What whispers while playing the guitar

The show of the banshees is clearly dominated by two front people with extraordinary qualities, who play the notes to each other: Stefan Hindrichs (Vocals, guitar) that of white blues / soul singers like Delbert Mc Clinton , Van Morrison or Inga hull was strongly influenced, he always knows how to create a lot of space for spontaneity and improvisation with his extraordinary voice and his confident stage presence.

Helmut Kaiser (Guitar), an elemental force on the guitar, which turns his instrument into a speaking being, who just whispers sentimentally, only to roar angrily in the next moment. His guitar playing pays homage to the great role models Jimi Hendrix , Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jeff Beck , whereby Helmut Kaiser has found his own style. In addition to Helmut Kaiser and Stefan Hindrichs, two old friends of the Cologne music scene provide the necessary groove: Ralph Schmitter (Bass) proves with its powerful bass lines that the bass can be much more than just the harmonic basis of rock and blues music. Stefan Albrecht (Drums) combines elements of different styles in his drumming: the wealth of ideas and technical brilliance of his great role models Ian Paice and Billy Cobham with the straightforward compactness of old heroes like Simon Kirk or Phil Rudd .

"Thee Banshees" have been playing together with this line-up since 1997 and have been a popular support band for Alvin Lee (Ten Years After), Canned Heat, Roger Chapman , Mothers Finest, Yardbirds, Steppenwolf, The Blues Band, Mick Taylor , at blues festivals and open airs, has earned a permanent place in the blues-rock scene.

Admission: 12 euros in advance, 16 euros at the box office, 25 euros dinner ticket (enjoy food and music). Tickets at www.eifel-events.de or Tel. (0 65 91) 9 49 98 81. They are also available at all K├ÂlnTicket advance booking offices by calling (02 21) 28 01.