I hate my girlfriend's best friend why

Asshole child: "I hate my daughter's best friend"

It's still small, of course she knows that. Still, this six-year-old asshole kid is the horror, our author thinks. Can she do that?

It was antipathy at first sight. I was ashamed of it because there was no reason then, but I just couldn't put up with this little person. I found myself insanely unfair. The kid was two: what reason did I find it so stupid? So I tried again and again. Wasn't she very cute in her dress? Didn't she love my daughter totally and keep asking if she could come to us?

She bullied my child

First she came with her mother and behaved somewhat. But then I often took Emma alone with me and she now gave me clear reasons not to like her. The older she got, the worse it got. Whenever I took her with me to kindergarten - I was trying to cut it down - she was happy, but then she began to bully my younger daughter. "You are not allowed to play!", "You are small and ugly", "You should go out of the room". So it went in a tour. When I said something and explained to her quite clearly that this was also my little child's home and that she should please be a little friendlier, Terror-Emma was offended. But she stopped.

Emma just grinned devilishly

At the next meeting she went to my bag several times, took out cookies, distributed them to my daughters and smeared half of the chocolate filling on my walls. I looked annoyed for the dirt eraser and swore to myself that I would never take this girl back with me, who just grinned devilishly instead of apologizing.

But my biggest daughter didn't give up, she kept saying, "Emma wants to come to us, mom! Can she come with me again?" I let myself be beaten, believing my daughter wanted to play with this girl. Of course, I wanted to be a good mother, wanted my children to be happy. Otherwise, I mainly wanted my peace and quiet. That's why I said yes at some point.

Then my daughter didn't feel like her dictator friend anymore

Then I noticed that she was also rather harsh towards my older daughter. Really mean, actually. When I spoke to her afterwards, she said. "If I don't do what she says, she's no longer my friend. Then she scolds me and doesn't let me play along." Gosh, the kid was six! Where did she get these extortion methods from ?! I tried to comfort her, to strengthen her and most of all, I really didn't take this asshole child with me anymore. Without bad conscience. And without the constant whining of my daughter, who apparently was slowly getting fed up with her dictator friend.

Only Emma came regularly when I picked up my children and asked if I could take them with me. Even if I regularly answered "no" - and you could clearly see that she was annoying me.

In the end I was right

I knew they would be going to school in a few weeks, luckily not the same. And I was right, the problem took care of itself. Besides, I now knew that I wasn't being unfair or a child hater in disguise - I just had the right nose very early on. As is common with mothers ...