. if not, please buy a new hose. your health comes first!

I drive with a 2L bladder but never fill it up completely, and the Camelbak is great for a tour or training trip.

Kind regards. Race driver: D

@ speci

look that's afoch anyway!

For biking you need a big blob !!

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Jo guat, host scho right des kommma a during the trip.
Nuar de Rookies are still in the pants, and in advanced user it usually runs in Schuach!
Even the professionals at the TdF stay standing and wiping patterns on the asphalt!

Guat sure when your clan friend pays out on the slope and loses the bare bones because poser tear on the rear wheel, no question!

just wia scho gsogt, wonnst a big blosn host, then some could: you: and have to re-print!

@ghost rider

or best like schniedl zuanahn and goar nothing: you:
but who hoit the scho;): rolleyes:

joke aside and thank you for all the recommendations.
I will add my own bladder to my body
Add 2 liters of camelbak.

3l, because you can always fill in less: cool:

and so you need to worry a at 40 ° kane if you have 3l with you

@ soulman @isa

Thanks for your hints I'll try that I can get rid of the mold with your tips.

It's kind of a stupid question, but explain to me [COLOR = red] what's the point of a camelbak ????

What's the difference between putting 2 liter bottles on my bike in the bottle holder or taking a Camelbak? (This is not meant to be provocative in any way, you really have to explain it to me!) Are there any special advantages?
I imagine that as annoying now, because I think to myself that with such a backpack you only sweat unnecessarily, and well, I haven't got it so far - you can explain it to me ?!

Advantage: you drink more because you always have the drinking tube close by and don't have to reach for the bottle. When you can't fit a bottle cage. Drink stays cool longer. Back protection

Disadvantage: It takes a lot of cleaning and I can't think of anything else

So I have a Deuter backpack, I put in a Camelbak hydration bladder, and on it I have a tube that is malleable (with black neoprene cover and wire in it) ...

Thanks to this "flexible tube" I always have the mouthpiece 3 cm in front of my mouth, and I can reach it simply by moving the mouthpiece slightly.

I think it's great, because I can just take a few sips at any time during the up / downhill.
Fumbling the bottle out of the holder, drinking it and putting it back in again is almost impossible for ME while driving, at least one gets out of the rhythm.

Backpack on the bow bothers me as much as one is used to.
But you drink more constantly and more if you just do it as you need it on the side than you need a lot of fiddling (fumbling belong elsewhere: D)

@ Nox: 2 liter bottle on the bike is difficult to achieve without a special design, because normal bike mounts have space for 0.75 l bottles, there are seldom more than two bottle mounts on the bike, i.e. 2 * 0.75 = 1.5 L (Gell , Ingo, confirm that, you can count on it) ....

Since I don't think in a competition-oriented way, give it a shit, 2 liters of water make up 2 kilos, here or there. With Camelbak you need no bottle holder (its a few grams: D) a backpack on the tour is always good ... so I think it's a great combo ...

Ah yes, at de Camelbak's it looks that the Omega system is wrong, it has such a big deck that you can get in with your hand, for cleaning, and great for filling, you can just throw in ice cubes.


So I'll get a hydration pack too, probably the Blowfish from Camelbak. After I haven't gotten a fresh water supply several times
- I think it's stupid to ask in private houses
- Taverns are not always there where ma si needs
- Spring water would work, but water from the river can also be forgotten (and there is often really no brook nearby)

when it’s really hot, I’m going to last a long time with the 1.5l. And for extra power supplies or small tours, I can always take a bottle with me.

A hydration bladder is nice, but only if you don't already have a heavy backpack with you. Because it is much more comfortable to have the 1.5 kg on the bike and not on your back. But very pleasant for shorter things, especially because you can always drink. Not just for easy passages.

Ps: I still mourn my hydration bladder - shit cleaning lady who thinks it's a plastic bag :(

Boh eh, what has you fiar a cleaning lady.

Border debil!

But it is a funny story how water bladders get rid of.
(As long as it doesn't hit me!);)

My condolences!


I didn't find it so funny :(

above all, such a bag costs a lot

A great tip for drying the bladder. A gschirrtiachl puff up and then inflate. Shake the bladder and it's dry. Ride the Blowfish 3 liter and I'm happy with it.

I also have a Camelbak now.
Of course, I tested it today. It's really really practical something like that. You can even drink comfortably while riding a unicycle. ingenious!

It only becomes problematic later. Drying with the tea towel also works great.
But how the hell do I get the Sch .... hose dry ??
can you give me a tip?

Hose drying / cleaning:

Brake rope - cotton wool on it at the front like a Q-Tip (ear swab) and then put it in the hose - it is best to prepare the cable beforehand (with an adhesive) so that the cotton wool does not slip off so easily (other variant: Q-Tip in cut through the middle and put it on the rope).

Alternatively and more simply is wet storage:
Fill the whole part with (hose attached) with water (does not have to be bulky) and squeeze out all the air - then nothing modern due to lack of oxygen - also works fine - but much faster!

lg, ingo

Yes, I have one of those now too. Namely the one from Eduscho, and I'm completely satisfied with it - I didn't even know how practical it is!

only the first stupid comments in the family have already been made, namely:

my mom: "do kausd jo eh a plastic bag a nehma"
"Well, how barely just drink from something like that, mia dad jo so cruel"

my brother: "des schaud jo from wia a infusion bag, wos is the des?"

: rolleyes:: rolleyes:: rolleyes:: rolleyes:: rolleyes:

After your debate, I once thought to myself that I would get my hose out of the box and examine it.
Looked good ... until I pushed my flexible neoprene to the side ...

Small black spots ... gag!
So fill the whole thing with vinegar, let it take effect, then thread a wire through it (I didn't have a brake cable on hand), wrapped around toilet paper, pulled it through, came out dirty brown, put it through again, pulled it out - clean.


Does that mean now in the future, I can no longer fill a powerbar into the shit bubble, because otherwise it would start out too modern for me.
Only water is a bit bland!

I am grateful for all the tips so that I can continue to use my Camelbak as usual without creating a home for germs and fungi.


@ lone rider!

once and for all!
it may well be that there are household remedies such as cola, vinegar or something else, but the most reliable method of cleaning and preventing the formation of mold is and remains

the use of kukident denture cleaning tablets

take it now then you have the taste when amoi so far is long gwohnt!: D: D: D

ps i have heard from people who have a heart valve made of titanium, a hip joint made of plastic but aner who has his hose in the box .... buuhhahahaha !!!!: D: D: D

I've used the Kukident trick several times ...

Apparently too little got into the hose.

Don't make fun of my hose, it doesn't like that at all !;)


Hi Leuz,

I also have the Eduschso-Camelbak-Clone and am really satisfied with the price-performance ratio.

I've already read a few useful tips on cleaning. (Stuff the tea towel, cotton wool & brake cable, ...)

are there any tips to get the part dry first and foremost ???


I tried it with the hairdryer and it works halfway: remove the drinking tube and blow it into the filling opening with a low fan speed and low heat (otherwise the part will melt). I've only used the thing once and therefore haven't had any better experiences - otherwise I always drive with 2 drinking bottles and actually only bought the thing as storage space for rainwear, etc. or for longer tours, because it was really cheap.

I recently looked at the part at Eduscho's.
Apart from the fact that I have no idea about such things, I didn't like the carrying frame of the backpack, especially when I compare it to my Deuter Cross Air.

Does anyone have a tip on whether / how I can convert / convert my Cross-Air to a hydration bladder and where can I get the parts?

mfg Werner5

na eduscho parts compare with deuter is like comparing a '76 manta with a porsche. to retrofit or improve look at otherwise nothing comes to mind.

I never bothered about alternatives because I started with BigPack / HydroPack and the solution was there right away:

They have an "inner bag" of around EUR 15 that can be hung in a normal backpack (so that the bladder doesn't collapse in the backpack). BigPack / HydroPack are super stiff, long-lasting bladders that can be opened completely, but only have a maximum of 2 liters (1.8l specification - but it was never a problem for me because I bought a closable second bladder - around EUR 10.- and on long tours in the hot south you can take up to 4 liters with you - provided you have strong shoulders ;-).

The mouthpiece of the BP / HP works quite well (occasionally a tiny bit drips) but could easily be replaced with a similarly designed, angled camelback mouthpiece - there is nothing better.

ingo =>

So I retrofitted my Deuter (Superbike s hoast der glab i) with the Camelbak, works great!


Originally written by werner5
I recently looked at the part at Eduscho ..., I didn't like the carrying frame of the backpack,

So I have to say the wearing comfort is not that bad, but the 'ventilation' on the back is definitely bad: sm: (luckily it wasn’t so warm until now. But you shouldn't complain about the price;)


The Camelbak bubbles can be bought everywhere anyway ...: confused:

Therefore, every backpack can be retrofitted.

Dry: Empty - shake a little - tea towel so clean that it does not peck together anywhere - hang up with the opening facing downwards (with me hanging over an arrow on the dartboard with the hose) .... That's it. No probs with it yet.

Got the Blowfish (3l) if you finish it in 4 hours: you: you have to pee every 45 minutes: D