British are bastards

Royal differencesAfter criticizing Charles, Harry is targeted on the British boulevard

Has been on the British tabloid Prince Harry (36) meanwhile gambled away every bonus. After critical comments about his father Prince Charles is the one with his wife Meghan (39) and little son Archie (2) Royal who fled to California a year ago was caught in the crossfire of the British Yellow Press again. "Just How Low Can Harry Go?" (German: "How low can Harry sink?")was the headline of the "Daily Mail" on Friday.

The background to the criticism are statements by Harry in the
American podcast "Armchair Expert", in which he told his father
accused of having transferred his own suffering from the strict rules of royal life to his children. Background: Harry works together with the American alkshow icon Oprah Winfrey on a series on mental health for the Apple TV + platform.

Describes the move to California with his wife Meghan
Harry as breaking out of a cycle of "pain and suffering". He did that himself as part of a therapy understood what Meghan had advised him to do.

Harry and Meghan have a very strained relationship with
british rainbow press. So had Queen Elizabeth's grandson
II. Early on in his relationship with Meghan parallels to his
mother Princess Diana Pulled that also massively by paparazzi
had been pursued. There have also been several legal disputes between
the couple and newspapers. Among other things, it was about injuries
privacy and copyright infringement.

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