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Martial arts: 1st Spartan Fight Night in Weiden: Exchange of blows for a good cause

The motto of the martial arts night is "Fight against childhood cancer". The organizer, the "Spartan Team" martial arts school, will donate part of the proceeds to the Weiden Association of Children's Cancer Aid. A nice sum could come together, because Konstantin Ladigin expects "a full house" in the Weiden Realschulsporthalle. "We are expecting 400 to 500 spectators," says the Spartan team coach.

The program is ready: weighing, medical check-up, coaching meeting - all of this takes place in the afternoon. Admission for the public is at 5 p.m., the competition starts at around 6.30 p.m.

In the course of the evening, eleven fights will be held in the specially constructed ring. Most of them take place in K-1. K-1 is a set of martial arts rules with the aim of making fighters from different disciplines compete against each other in a meaningful way. "But there will also be two fights in mixed martial arts and one in Muray Thai," emphasizes Ladigin.

The Spartan team provides nine fighters itself, three come from neighboring Amberg. The female sex also suits its man: Rebecca Eginger (Weiden) and Alexandra Fahrmer (Amberg) meet in a women's fight with shin guards.

The focus of the evening, however, is the fight for a German championship. The 29-year-old Marcel Krommer (Weiden) wants to get the vacant title in the K-1 in the weight class up to 63.5 kilograms. "Marcel has been training for this moment for months," says Ladigin. Krommer's opponent is Markus Schäfer from Zwickau, a former boxer. "It's hard to say who's the favorite," said Ladigin. Schäfer is an "aggressive fighter who constantly marches forward." Krommer, on the other hand, relies primarily on kicks and his endurance. "Anything can happen in five rounds," said Ladigin of his protégé's chances.

Tickets for the 1st Spartan Fight Night are available at the advance booking offices in City Fit Weiden (Ringstrasse 3 -5) or Inkaholix Tattoo Studio Neustadt (Raiffeisenplatz 4) at a price of 15 euros. Tickets at the box office cost 20 euros.

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