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Fidelity Wealth Expert - Test & Experience

Fidelity Wealth Expert is the robo-advisor to Fidelity, one of the largest fund companies in the world.

The globally diversified portfolios are actively managed by Fidelity experts or external investment experts.

Quick check on Fidelity Wealth Expert

Fidelity Wealth Expert is part of the investment veteran Fidelity, which has been managing its clients' funds since 1969. The first German branch has existed since 1992.

In total, Fidelity manages assets of over 360 billion euros - around 40 billion euros of which in Germany alone.

Fidelity Wealth Expert was founded as an online offshoot in 2018; it is the symbiosis of asset management and online advice.

The responsible custodian bank is also located in Kronberg im Taunus under the umbrella of Fidelity Germany: FIL Fondsbank GmbH. It is one of the largest fund banks in Germany and holds investment fund shares for private and institutional investors.

Minimum investment

5,000 euros


0.55% per year + fund costs

Partner bank

FIL fund bank

Savings plan

from 100 euros / month

Withdrawal plan


Child account


Investment style


Investment advisor

Access not possible

Joint account


Onboarding & operation

Fidelity Wealth Expert is possible without registration and is very thorough: First, the performance of your investment is simulated based on your investment amount, the term and monthly payments.

Your information will be compared with 1,000 scenarios. Finally, there are three possible outcomes - an above average, an average, and a below average scenario.

This is followed by the typical questions of a robo-advisor: about your goals, your financial possibilities, your investment advice and, finally, your willingness to take risks.

This risk taking takes up the bulk of it and is very detailed. Once the question and answer session has been played through, the investment proposal comes in: It only consists of active funds, with the equity component reflecting your risk tolerance.

The classic registration is done with email and password. Then you open a custody account at FIL Fondsbank GmbH.

For every new login you need your email address, your password and a mobile TAN. Ultimately, you legitimize yourself via the PostIdent procedure by identifying yourself at a post office and sending your deposit application there.

Minimum investment / savings plan / withdrawal plan

The minimum investment amount is EUR 5,000 once. You can apply for a savings plan from 100 euros per month. A withdrawal plan is not offered.

Minimum investment

5,000 euros

Savings plan

from 100 euros

Withdrawal plan


Investment process / strategy

In a first step, various strategically aligned risk-based portfolios are constructed, which are based on the capital market assessment of the Fidelity investment strategists.

Depending on the selected risk level, investments are made to different degrees in individual asset classes.

In a second step, Fidelity Wealth Expert tries to select the best active fund managers from a global network to implement the investment strategy.

The fund manager does not necessarily have to be employed by Fidelity, but can also come from competitors such as Pimco, FranklinTempleton Investments or Amundi.

The selection process for the fund manager is based on qualitative and quantitative criteria. In the end, Fidelity awards mandates to around 30 managers.

In which asset classes is your money invested?

With Fidelity Wealth Expert, you invest in the asset classes of bonds, stocks and money market or near-money market investments.

Depending on the risk profile, alternative investments such as real estate or derivatives can also be considered.

In which funds does Fidelity Wealth Expert invest your money?

Your money is invested in actively managed funds by the various fund managers.

Investment approach


Investment strategies


Investment products

active funds

Your portfolio is monitored every trading day. Thanks to active management, rebalancing always takes place if the assessment of the investment experts with regard to certain asset classes or the general market situation changes.

The rebalancing takes place within the framework of your chosen risk profile.

The costs for an investment with the robo-advisor Fidelity Wealth Expert are made up of:

  • a flat rate for asset management
  • the ongoing fund costs.

The flat rate for asset management of 0.55% is calculated on your average portfolio and collected once a month.

The ongoing fund costs averaged around 0.66% per year and are taken directly from the fund assets after they have been determined.

Service fee

0.55% p.a.

average fund costs

0.66% p.a.

Return & performance

You can find out the Fidelity Wealth Expert performance compared to the return of the other robo advisors represented in Germany in our monthly robo advisor performance ranking.

Contact options & support

If you have any questions, the Fidelity Wealth Expert service staff can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. You can also use the contact form to make an appointment to call you back.

Additional services & financial knowledge

You can find out what is happening in the market via a blog and market comments. Fidelity Wealth Expert has no relevant accounts on social media networks - nothing has been posted on Instagram in 2021. It is different with Fidelity Germany: Here all channels are extensively recorded. There are also web seminars.

Fidelity Wealth Expert is a brand of Fidelity International, one of the largest fund companies in the world. In Germany, Fidelity looks after customer assets of almost 40 billion euros.

Fidelity invests your money but is not allowed to hold it itself. Your money is safely stored at Fidelity's FIL Fondsbank GmbH (FFB).

FFB is one of the largest, independent fund banks in Germany. It is affiliated with the deposit protection fund of the Federal Association of German Banks and the Compensation Institution of German Banks GmbH.

The securities are so-called special assets and are kept separately by the bank. This means that it neither belongs to the assets of the fund company nor to those of the responsible custodian bank.

Even in the event of bankruptcy - the administrator or the custodian bank - the assets remain protected. You can just transfer it to another bank.

Your personal data will be transmitted securely

The transfer of your data takes place on the basis of the current certificates for use for SSL and TLS.

Partner bank

FIL fund bank

At sight


Reference account principle


Data security


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