What is corporate music

Company: music

In the final round of the Company: Music 2020 competition, the participating projects were placed as follows:

The first prize of 7,500 euros went to the two students Saskia Peters (violin, class Prof. Ulrike-Anima Mathé) and Dorus van den Boomen (choir director, class Prof. Anne Kohler). Both convinced with their idea of ​​Kollektiv 21 - a new ensemble that increasingly relies on interaction with a new audience and addresses socio-political issues with its concert programs. The two students want to break down the existing inhibitions to classical concerts through targeted contact with new audiences, cooperation with social institutions and flexible program design so that more people can take part in classical concerts regardless of social origin, language and gender.
The second prize of 5,500 euros went to Benjamin Laux, who is studying at the university's sound engineering institute. In his project, the “Laux spokesman”, Laux addressed the individual needs of customers with high quality standards. With targeted listening tests in advance, the student wants to focus on the hearing and develop an individualized loudspeaker system based on this knowledge.
Two third prizes, each endowed with 1,000 euros, went to Saskia Reher, who is studying the further education course in music education, and to the clarinetist Jessika Zehnpfennig (class of Prof. Thomas Lindhorst). The latter came up with the idea of ​​an online basic program with which both musicians in general and clarinetists in particular can use a multi-level concept to achieve increased physical awareness and thus create a stronger connection to their instrument. “Hear what you read” was the title of Saskia Reher's idea. This was a cooperation between the two bookstore and music school institutions in their home town of Hanstedt, south of Hamburg. In times of Corona, encounters of cultural education for adults are created in a 1: 1 format: starting with a book purchase through a subsequent individual musical-creative workshop on the subject of the book to a joint musical-literary evening. The project is part of customer loyalty and cooperation between two institutions in the creative industries in rural areas.